2020: Old Goals and New Goals

Hey everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today's post is the 'I must plan the new person I want to be' type. I am not really a fan of 'The New Me' phrase as I think it puts too much pressure to be perfect and to be productive. Plus it seems to discard who you were when … Continue reading 2020: Old Goals and New Goals

Blogmas Day 22: How To Improve Next Year? 🗓️

Hey everyone!! Happy blogmas and welcome to day 22!!! *3 MORE DAYS TO GO!! AHHH!!* Today I thought I would share some life changing advice tips on how you can improve your life. I am no expert on the topic and it is definitely a personal thing but these are just some things that I … Continue reading Blogmas Day 22: How To Improve Next Year? 🗓️

NEW YEAR: 2019

HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG!!! The capital letters clearly indicate this is a very exciting post. I haven't post in a loooooong time (I think it was June last time I posted-- oops). Entirely my fault obviously. I don't really have a reason other than life. So let's see whether I can … Continue reading NEW YEAR: 2019