What books have taught me…

“I am a part of everything I have read”- Theodore Roosevelt

Warning there will be extreme gushing over books in this post.

I mostly read fantasy novels (they are my favourite ever) so most my points will be mostly from them. I think they relate to all books but if you wonder why I am on about a quest or deadly battles etc. that is why.


  1. Hope


In a lot of books I read the protagonist is fighting against something bad and are sometimes against extreme odds that if they fail can have catastrophic consequences. Or they are in a dire situation where nothing seems good but there is always hope. I find this very inspiring because even though I am not in life or death situation I can get down and it can be easy to loss hope but the characters always keep fighting. So I always remember to hold on because pain ends.

  1. Not everything is going to be perfect all the time

I can be that person who feels like everything has to be perfect all the time or I will wait until my life is perfect to start enjoying it which very unrealistic and I am going to say it a bit stupid. You will miss out on so much stuff waiting for perfection. You need to enjoy life every second you have but naturally life is going to go through phases of being horrible. You can see this in books, there are in horrible situations and they are in good situations. There is good and bad in the story, they don’t cancel each other out, they still exist together and you have to acknowledge both equally. Enjoy the good and survive the bad, live life without waiting for it to be only good. It’s very tiresome waiting for perfection.

  1. LGBT+, race, different body types. REPRESENTATION.


This is what inspired me to do this post. There are so many amazing books that represent every single group that needs representation, some of the really big ones at the minute are ‘The hate U give’ by Angie Thomas and ‘Simon versus the homo sapiens agenda’ by Becky Albertalli but there are so many different ones now which is so awesome (and about time). It’s so nice to see that the people in these groups get the support and representation from these books. I am personally grateful for what they taught me because growing up you unfortunately can come across people saying negative things about these groups and as a young people you can be easily influenced by this so I am so glad that I got read about these groups in the light they deserved and what negative people did say didn’t stick with me. I am so grateful.

Also books show a varying amount of people with different body types which I love because every size, shape, body is beautiful as should absolutely be shown in the media as much as the typical ‘Hollywood’ body. It gives me confidence. Also strong women in books is also a personal love as it shows women can do anything they want and girls reading this can chase after their dreams and from reading at a young age I 100% relate to this.

  1. Snap judgements aren’t always true- don’t judge

It easy to allow stereotypes to control you initial impression of someone, snap judgements, we all do it unfortunately. I imagine first impression of me are geek especially when I am wearing a t-shirt which says ‘Stark Industries’ but no one is as simple as your snap judgement of them and sometimes they are completely wrong because you don’t know them. I think it is important to always treat someone with an open mind. Books enforce this idea by constantly showing you people are not as they seem, there is more to them or in the case of Hagrid first impression don’t count. Books have kept me free of unnecessary judgement and the ability to look past impressions by getting to know someone.

  1. Lies never get you that far

A lie can be as tempting as a giant slice of cake. You can avoid unwanted situations by saying something. We all do it sometimes, I know I do. ‘Sorry I can’t make it that night I have plans with my TV my family.’ But the bigger lies they normally catch up with you because there are about a millions ways they can find out and it is tiring on you really, you don’t lie once you have to lie every day. So when it does catch up you have the situation you were avoiding and the lie, you have double the trouble. And honestly, the truth makes the best relationship, it you decide to lie you are ruining it. And I have seen lies have bad consequences many times in books so honesty really is the best policy.

  1. Relationships require give and take.

Many different relationships (friends, family, romantic partners) are in books and I have read many with all kinds of swoon-worthy relationships. And the best kinds are when you are there for them and they are there for you. Relationships need to work both ways if someone is always taking it isn’t not fair and no matter how much you want to give that person if that don’t give you the same back, I think there are better relationships out there for you. Books taught me what a good relationship looks like.

  1. Self-belief/facing fears


Protagonists normally face a lot of hardship, barriers and personal struggles, it keeps the story going and its life so struggles are part of it but one of the most admirable things is that they face them and they conquer it. By no means easily but that do it and yes they are scared (I love it when they show they are scared but I can 100% relate) but they do it. It gives me strength that I can do it, I know I am worried but I can still do it. Fear is ok as long as it doesn’t control all your actions. It’s a great comfort and definitely motivates me to face my struggles. An inspiration.

  1. Anyone can make a difference

I sometimes feel like what can I do? I just an average girl in her bedroom, I am not the person that is going to make a difference but that really isn’t true. Books show that heroes can come from the most unlikely places, it doesn’t matter how many people you know, how much money you have, what jobs you do or skills you have. Everyone can make a difference- it matters what you do not who you are. You don’t even have to be a leader to support a cause you can literally be in the mass groups because there will be never enough people in the endeavour of good. You are as powerful as you choose to be (said by Bryant McGill). Books make me want to be part of the good in the world.

  1. That you are not alone

You can feel alone just by being different to the people around you. I know I have always felt different to my family and my friends (like I am sure everyone does) but it can make you feel like ‘oh god what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be like everyone else?’  and I never talked about it because maybe you feel like they wouldn’t understand and you don’t have the right words to get your point across but then when you read and you can relate to a character or a scene or even a sentence and you just can a sense of relief, one that makes you smile with relief ‘I am not the problem, this is ok to feel like this. I am not alone’ and it also gives you confident to talk about why you feel so different to your family and once again you don’t feel so alone- you have crossed that barrier. Also many books that cover themes like mental illnesses, I have seen people who have the same mental illness as the character feel the comfort from not being alone and how they handle it and I am so glad they found that book.

  1. The power of words


I mean this post kind of proves this point as I am quite literally on about the influence the words have had on me. But books show how influential words can be so you should use them well, even in everyday life your words have power so be kind. Words can last a lifetime just from reading them once- you shouldn’t underestimate them.


“One must always be careful of books and what’s inside them for words have power to change us” – Cassandra Clare


What have books taught you?

Love from




Why I love the beach…


Do people need encouragement to go to the beach? Probably not.

Am I still going to write about it? Definitely.


  1. Relaxation

beach 8

The sun, the sea and the sand. A perfect combination, one of the best you might argue. I wouldn’t really call myself a person who loves the sun but when I am at the beach I do love the sun to be out. The sea is so much brighter and you can wear shorts and no shoes without shivering. I love listening to the sea and watching it. It’s the perfect situation to relax. You can just sit and appreciate where you are without worrying about that awkward moments you’ve had or stressing about all the things you have to do. I think beaches are one of the best places to fully relax, especially when you are on holiday.


  1. Food


Food is pretty much my favourite bit of every situation in life but at the beach you get to take a picnic with you and eat it on a towel and pick on it throughout the day which i thoroughly. Also there is almost always some type of ice cream available which is perfect. Ice cream on a hot sandy beach is absolute bliss. You know what is even more fun than eating on a beach, clearing up after yourself on the beach. Keep it tidy people.


  1. Reading

beach 7

I love reading and I love doing it on a beach. Hair tied out of my face, sunglasses on, lying on the sand, book out. Yes please. This ties in with the relaxation one but it’s great to just delve into a book with the sun shining down and not rushing to do anything else but enjoy yourself. Just to get lost in a book and let time slip by.


  1. Sand art

beach 1

This may be a bit odd especially when it’s not a 5 year old making a sandcastle or an artist making a masterpiece but a 19 year old girl and her older sister making an less than average sand sculpture. But we enjoy doing it. It’s nice to take advantage of the sand and fun to see if we can resemble what we are thinking. It’s actually really fun and an ideal activity when with your family who don’t want to run around. Also I love doing anything creative. This is a sea turtle (in case you can’t tell) which is one of our best attempts believe it or not. We once made a mermaid where her whole tale was seashells that took quite a while to be honest.  Also I always like the idea of someone walking past the sculpture and trying to guess what it is.


  1. Memories

beach 3


I have such great memories of the beach, no one is ever sad at the beach. I love swimming in the sea and laughing as my mum says the water too cold about 50 times. I love lying on the sand, laughing at some joke. I love planning my outfit, I never get to wear summery clothes in Britain. I love the way the salt water makes my hair wavy.  I love the memories we make and everything else. I like to spend half the time relaxing and the other half being active, it’s the perfect combo. Unfortunately I don’t live near a beach but I like to find a way to go to one at least once a year.


Do you love going to the beach? What is your favourite thing about them?


 Love from,


Best Escape Anyone Can Have


(Warning: exaggeration)

Quirky Unique Out-of-this-world Terrific Extraordinary Sayings coming your way.

I do love a nice quote. It can inspire you and make you feel less alone. They are proof that words are so powerful…. Remember the pen is mightier than the sword. There are so many quotes out there but these are some of my favourites.

  1. You can be the juiciest, tastiest peach in the world but there is always someone who doesn’t like peaches- Dita Von Teese
  2. Don’t count the days, make the days count.
  3. If you’re going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill
  4. I find your lack of faith disturbing. –Darth Vader
  5. Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when it’s their time.
  6. In a world where you can be anything be kind.
  7. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.
  8. Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality. – Cheshire Cat
  9. My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice. – Newt Schamander
  10. Life’s short, smile while you still have teeth.

What are some of your favourite quotes?

Love from


Weekdays: expectation versus reality

I thought I would exaggerate the days of the week to what you expect them to be, to what they actually are (basically positive versus negative) It’s a slightly different blog post but I hope you enjoy.


“Just another manic Monday” (did you sing it?)

Expectation: Wake up bright and early. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. It is going to be a productive week. Nothing can go wrong.  Jump out of bed and just smash the day. Get my work done EARLY, do exercise, eat healthy food, and go to bed early. #Monslay

Reality: Take an hour to convince myself to get up. Rushing around, trying to get ready to leave to go and do some work. The birds are singing but it’s just annoying because everything before 12pm on a Monday is annoying.


 “It’s been a long week already”

Expectation: The productivity continues

Reality: The trauma continues.


“Half way there”

Expectation: I have fresh orange juice and homemade bread. I have my sheez together. I even picked my outfit out last night and packed my bag ready for the morning. I am organised and ready for the day. I’m in total control of my life.

Reality: I can’t believe my alarm just went off. I only just got to bed. How am I supposed to function as an actual human-being? I can’t even control my own hair. And its only half way through the week. I need coffee. Where is the coffee? I may have just cried over spilled milk. Turn up to work with hair borderline a mess, have had 5 cups of coffee still tired and you couldn’t find your bag. It’s a miracle you got to work on time.


“The fourth day of the hostage situation”

Expectation: This week has gone so fast and productive *insert joyful smile*

Reality: One day until Friday. One day. Just 24 tiny little hours that like 0.02% of you entire life so far. It’s nothing. Friday will be here in a second. You can do it. *insert crying face*


“My second favourite F word” 

Expectation: Finally the week of work is coming to an end and you have an exciting night ahead, catch up with your mates, or go on a date. I am social, look at me go.

Reality: You have no plans, just a bottle of wine to recover from the week. You are excited to have nothing planned for the next two days.


“Hello weekend”

Expectation: And the party continues. You get the glitz, you get the alcohol and you stay up far into the next day. It is a lit night as they say.

Reality: You are tired at 10pm after a wild night of takeaway and TV


“Sleep until you’re hungry then eat until you’re sleepy”

Expectation: You have a day with no make-up and hair in a messy bun but still look flawless. You have a day of peace and ends in you feeling emotionally stable and ready for another week.

Reality: You wake up with the morning gone and still feel tired for the whole day. You keep thinking that Monday is tomorrow and it ruins the whole day.


I hope you all have a fabulous week.

Love from



Basic Cherry bakewell tarts

Who doesn’t love messing up the kitchen to create something delicious. 

Makes 18


200g plain flour

100g margarine

4-6tbsp water

Plum jam

100g self-raising flour (sieved)

100g caster sugar

100g margarine

2 medium eggs

1 tsp almond flavouring

125g icing sugar (sieved)

25ml warm water

A pot of glace cherries


  1. Preheat oven to gas mark 5/190°C/375°F and grease muffin tray/s with butter so the tart come out easier.
  2. Start with the pastry by rubbing plain flour and margarine together with the tips of your fingers until it begins to look like breadcrumbs
  3. Make a well in the middle of mixture and place water into well and stir together to form dough. It should take the form of a dough relatively quick and you can use your hands to bring in all together.bakewells 2
  4. Place pastry onto a floured surface and use a floured rolling pin to roll on the pastry into an even thickness just over half a centimetre.
  5. Use a pastry cutter (I used one a large circle shape with a zigzag edge) to cut out circles which fit into the muffin tin holes. You may have to pull the pastry up to fill the hole as you want the pastry to reach the top but be careful not to rip the pastry.
  6. Put half a teaspoon of jam on the base of the bakewell and try to spread it evenly across the bottom but it doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough jam to make sure it is all covered
  7. Next the cake mixture, place the measured out self-raising flour, caster sugar, margarine, eggs and almond flavouring into a mixing bowl and mix together to form a smooth mixture.bakewells 3
  8. Fill pastry cases with the cake mixture using a tablespoon and make sure to fill them up to the top. Do not overfill as will spill out of pastry when cooking. Each case probably takes a tablespoon of mixture. I had some leftover cupcake mixture at the end so put them in cupcake cases and cooked it with the rest.
  9. Place the tray in the oven for 17-20 minutes. Check the sponge bounces back when pushed and use a cocktail stick to check no cake mixture stick to it so you know it is cooked.
  10. Allow them to cool before decorating.
  11. To make the icing you gradually add the warm water to the icing sugar and mix to form a smooth, thick mixture. How much water you add will affect the thickness so it is up to you how much you use. I found around 25ml was good.
  12. Use a teaspoon to place icing on top on tart. Use the back of the spoon to create a smooth finish.
  13. Finally place a cherry on top and enjoy.

My mum says they are better than Mr. Kipling but she’s my mum so she may just say that even if they were rubbish. But I’m taking it.

What are some of your favourite things to bake?

Love from



My Perfume Collection

What’s that smell? It’s me and it is goooood. I have been fortunate enough to have a tried a variety of perfumes through gaining them as a gift and I love it. I love wearing perfume because I think one of the best compliments is when someone says you smell nice. Now over the years I have tried a few and I think these are some of my favourite at the minute.

Miss Dior Blooming Banquet


I’m not going to lie I have had this bottle for ages because I am suffering from it’s too special to use and I like to keep in on my desk and have a regular sniff so I can remind myself of the heavenly scent. The notes in it are orange, citruses, rose, peony, musk and patchouli.

 “Discover Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, the fresh and tender new facet of Miss Dior, Dior’s Couture fragrance for today’s elegant young ladies. This delicate floral bouquet, composed of peony accords and subtle sparkling fruity notes, leaves a fresh and elegant signature, with a touch of irreverence.”- boots website

It has a floral scent but it isn’t super strong but has a fresh finish. (I seriously can’t stop smelling from the bottle at the minute). When I wear it, it tends to be in the evenings but it lasts the whole night even though it is an eau de toilette. When I finish this bottle I will definitely be getting it again but probably on my birthday list as it is a pricey perfume but for me, it’s worth it.

Issey Miyake Pleats Please L’Eau


Another one I love and slightly similar to the one above. It’s again fresh and floral (I am beginning to learn fragrances are really hard to describe). It is a very springy scent with it’s sweet, fresh and warm tone so perfect for the UK at the moment.

 “Launched in December 2013 this scent has opening notes of roses, to create a fresh feminine scent. The heart of the fragrance is created with pink pepper and neroli. All on a base of white musk, patchouli and cedar.”- All beauty website

Thierry Mugler Alien


This is actually by mum’s perfume but every time she walks past with it on I always think I need that perfume. It’s quite a famous perfume now I believe but I can see why so many people like it. It’s strong without being suffocating. It is once again floral and fresh. You can get the floral scent first but it woodier than the others. It’s definitely quite unique and if you can you should definitely give it a sniff at boots.

“A rich floral woody amber containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber it is a fragrance whose magic tral awakens your emotions. A scent like no other it is irresistibly appealing and totally out of this world…”- boots website

Cashmere by Next


I have seen Next go through many perfumes and I have loved many of them (not all of them) but I think they are great for Christmas gifts and when I need to buy perfume for myself I always go here as they are good value. Cashmere is a musky, warm scent and it’s a gentle scent so a great to where throughout the day. However it is not as long-lasting as the others so you would have to reapply it.

“Luxurious and soft. A soft and sensuous fragrance combining beautiful florals and delicate powdery musks”- Next website

Paradise by Next


I have gone through many bottles of this. I remember seeing the bottles change every time I brought it and the new bottle is different from the one I felt like I only recently got. As the name entails it gives off a feeling of somewhere tropical. It has a fruity, fresh smell that would be perfect for summer or holidays. As you can see in the picture I have a big bottle to use and I can’t wait.

“Vibrant and exotic, Paradise instantly has an aspiration appeal with sparkling lemon and fruity apple fused with floral rose and black pepper and elegant woods.”- Next website


What are some of your favourite perfume/aftershave to wear? I would like to try a Jo Malone scent next as I have heard a lot of good things about them, any recommendations?

Love from,


National Stationary Week

I love a bit of stationary. Stationary is splendid. You use it to write your greatest ideas down that you would otherwise forget, you use it to decorate your desk and if you are like me you use it to spend lots of money on.

To celebrate National Stationary week I thought I would do a wish list of all the stationary I have been fancying at the moment. A perfect excuse for me to browse and swoon over all the stationary.


  1. ‘I am really organised’ dots sticky notes desk pad- £8.00- Paperchase

    A collection of colourful sticky notes, what’s not to love? I love these, they are colourful and you get 5 different ones in the pad. I think my favourite one is the long one for making lists because I do LOVE a good list. 

  2. Dinosaur pom pom ballpoint pen- £3.50- Paperchase

    I think I let out a little squeal when I saw this one the website. It’s adorable, I would feel very happy when writing with this, I mean it is a dinosaur and a pom pom after all. Paperchase have a variety of pom pom animal pens in at the moment, all very cute.

  3. Pineapple diecut sticky notes- £3.50- Paperchase

    Sticky notes again but an essential. I am always using them to make notes for me to remember or add into notebooks when I have ran out of room or to leave messages to someone around my house (I know so adorable). And I couldn’t resist the pineapple. 

  4. Kate Spade Large Spiral notebook- Hers for the reading- £16.00- House of Fraser

    A large notebook is actually something I am lacking, most of mine are A5 size or smaller and much as my favourite size is A5 sometimes you need something a bit bigger. Creating for writing or planning and with the spiral it makes it easy to rip pages out. Also a plus, I love the quote and colour.

  5. 3AM Journal: Inspiration- £10.00- Kikki.K

    I always have ideas in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping so this book was very relatable. It has lines pages with a few quotes written throughout. As it is so pretty it would be perfect to keep on your bedside table for when inspiration strikes. 

  6. A5 Travel Journal W Elastic: World- £15.00- Kikki.K

    I don’t travel but I would love to and this book is perfect for it and I love the little buildings on the front and the quote ‘the world is waiting’. It makes me what to pack up and leave tomorrow. It nice to keep a physical keepsake to look back on where you have wrote what you did and ate. A scrapbook of all your travelling memories… Yes please.

  7. 20 Reasons I Love You Jar: More Love- £9.00- Kikki.K

    This may not technically be stationary but it was on a stationary themed site. An adorable gift to give to your loved one where you write down why you love them and the jar is so cute. A lovely keepsake.


  8. Blush Pink and Gold A5 Planner- £11.95- Old English Company

    This is a perfect planner for me. The simplistic design… check. To-do lists… check. Notes…. check. It has everything I want and need. With 380 pages it will last me the whole year as well. With this I would have no excuse but to be organised. 

  9. Master Plan A5 notebook- £9.95- Old English Company

    Notepads are my weakness I have had 10 unused notebooks but then I see one and I convince myself I need it. But you can never have enough. I use them for writing lists, thoughts and most other things. And this one is beautiful, I love the quote perfect for planning a novel I thought. Also perfect size so you can carry it everywhere. 

  10. Better in Pyjamas Typography- £16.00 (A4 size) – Old English Company

    Typography. I know not stationary again but it involved a pen at some point. I can’t wait until I have my own house so I can fill my walls. This one would be perfect in my bedroom and its very true, pyjamas if I could I would always wear them. I also love the simplistic look, I think it looks great on the walls and the Old English Company have lots of them it was hard not to buy them all. I will definitely be going back.   

  11. This Place Shakespeare Literacy Print- £16.00 (A4 size) – Old English Company

    Love this quote and how it is presented. I think it gives the feeling of comfort at home or when you are in a book and love the world so much that you could waste your time there. 


Are you a stationary-lover? What items are your favourite? What is your favourite shop to buy stationary from?

Love from


Revision Tips

Revision a part of most people’s school experience and some might say it was the worst part of school (such as me). I really don’t like revision, it can be boring and draining but there are ways to make it more bearable and obviously what you all want to give the most effective results. When I was in school I was happy with my results so I am hoping my revision tips are all bad but I would say revision is a personal thing so what would work for someone might not work for you but there are some universal things. But this is what I found worked best for me, I hope it helps you:

  • A3 paper posters were my go to. When in doubt get the pad and pens out. Each sub topic from the subject I fit onto one page. This helps me to summarise and then when they are all done I have everything I need to know in one place. Kind of like a textbook that speaks me. This will be the main thing I revise from.
  • Colours. Colours. And yes colours. I mean if you are like me you love getting a fresh set of pens in a variety of colours. My go to one are Sharpies, Asda’s own and Staedtler triplus fineliner. This is important for the posters because I enjoy creating them more and I enjoying reading them more. Also it looks neater because I can group each section in different colours.
  • Past papers and questions. I am sure you have heard this one from your teachers. Mine always used to say 60% learning and 40% practise. And it is true because you can know all the stuff but you still need to know how to apply it. You need to learn exam language (apply, evaluate, analyse, explain, describe) so you know what the questions is asking. You need to circle key words in the questions so you don’t miss anything out, I have definitely been the one who has forgot to use examples when it has clearly stated use examples. Practise. Repeat.
  • Past papers go hand in hand with mark schemes. They tell you what an examiner is marking you on, it is good to revise off to see answers that you wouldn’t have thought off and become familiar with language used. Also they can point you in the direction of where you have been missing marks e.g. not enough keywords, no examples. Your teacher’s feedback should also help with this.
  • Essay plans. If you have an essay subject or more than one (especially in A-levels) you don’t want to practise 4 essays a week (I know I didn’t) so sometimes it is best to write essay plans instead. You can get the key details, the layout, the examples and evaluation in a much shorter time. Now you still need to do a full essay to practise the writing and time management but when they are 30 different essay titles, plans might be the best, most productive use of your time. A good way to plan essays is to have an introduction, 3-4 paragraphs lined out using the PEEEL (point, explain, evidence, evaluate, link) structure and a conclusion. Essay plans are great to revise off as well as contain all the key information as well as exam techniqiue.
  • The PEEEL structure for essays. This is more for A-levels, as for GCSE’S you use the PEE (point, explain, evidence) structure more. Make your point and explaining it are the simpler ones which you don’t really forget. But the rest this structure makes sure I included them. Evidence can be using a study to support your point or a current situation to represent your point (current events always gets you more marks). Evaluation is where you point out a weakness or strength which helps to bring in more views and ideas. Link is where you bring it back to the question in hand because I always ended up going off topic so this was really helpful to me.
  • If you have to remember names for a subject for example sociology, psychology then writing all the names for each sub topic down on a card so all the names you have to remember are in one place. I feel more organised when I have it written it front of me. I can face it head on.
  • Formula sheets. If you have to remember loads of formulas for example, Maths, Chemistry. It is best to write them all down (in colours) so you can always look at them all in one place and remember them. You can do the same for key words.
  • If you are struggling to remember something then draw a picture relating to it. Don’t spend long on it and it doesn’t matter if it is rubbish sometimes it helps if it makes you laugh as you are more likely to remember it. This helped me as I remembered the picture which made me remember the point so I could answer the question successfully.
  • Revision groups. Now I was never one to meet up with people so we could read and write together before in reality we would talk about something completely random and wasn’t all that productive. But what I would like to do with my friends in the same subject is use revision cards to ask questions between one another and test what we knew. This helped to indicate what my strengths and weakness and you actually get through a lot because you are working together. I also got my mum to test me sometimes at home nearer the exam because what you think you remember when reading isn’t always the case when you are being asked it so being tested definitely helps.
  • Time management. I don’t have anything amazing to tell you but practise helps you write quicker, it is something you learn and the more comfortable you are with the topic the faster you can write so know your stuff.
  • Dress comfy it makes the experience of writing, working, learning much better.
  • Breaks are important. It’s hard work you have to give yourself a rest. Whether that’s walk your dog round the block, 10 minutes of exercise, dancing to your favourite song, talking to your family, responding to your messages, watching your favourite show in the evening or having a bath. Granted it will become less and less closer to the exams but your mind needs to relax and turn off for a while. Work can become monotonous otherwise.
  • Rewards. I like to motivate myself when I really don’t want to work. For example if I finish these next 2 pages I will go up and have a snack. I work faster when I have an incentive.
  • Scheduling. I was never one for planning every day for the next 2 months because I knew I wouldn’t stick with it but a plan helps to make you feel more organised and less suffocated with all the things you have to do. So I liked to create to do list the night before about what I wanted to achieve the next day. I created realistic lists that didn’t give me a million things to do but it helped me feel in control and organised. Obviously I had to do some thinking ahead as well so I could fit all the revision in before the exam. But taking one day at a time worked best for me.
  • Music. Not everyone can listen to music whilst working and some can’t do it without. I tend to use music when transferring notes but not when learning. It worked best for me. The music when writing notes helped the time go quicker and stopped me from getting distracted.
  • Celebrate every success. It can be hard when the work load is never ending so having a positive attitude can make a difference. Celebrate when you have finished the posters for one subject or finish the page or when you have completed a past paper. You did it, you deserve praise. Clap yourself on the back.
  • Make exciting plans so you have something to look forward to each week. Going to the cinema, going shopping and meeting friends. And most importantly for after the exams you have to celebrate and having something planned in advance gives you something to look forward whilst revising. It can motivate you. That feeling after your last exam is superb.

I hoped that helped and I didn’t bombard you with information. Remember trying is the best thing you can do. And good luck, I am sure you will be amazing.

Love from,


Spring Wishlist

Spending money is an art I have been perfecting over the years but I have learnt sometimes I can’t afford everything I want (and by sometimes I mean always) but I can always make a wish list. So as a new season start lots of clothes come out so I decided to torment myself and look at all the stuff that I would love to have.

Spring. The season of new starts where the flowers and sun finally make a reappearance into our lives. And as my wish list shows the time to wear various shades of pink.

Items (order from top left corner downwards, click link to take you to item on wedsite if you like any):

Jack Wills Tie Back T shirt £34.95ASOS

Such a cute t-shirt. Such a basic with a little detail and would go with most things which is a bonus.

Daisy Street Shrunken T-Shirt in Floral Print Mesh £17.99- ASOS

I love mesh tops but I have never had one but the little flower details makes it really pretty.

ASOS Ruffle Wrap Top in Floral £20.00- ASOS

Long sleeved tops are always good for when its too hot for jacket but your arms will still get cold if you wear short sleeves. Love the ruffle detail as well.

Lost Ink Petite Long Sleeve Body with Broderie Detail £28.00- ASOS

I liked the button detail. Good to pair with denim shorts or skinny jeans.

Missguided Jasmine Motif T-Shirt £18.00- ASOS

I love Disney so couldn’t resist this t-shirt. There was also a Cinderella one which was equally amazing.

JDY Print Detail T-Shirt £12.00- ASOS

Very spring-like flowers on. Lovely colours and cute quote. Imagine tied in knot at the bottom which some basic skinny black jeans.

New Look Petite Ruched Top £17.99- ASOS

Cute pink top. Perfect for spring time weather.

ASOS Plunge Top with Knot Front in Strawberry Print £28.00- ASOS

Love this top, maybe more summery than spring but the strawberries on it were so cute and love the colour. Great to wear with high-waisted jeans.

Pimkie Circle Cross Body Bag £14.99- ASOS

This bag is great, I love the shape and think it a perfect colour for the spring and summer months. Also looks the perfect shape for going out and about.

Lipsy Artwork Bardot Top £45- Next

This top is slightly more fancy, maybe wear if going out for a meal. Very flowy style and would look great with a tan (still working on that).

Lipsy Lace Trim Kimono £32- Next

I am always looking for a kimono, they are so nice to add to an outfit in warmer weather and can always add something to a basic outfit without trying.

Have you got any clothes you have been wanting for spring?

Love From,


What’s in my bag?

A bag is a collector of all good things. Now over the years I have had many bags that unfortunately didn’t make it whether the straps broke (thank you school), became outdated or just looked worn and tired. But it was never sad as it always gave me a perfect excuse to buy another bag. The latest edition is a simple black fold over satchel from New Look. I really like the bag as it is simple giving in a classy finish and it holds everything I need but not a lot more. The only problem would be the suedette front which attracts dust but I knew that buying it and was happy to regularly clean it. And it was only £19.99.

The insides (what you came here for)

bag 2

I like to think I have everything I need and I haven’t been proven wrong yet. Firstly a purse; always importantly, especially for shopping. My current purse is one of my favourite things in my bag at the minute as it was a gift for my last birthday. It is a Radley purse (oh la la), I wouldn’t normally buy a ‘branded’ purse as they are a bit pricey but as a birthday treat I went for it. It comes with lots of compartments, it has 6 sections and all the card silts as well so I won’t be running out a space any time soon. I love the dusty pink coloured with the rose gold detail but it came in various colours so you could choose. It isn’t the most rigid purse but it has a clear structure and it feels like quality. The one I have in no longer available but the website still has many lovely purses, some with money off as well which is always a bonus.


Along in the bag I also have house keys, trolley token (I can’t always rely on the fact that I will have a pound coin to hand), pen (you can be that organised person), umbrella (essential to Britain which I normally accompany with a plastic bag so I can put the umbrella back into my bag without it soaking the inside) and a little cosmetics bag which can hold all the other tiny essentials together neatly (see below). I got this bag from Next mainly because it matched my purse with the pink and rose gold but it was also the perfect size for what I needed. In the winter I would usually have my gloves and socks in here and in the summer I have my sunglasses (which reminds me I need to get some in case we do get some sun over here, any recommendations?)

So, the bag within the bag?

bag 3

Here you would find all the things that are really useful (for girls mostly) when out and about. A compact mirror (I always use the when a) applying my lipstick again b) when I have wiped my eyes forgetting I have make up on or c) to see what messy state my hair is in.), tissues, small tube of moisturiser, period pad disguised in a free tin, plasters (for my feet mostly for those inevitable blisters), hand sanitizer (2 because I had one but I love the smell of the sugar crush soap & glory one so couldn’t resist), Nivea lip balm (never know when you need it), little free tester of perfume and finally hair ties and grips (A MUST, nothing more annoying than when your hair is down on a windy day).

That probably shouldn’t have been one sentence.

What do you like to keep in your bag? Am I missing something? Let me know in the comments.

Love from