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movie nights

In my plan to watch more “new-to-me” movies, I choose a theme and watch a selection of films accordingly. Enjoy as I document all my thoughts and feelings for each one. Hopefully, I will discover new favourites along the way. An added bonus is that I try a new snack for every post.

flipping through fantasy

I am talking about all things fantasy. If you want to see me gush about my VERY favourite books or if you wish to watch me experience new series for the first time, look no further. Oh, wait, there is more. Discussions, niche lists, creative projects and anything else I think of. When I said all things fantasy, I meant it.

the wailing writer

Witness me try to become a functional writer via these writing diaries. What you have to look forward to is probably a slow descent into emotional devastation. I will be sharing what I do for each step on my “highly secret” WIP, the struggles and what I found particularly useful. Feel free to offer me any guidance because help is not only appreciated… it is needed.

mix it up

A fun way to recommend books and talk about other things I like. Essentially posts in the format of… “Matching books with TV shows” for all sorts of topics. Bring the challenge on.

the nook

Welcome to The Nook. This is the one area of this blog that is Sophie-free because it is run by Beth (Sophie’s sister, for any wondering). This feature is free for Beth to talk about anything she wants… Life, tropical fish, TV and, of course, books.

to read or not to read

A feature within a feature. As part of The Nook, Beth runs To Read or Not To Read, where she is given a list of books within a current theme and decides if she would read the books (or not). Essentially, watch her discover her TBR… or not.

musically inclined

When I want to talk about music, this is where I do it. Sharing all the songs I am currently loving. From album talks to new artist discoveries.