50 Things That I’m Glad To Be Alive For | A Long List

Hey everyone!

Appreciation for the little things give me outstanding joy and it honestly makes me love living so much more. So, today I compiled a list of 50 small things that I love… 


  1. TV
  2. Making someone laugh
  3. Drinking after undying thirst
  4. Stretching when you really need to stretch
  5. A guinea pig’s yawn, a guinea pig’s squeak. In fact just guinea pigs in general.
  6. Popping bubble wrap
  7. Smell of fresh coffee
  8. Pouring milk into tea and watching it diffuse like smoke in the cup
  9. The crunch of fallen leaves under your feet in autumn
  10. An unexpected gift
  11. Homemade cookies
  12. Reading stories about humans which are actually worth reading about
  13. Books and the magic that you can hold in your hands
  14. Having perfect eyeliner
  15. Getting into freshly washed bed sheets
  16. The smell of the seaside
  17. Mint choc chip ice cream on a sunny day
  18. Pancakes in the morning
  19. Rain on your window at night
  20. Dogs waking you up in the morning with their wet noses
  21. Wrapping up in blankets on winter nights
  22. The feeling on Christmas morning
  23. Smiling uncontrollably
  24. New people to meet
  25. Dancing to music crazily when you are alone
  26. All the different places the world offers
  27. Sitting in the shower
  28. People to kiss
  29. To chase your dreams
  30. To be someone’s reason to live
  31. Marvel
  32. Dreaming about slapping that person that you really hate
  33. Dramatically exhaling when you come in from a long day
  34. Feeling like you have achieved something when you have had your 5 a day
  35. Tiramisu
  36. Wearing pyjamas all day
  37. Watching your flowers grow from seeds to something beautiful
  38. Every sunset and sunrise
  39. Hours of uninterrupted sleep
  40. Roller coasters to scream on
  41. Eating too much chocolate in one sitting
  42. Everybody clapping after watching a live performance of any sort
  43. Birds whistling in the forest
  44. Getting over your mistakes
  45. Forgiving people for their mistakes
  46. Watching cats being entertained by boxes
  47. Finding your missing socks
  48. Throwing something in the bin and scoring with witnesses (triumphant sounds all round)
  49. Hysterical children
  50. The chance to make the world better
divider. In centre is a red and pink mushroom/toadstool, on the left and right are pink swirls.

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