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Hey everyone!

A while ago I did my movie series talking all about the different movies I loved but I am actually more of a TV show girl. I love that you can grow up with them and that you can binge them because there is so much glorious content. So naturally I’m talking about some of my favourite TV shows.

But instead of just talking about my favourites, I thought I would describe my favourite shows like a journey through my life so I’ve done them in chronological order of when I watched them and why I loved them.

Movie posts (if you’re interested):


When I was really young I used to watch lots of the typical shows such as The Tweenies, Mona the Vampire, Arthur and all the others ones I’ve forgotten. But my favourites were Teletubbies (it was weird but I carried my ‘Po’ toy around all the time) and Strawberry Shortcake (I literally cried when throwing away some pyjamas) and the DVDs were strawberry scented. 



Image result for smallville gif

I used to watch this show growing up with my family. I can literally remember sitting under the table watching it (this could be one of my earliest memories) and I was sooOOoo excited when Lois was coming into this show. This show started when I was 2 so I don’t think I watched it all but I grew up with it. 

This show is all about the early life of Clark Kent aka Superman. It starts with him in high school and I loved the human approach it took about, arguably, the most powerful superhero ever. It really focuses on what it takes to make a hero focusing on heart and the ability for good.

Allison Mack one of the main characters in this show was found guilty for sex trafficking and other horrifying stuff. I would presume she no longer gets anything from the show but I have no idea so it is definitely something you need to think about as it is unspeakable and unforgivable. I only included it as it was a big thing for me when I was younger, I hope you understand.

Favourite characters: Clark Kent, Lois Lane

📺 The slowest of slow burns

📺 Lois and Clark are my original OTP

📺 Tom Welling’s smile (you only see it a few times but it’s GREAT)

📺 In-depth complex villain (awesome friends to enemies’ story-line)

📺 Epic theme song


The Mentalist

Image result for the mentalist gif

Another show I watched with the family growing up and I loved it. It was on channel 5 at 9pm that is all I remember about watching it. 

I like to think of this show as people trying to controlling a crafty, rule-breaking Slytherin. Patrick Jane the protagonist is a consultation for the FBI but before he specialises in psychic abilities. Therefore he uses different skills to solve cases. The characters are all really likeable and the plot is full of mystery and action. It also involves chasing down a dangerous serial killer which Jane has personal reasons for catching.

Favourite characters: Patrick Jane, Teresa Libson, Kimball Cho

📺 Smart crime mystery

📺 Witty main character

📺 Great relationships (major slow burn involved)



Image result for friends gif

This was my original love of TV. It isn’t a perfect show but I can always watch it. I used to put it on when I came home from school all the time. I think I have watched it like 15 times and I even know the continuity problems. It is such a comfort show for me. 

The famous show from the 90’s and it is still going strong which I think you have to admit is impressive. The group of friends have an easy chemistry and the humour is effortless. Obviously being set in the 90’s some of the jokes are outdated but I think it captures being in your 20’s well.

Favourite characters: Chandler, Rachel

📺 The show captures the essence of friendships. It feels really genuine too.

📺 It is really funny.

📺 Great age to focus on and I think they made it relatable. It makes me want to be in my 20’s living with my friends


Grey’s Anatomy

Image result for grey's anatomy gif

My mum watched this and I remember sitting down to join her but she turned it off because she said I was too young. And then I convinced her to put it back on and 5 years later I got to watch it. I think I probably watched it all in a very short space of time and it is still going. It’s a wonderful show. 

A medical drama which has been going on for so many years now and honestly it has gone through so much. It has got drama, excellent relationships (platonic and romantic), wonderful characters (flawed, real, develop over time) and so many emotions *warning you made need many tissues, it makes me cry and I rarely cry at shows*.

Favourite characters: it’s a group effort. I can’t pick one.

📺 Always something happening

📺 So many wonderful, diverse, complex characters

📺 Effortless humour

📺 Delivers emotions brilliantly



Related image

I accidentally watched this one night and I found it hilarious. Then I went to school and my friends were talking about it the next day. And I’ve watched it ever since. (It is a short show though)

A British TV show following Miranda, who is a quirky woman, who doesn’t necessarily fit into society. It is filmed so she registers the audience at parts which adds to the comedy and makes you feel as if you have really bonded with the character. She goes through relationships, social situations, parental pressure and keeping friendships all in a funny way. It has quite an unique style but it is just SO happy.

Favourite characters: Miranda, Stevie, Gary

📺 Unique sense of humour (audience involved)

📺 A lot of FUN. She has a childlike joy.

📺 I like the overall journey Miranda goes through so she can accept herself

📺 Beautiful relationships from family to friends to love interests

📺 Relatable!!


Teen Wolf

Image result for scott and stiles gif

I think this was a show I heard about through the fandom. So I effectively binge watched the first four seasons. Then I got my friends to watch it too. We agreed that season 3 is the best.  

Based on the movie of the same name where a high school student gets bitten by a werewolf and has to navigate all the classic teenager problems whilst also being a supernatural being. Whilst it has plenty of supernatural elements, it also captures the very real problems of growing up. It has mystery element and reaches emotional highs whilst also having a good humour running throughout. I wouldn’t say every season is perfect but overall I love it.

Favourite characters: Stiles Stilinski, Liam Dunbar

📺 A kind, good main character

📺 One of my favourite scenes ever is in this show. I actually love the way this show is filmed and the emotional weight that they put on aspects.

📺 Stiles is hilarious and iconic. Also dark Stiles. YES.

📺 Supernatural and mystery involved


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Related image

My sister brought me the first season on DVD when it came out and I had never watched it but then I did and with every episode my love grew and grew. Now I would consider it my ultimate TV show.

Being a comedy based in a police precinct which provided a great space for a new, fresh show. This show deserves all the hype and more. I love the humour and the characters. It focuses on relationships and I think it shows a lot of healthy roles models. And it makes me laugh every time no matter how many times I have watched it. It also talks about important topics too which I appreciate.

Favourite characters: Cheddar, Gina, Captain Holt, Amy *murmurs all of them*

📺 It is hilarious!!!

📺 It includes lots of great diversity

📺 I love the police setting for a comedy

📺 Such a positive, heart-warming show

📺 Great friendships, relationships and characters which are hella refreshing


The 100

Image result for The 100 monty gif

This was on E4 and for like the first two shows I knew a lot of people who watched it but then no one continued watching it so I watched the rest alone. lol.

This is the most dramatic, so-much-happens-in-one-episode show. It starts off with a group of with a 100 young offenders going down to earth from a space satellite to see if it is survivable after a nuclear Armageddon happened. The show and characters go through so much. It covers people dealing with differences, power, friendships, relationships and death. It is very fast paced and full of drama. Some seasons are stronger than others but I definitely love watching it.

Favourite characters: Monty Green, Octavia Blake, John Murphy

📺 Complex characters (most of them are morally grey)

📺 Lots of great relationships

📺 The most dramatic show. A lot happens in every episode and no one is safe!! (tissues ready)



Related image

I was really late to watching this show but finally the mass amount of love for it on Tumblr won me over and I did fall in love. I definitely had a honeymoon period with this show but there are still aspects that I adore about this show now. 

Based on two brothers who hunt the supernatural. It involves ghosts, demons, death, love and the occasional angelic presence. It focuses on family as you watch the brothers go through so many different things and A LOT of death. I think this show outgrew the filler episodes and should stay focused on the over-arching plot but I love the characters and the emotions that this show reaches.

Favourite character: Castiel


📺 I like that you get to see male characters with lots of emotion

📺 I love the focus on brotherhood

📺 It involves humour very easily and the weird episode are probably my favourite.


Santa Clarita Diet

Image result for santa clarita diet gif

I watched this when I first got Netflix and I watched the first 2 seasons in like 2 days. I seriously question whether getting Netflix was a smart decision for my life but still I love this show. I introduced to it to my sister and she liked it but she said it was gross. How dare she not like the sight of vomit though!??! 

It is a comedy set in modern day about a woman who had a normal life but has a drastic transformation leading to death and disaster.  But it has its perks. So you watch this family navigate all of this basically zombieness (undead stories aren’t my favourite but I loved this) whilst still trying to be a family. It puts average people dealing with not so average problems and I find it really funny.

Favourite character: Joel

📺 So unique. I love the weirdness!

📺 Dry sense of humour. CLASS A!!

📺 Joel is an exasperated character and I love that. The way he says “why does everyone want to find meaning in their lives? Whatever happened to just getting through the fucking day?” is amazing!!

📺 The most supportive relationship (and family) EVER


Sex Education

Image result for sex education gif

Another Netflix original that I watched with my sister and it was a great time. 

So this is the most recent favourite which focuses on Otis who becomes a sex therapist at his school/college along with Maeve but he also had to navigate his own love life and that is never easy. It also covers the lives of the other students which are all complex and messy but also beautiful and hopeful. It feels like a really fresh take on an original idea and I love the results.

Favourite character: all of them. It is a group effort.

📺 Teen drama therefore angst

📺 Healthy talk of sex

📺 Lots of diversity !!

📺 Positive friendships

📺 Captures awkwardness really well


Other Shows I Like:



What are your favourite TV shows? Do you like the ones I have talked about?

Have you got any recommendations?


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41 thoughts on “TV shows

    1. Teen Wolf and Once Upon A Time had such great characters, I loved watching them!! 😍
      I need to watch Vampire Diaries, the originals and Orange is the new black.
      I do like NCIS and Lucifer (this one is a lot of fun) though!! 😊 there are a lot of great shows!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve been hoping to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you totally sold me! I somehow haven’t seen most of these? *watch list doubles

    I really enjoy Supernatural when it’s not filler haha! The brotherhood aspect is everything. Also, Parks and Rec and OUAT are everything! Great post💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES you should definitely watch Brooklyn nine nine it is one of my ultimate faves. It is so funny and light hearted!! 😍 oh really?! 😂 I’m glad I could give some recommendations then!!

      Yes supernatural can be fun but I much prefer the plot episodes too!! I love the brother relationship and how the actors are so close too!!
      Those are great shows, I love them!! Thank you so much!! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this post! I love Greys Anatomy and Supernatural. I’ve yet to watch Sex Education but I think I’ll love it because everybody keeps recommending me it 😂 I watched The End of the F***ing World and YOU recently and loved both of them. TEOTFW is my new favorite until I watch something super, super amazing 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! 💛 those two are great shows and have both been on so long 😍
      Haha sex education has been very popular but I loved it so I am with the hype 😂
      The end of the f***ing was a really good show and so unique!! I probably left lots of amazing shows out. I watched the first season of you, it was intense!! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Friends will always be my favourite show! But I’m such a fan of Miranda too. And the 100, ahhhh so addictive. I quit watching greys though. Too many of my favourite characters were leaving and my ships broke up…I just couldn’t deal any more. Great post :)))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah friends is a classic and such a comfort show for me!! 😍
      Miranda is a fun show and it always makes me laugh!!
      The 100 is addictive, I always need the next episode 😂

      I can see your point with Grey’s to be honest as I started missed everyone and it was best at the start but I still enjoy it now even if it isn’t as good!! 😊
      Thank youuu 💛 !!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I really loved Smallville growing up, my mom and I always watched it together, we were obsessed, haha. I used to love The 100, but got a bit bored during the third season, and gave up on it. Also, I shipped Bellamy and Clarke so much, and it seemed like that ship would never sail. 😦 I need to watch Brooklyn 99 and Santa Clarita Diet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES I always watched it growing up and it was so good!! I definitely have memories of it!! 😂
      The third season was the worse, that is when a lot stop watching and I did struggle but season 4 and 5 are my favourite I think. They had a hunger games style episode which I loved!! I know that ship, I am kind of still hoping for it 🙈😂
      Oh.. YAY I love both of them so much. I hope you love them if you get to watch them 😊


  5. I’m not sure I’ve watched any of these? I’ve definitely heard of some of them, and I think my sister might have watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
    I hate it when you find out later that one of the people involved in a show was absolutely horrible. It’s always terrible when that happens. I think I heard about what happened with Allison Mack?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really!! There are a lot of great shows I have missed out though so… 😂 yay Brooklyn Nine Nine is popular and it is one of my faves 😍

      I know what I heard about her it was horrible. I couldn’t believe it especially when you grew up watching her. It is awful. It changes your opinion of the show a bit now!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Friends is my faveee I love it! Brooklyn 99 is also so good but I’ve only watched a few random episodes – definitely need to watch it from the beginning! My all time favourite tv show though is definitely How I Met Your Mother :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES friends is such a classic and will always be a comfort for me!! 😍
      You definitely need to watch b99 from the beginning because it has so many great episodes 😍😍
      Aw.. I do love the humour in HIMYM and it does emotional episodes really well too!! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  7. SO many good shows! I haven’t thought about Smallville in AGES – my best friend watched in middle school and made me watch all the good episodes, so I feel like I’ve gotten the highlights 😂 (I had no idea that one of the actors was involved in sex trafficking though YIKES???)

    I watched The 100 for a while and really enjoyed it, but I had to stop after a certain character whose name rhymes with Flexa died…because she was my favorite and it hurt 🙁 And Supernatural! I was pretty involved with that fandom in high school, but I’ve since kinda fallen away…I kinda want to watch this last season though. It still has a special place in my heart, and Castiel is one of my favorite TV characters of all time 😀

    You’re absolutely right that Brooklyn Nine Nine is the best show!! One of my go-to cheer-up shows. Can’t wait for the new season!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha Smallville is a bit of a throwback 😂 aww.. well I’m glad you got to experience the highlights. I really did love it growing up!! I know I think it was a year ago it was announced and it was awful.

      The 100 does involve a lot of painful deaths so I can understand that (I miss *Flexa* too) !!
      Aw.. that’s great because the fandom is so active so it is an awesome one to be apart of. Yeah I need to watch the last 2 seasons but I definitely want to finish !! It is nice that it holds a special place for you!! Yay I love Castiel too— I honestly wish he was in more episodes!! 😍

      Haha yes I love B99 and it can definitely always me up 😂😍 same, I’m so excited!!


  8. i loved reading thisss! if i’m being honest, i’m not super familiar with a lot of the shows here.
    smallville was iconic, but i was really little when the show was airing, so i didn’t care that much about it. i also don’t remember ever hearing about the mentalist, but i may be blanking right now. it sounds really interesting, though!
    friends was the type of show my older cousins would be watching, but i’d never get the hype. i don’t like sit-coms (except for everybody hates chris, lol), so that’s probably why i don’t connect with it like everyone else does.
    your story with your mom and grey’s anatomy reminded me of a similar situation, but with my older sister. she used to watch gossip girl all the time, and i’ve always wanted to watch it too, but she said i was too young. one day, i was watching it on my room and she stormed into it, screaming for me to turn it off, lol. it turned into such a big fight and it makes me laugh now because i realize how little explicit content the show actually had, so i don’t know why she freaked so bad. i love gossip girl A LOT, though, and it’s one of my favorite shows of all times, despise our rough start, lol.
    teen wolf is one of my favorites too! much like you, i started watching it because of the fandom. season 2 is my favorite, though, but dark stiles was iconic. i ended up never finishing the show properly, but i have overall great memories from it. the same goes for the 100, unfortunately. i do agree though, that the 100 went heavy on the drama. the episodes were also so action-packed all the time, we really could not catch a break with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay thank you, I’m so happy you did!! ❤ ooh.. It is nice to hear about new shows.

      Haha I did love Smallville, we had the box set so I rewatched some of it when I was in my teens. I did love it 😍
      The mentalist isn’t the most talked about show from my experience but I do love it. One of my favourite detective shows!!

      Yeah sitcoms are one of my favourites so I probably love lots of them!! 😂 I do remember watching everybody hates Chris when I was younger too though!!

      Haha that’s so cool that we kind of have a similar story. Your sister not wanting you to watch it because you were too young was sweet but I would have also found it frustrating!! 😂 I’ve never watched Gossip Girl but I probably need too!! 😍

      Haha the Teen Wolf fandom was big. I did love the first 3 seasons, I thought 4-5 wasn’t as good but I really liked 6!! I’m glad you have great memories of it too.
      The 100 was very dramatic and intense. I’m curious to see how it ends though!!

      Thank you for reading and commenting Lais 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Let’s start with the most important thing: I love Liam Dunbar. The “I fell in a hole” moment is still iconic and I will die on this hill. He’s basically the angriest Hufflepuff I’ve ever seen and I dig it. Void!Stiles is superb and real!Stiles has a piece of my heart but Liam? That boy is MY FAVORITE. 11/10.

    Second: SMALLVILLE. I was obsessed with that show for A LONG TIME. I mean, yes, it’s a long show but that’s not why I hyped it up for so long. The Clark/Lois dynamic in season 4, 7, 8 and 9 is hilariously entertaining and the theme song is AWESOME. I can’t NOT sing it when it comes on.

    PS: cheddar is the literal cutest. that dog is a masterpiece of fluffy existence

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Liam’s ‘I fell in hole’ is one of the best moments ever and I love how when they were looking again he knew it wasn’t his hole as well. 😂😂 it’s perfect!
      Describing him as the angriest hufflepuff is actually amazingly accurate. He was a great addiction to the show.
      Haha I do love Stiles but Liam is so wonderful too!! 😍

      Smallville was a great show. I loved it and how it could make links to superman because every one knew it was who he was going to become. YES!! Lois and Clark had an awesome dynamic, Lois brought out Clark’s fun side and he seemed so happy around her. They were perfection and so funny!! 😍😍
      I know I love the theme song!!

      Haha yes we Stan Cheddar in this house!! 😍


  10. Howww on earth do you have time for all these? Teach me your ways 😂 The only TV show I ever watched consistently was Anne with an E on Netflix and The Mandalorian on Disney+. My friend tried to get me to watch Sherlock, but I refused because each episode is basically its own movie *pants*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha with great procrastination comes great binge watching 😂😂
      Aw.. I’ve seen that about but I have never watched it. It looks sweet though. And of course I have heard of baby Yoda (but not yoda) because of the internet 😂😂
      Oh really I have never seen Sherlock either 🙈 but I know it is popular. Basically a collection of mini movies then 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY I’m so happy you like these shows (especially the mentalist as I don’t think that gets a lot of love) !! The 100 is great, I’m scared to see how it will end 🙈🙈
      Aww.. Thank you so much. I’m happy you had a good time reading this. 😊💛

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Smallville was one of my all time favourite shows for the longest time! I own a bunch of the DVDs, but it’s really difficult to rewatch now because of that actress. But gosh, Tom Welling’s smile 👌 And the Clark/Lex dynamic was so awesome. Really different to anything else I’ve watched.
    Teen Wolf was another favourite of mine – though I never finished watching it. The whole atmosphere of it just makes me feel things. Scott and Allison will always be one of my favourite ships.
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of my favourite shows right now! I haven’t started the new season yet, but I have high hopes for it! 😀
    There’s a few others you’ve mentioned that I like, but I don’t have as much of an emotional attachment to them as the above three. Except for Suits and Parks and Recreation – I am very emotionally attached to them lol.
    It’s so cool to see someone that’s also a fan of a bunch of my favourite shows! And someone else who doesn’t normally like undead stories 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’ve got the box set too (well my dad has) and it was a great show. It is so devastating about the actress. She’s awful.
      But yes Tom Welling did have a stunning smile and no one did friends to enemies like they did. I love that they could foreshadow things as well, like the episode where Lex says “our friendship is going to be the stuff of legends”. It was iconic!! 😍

      Aw.. you haven’t finished it?!. I actually loved the last season. Yes I love the way Teen Wolf was filmed and made, it brought the show to new heights. Aw.. Scott and Allison 😭😍
      I haven’t started the new season either but I am excited for all the characters and antics. It is so good 😂
      Haha I love Harvey in suits!! And I haven’t finished Parks and Recreation but I had to include as what I’ve seen has been amazing!! 😍😍
      Yay it is great that we love so many of the same shows. Haha yes they usually aren’t my cup of tea 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree with everything you’ve said!
        I only got up to season 5 of Teen Wolf. I was just really sad about a lot of my favourite characters being missing (Derek was a favourite alongside Allison, and then I heard they were taking Kira off the show too and it was too much aha). I tried rewatching it last year but then they took it off of Australian Netflix 😐

        Liked by 1 person

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