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Hey everyone!

I will admit I love the appearance of books. Even if it seems occasionally shallow to focus on looks and looks alone, I will continue to do it. They are mini self-standing pieces of art you buy, andΒ artists spend too long thinking about them for me not to judge the covers. One of my favourite parts of owning books is staring at them. It is no surprise that cover reveals are my favourite kind of book news. Right or wrong, I am big on book covers, okay? Okay.

πŸ„ Favourite International Book Covers | brace yourself, there’s aΒ lot

Today, I wanted to take some time to admire my favourite covers, or rather my favourite style of designs. ToΒ focus on the variety of qualities that give them individualistic flair and hints at the story within. I was in love with the illustrative face designs on books (you know, *the* era), but I actually got bored of it. As beautiful as they are, they often had the same facial expression with limited backgrounds to reveal any further details. I grew much more intrigued by distinct covers, and this is what I hope to showcase in this post (with the occasional melancholy face).

I tried to credit the cover artists when I could find them, but unfortunately, they are sooo hard to find. I am sorry I couldn’t do it for every book. Please let me know any I missed that you know.


Not always books I read but popular on Instagram and I adore the aesthetic. Often moody but beautiful, and some are even straight-up random. I do think a lot of these covers have a strong personality whilst still having a collective brand. I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but I love it.

If An Egyptian Cannot Speak English by Noor Naga // I love the name and its boldness on the cover. The illustration is stunning and I love that the person is looking away.

Sirens & Muses by Antonia Angress // cover byΒ @casacassie // Moody in bed. YES. I love the art style most, almost like you can intentionally see the brush strokes yet so realistic.

Just By Looking At Him by Ryan O’Connell // I love the border around the illustration, so the title doesn’t take away from the art. The figures are also well drawn, but what really draws my attention is the ocean. It is glistening. It almost gives the illusion of moving. Sooo beautiful.

Out Of The Sun by Esi Edugyan // I will always love the reimaginings of famous art in new ways. Therefore it is no surprise that I love the cover, especially with the design being contained by itself so nothing is covering it.

Briefly, A Dangerous Life by Nell Stevens // You will soon see, I love any floral notes on a cover, especially a moody portrait. It perfectly suits the title too.

The Dangerous Kingdom of Love by Neil Blackmore // Blackmore covers tend to be historical portraits with colourful additions and I couldn’t be happier.

100 Boyfriends by Brontez Purnell // cover byΒ @keepingthewolvesat_bay // I love the photo strip aesthetic and how there are multiple ones. It tells you more about the book itself. Of course, love the pink palette too.

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness by Claire Vaye Watkins // It is a simple design but I love the little parts on fire. You can take the symbolism as you want. The pop-art style adds a lot, even the sky is so much more interesting.

My Government Means To Kill Me by Rasheed Newson // I love how thoughtful and effective this cover is; the arch, the title placement, the colours. You immediately know the themes of the book and I think it is simply beautiful on its own as well.

Ghosted by Jenn Ashworth // Flowers replacing heads works *claps* every time *claps* and I love the arm placement.

Post-Traumatic by Chantal V. Johnson // Black and white photography covers are basically a whole genre of their own. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I forget about them. I love how they can be unaesthetic or “every day”, but the black and white can make them seem like an indie shot. I particularly love the placement of this one.

Kokomo by Victoria Hannan // Pastels colours can be effective and once again I love the square image surrounded by a border. Despite how often I have mentioned it so far, I wouldn’t want it on every book but it is a little treat when I see it.


If I could have a retro style for every book cover, I would. I think stylistically it is so fun and atmospheric. This section is definitely one of my favourites.

The Bewitched by Jill Dawson // This cover looks even better in the flesh because the gold foiling shines bright. It all works very well together; the title down the middle, the nature imagery and the colours.

All’s Well by Mona Awad // cover by @katedotdotdotsinclair // It is a striking cover for its simplicity. First, the gorgeous font. Then the arrow-shot woman lying down in the middle. It is dramatic and artsy in the best way. Perfect for a book inspired by Shakespeare.

In The Ravenous Dark by A. M. Strickland // cover byΒ @lydiablagden // This book simply screams the 1920s. The golden lines shape the book so well and I love the addition of the big flowers.

Velvet Was The Night by Silvia Moreno-Garcia // Silvia has been blessed with many glorious covers. This cover perfectly reflects the noir genre, fitting in with the gritty detective genre of the 1970s.

Delayed Rays of a Star by Amanda Lee Koe // This cover looks like the characters have been cut out and placed around the cover, and I love it. It reminds me of something, I just don’t know what.

OBSOLESCENCE, edited by Alan Lastufka &Β Kristina Horner // cover by @shortwavebooks & Morysetta // I love the ghostly vintage vibe here. An amazing illustration; I love the eyes, clothes and flowers. Plus, the title encourages the vintage feel and I love the breaking up of the word too.

Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare // cover by @mattryan // A very stranger things design or rather 80s horror. It immediately transports you to the setting and I love the clown face in the field.

Motherthing by Ainslie Hogarth // cover by Mark Abrams // Every time I see the design of a vintage woman screaming I always think it would make a great poster or t-shirt. I just love the style so much. I love the whole placement of the cover too.

The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson // designer @heart_shape, artist @the.bookcover.artist // I have loved both of Alexis’ book covers. They remind me of old portraits hanging on the wall with added horror details. SO. PERFECT.

The Walls of Sparta by Charles Lloyd // It literally looks like vintage art is the book cover. I will love it every time.

Nobody Somebody Anybody by Kelly McClorey // This style of cover has become popular following ‘My Year of Rest and Relaxation’. They are not historical books and I am obsessed. They are the book form of seeing actors from period films doing modern-day things in costume (another thing I am obsessed with). I particularly love this one because she is swigging the glass and for the way she is holding the tray. Genius.

Gwen & Art Are Not In Love by Lex Croucher // designer Olga Grlic, illustratorΒ @neobees // I want to own this cover (the US one because it has a much nicer colour scheme). It is cute meets medieval! The combo I never knew I needed. Bonus this book is compared to A Knight’s Tale (I love that movie soo much)


Focusing on the titles isn’t always the most interesting as I don’t know many people who care about fonts. But no one can deny that the title is important for books. I think colour, placement, size and quirkiness are elements that can make the title an exciting part of the cover.

Rainbow Milk by Paul Mendez // This is probably one of my favourite covers ever. The stillness of the photography with the vibrant title. I love that the font resembles the title in a literal manner too. It is simply stunning.

No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter // I love how the title takes up the whole cover and the incorporation of the character resembling the letter I. It is creative and stands out. Plus, the colour combo of red and pink is always a great decision.

Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann // Another book where the background is simple and all the colour is in the title. Electric purple is an underused colour and it worked so well here. It looks like such a joyful cover. The brush style of the title is great too.

Winter in Sokcho by Elisa Shua Dusapin // cover by @lookbird // The title was used to make the cover look like an old-school postcard and it works so effectively. I love it.

The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher // I haven’t seen this book in the flesh but online it seems like the title is repeated on the background in a shiny material. So when the light hits it, you can see the title again and again. It is so different and creative.

It’s Not About The Burqua, edited by Mariam Khan // I love how the title is effectively a cut out to the image behind it. Another creative idea. It suits the fact that it’s a short story collection too as it alludes to multiple voices.

You Don’t Know Me by Imran Mahmood // Two titles for one? Thank you. I love the layered design, almost like it has been desperately scrawled multiple times. The ordered and the emotional. I love that the “o’s” have images inside them as well.

Babel by R. F. Kuang // The title easily stands for Babel and the intricate design around the letters is beautiful. Especially in the flesh where you can see the foiling. It had to be silver after all.


Obviously illustrative styles are beautiful and here are some of the covers that draw my eye and hopefully show how different the covers can look from each other. The reasons for liking these covers are pretty self-explanatory so *looks myself in the eye* I AM going to be briefer than brief when talking about them.

So This Is Ever After by F T Lukens // illustrator @sam.spectre, designer @bookdesignbee// Fae meets hot pink = perfection.

The Deep by Rivers Solomon // Even better in the flesh, one colour but it has so much depth. It is sooo stunning.

The Dragon of Jin-Sayeng by K. S. Villoso // illustrator Simon Goinard, designer Lauren Panepinto. // Is it just me or does the throne look like an anatomical heart hybrid? I love it. Plus, she looks fierce!

The Goddess of Nothing At All by Cat Rector // cover byΒ @gracezhuart // I love the placement and use of light.

The Sisters Grimm by Menna van Praag // an elemental masterpiece.

The Dragon’s Promise by Elizabeth Lim // cover by Β @afterblossom_artΒ , @lydiablagden // This style is so distinct. The colour scheme is just as beautiful.

When The Tiger Came Down The Mountain by Nghi Vo // The tigers look like they are prowling!! It is perfect.

Foxglove by Adalyn Grace // illustrator artistΒ @teaganwh, designerΒ @lydiablagden //The flower. The eyes. The colours. Beautiful.

The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis // cover by @coreybrickleyillustration // I love that the illustrations are in claw marks and the different emotions on each face. Female rage, yes, please.

Flowerheart by Catherine Bakewell // illustrator @sh0tze, designerΒ @catleeart // Cottage core rights.

It All Comes Back to You by Farah Naz Rishi // illustrator @zuhhruh, designers @daveedy,Β @booktypography // The vibrant colours and body language! Obsessed.

More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera // cover by @alexis_art //Once again, I love the brush-style art (the smudges on the background!) and the face is really well captured. It suits the story really well.

Independence by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni // Architecture should be used on book covers more and I love the positioning, especially with the three figures entering the light through the arch. *chef’s kiss*

Red Queen by Juan Gomez-Jurado // the shading!!!

The Spear Cuts Through Water by Simon Jimenez // The hand in the middle is so different and pretty.

Blood Debts by Terry J. Benton-Walker // illustrator @khudeejuh, designer @lesleyworrell // body language, background, fashion!!


One of the most thoughtful types of covers and I love how you get to know so much about the topic of the story. Not necessarily always the most classically beautiful, but probably some of the most impactful covers nonetheless.

Tell Me Lies by Carola Lovering // You know this is about a toxic relationship and all the lies you want to believe. I love the use of handwriting over the text!

Scorched Grace by Margot Douiahy // cover by @unusualco // A stained glass window for a nun smoking!! It makes me want to read the story as soon as possible.

Reward System by Jem Calder // cover by @alexmerto // A dedication to Instagram which is naturally very relevant for today’s society. I think the loading picture seems poetic and the face will look even better in person.

Asking For It by Louise O’Neill // The barbie figure says so much without having to say anything. It’s genius.

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata // cover by @lookbird // The name tag with the unsmiling photo. It is every day but you know that’s why it will have so much to say.

Self Care by Leigh Stein // Pretty pink oozes unsatisfactory liquid. What goes on behind the scenes? It immediately gets you thinking.

An Unusual Grief by Yewande Omotoso // The tear in the page causes the loss of colour. How poetic. Plus I love that it plays with the fact it is a book cover.

Your Driver is Waiting by Priya Guns // It takes no detective to see the link to driving through the cover if somehow the title failed. What I like even more is how the cover successfully connects the book to the movie “taxi driver”.


Typically simple designs, relying on blank spaces as much as details, but one of my personal favourites. I love the bold confident lines and it is a style I lean towards for home decor, therefore seeing it on books is right up my alley.

Sorrowland by Rivers Solomon // I love the colour combo even though it is blue on blue. There is something very ethereal about it. It looks like an incredibly detailed drawing and I love the hand reaching out. I want to know more about the story immediately.

An Emotion of Great Delight by Taherh Mafi // I adore the outline of the person so much. It is so effective! The added details of the eyes having colour and then teardrops looking like they are on the cover itself are brilliant.

Permanent Record by Mary H. K. Choi // cover by @ohgigueΒ  //The undercover of the hardback as I think the cover looks better with less blue on it. I love the aesthetic a lot. Especially the eyelashes. Mary H K Choi is known for this style of cover and rightfully so.

The Forest of Stolen Girls by June Hur // cover by Β @pedrotapa // How many flowers? So many flowers. This is incredibly detailed but I think the black and white is very effective with the bold red of the title.


These covers must take a certain level of dedication and they are wasted on screen. They need to be seen in person to be appreciated. The detail and the shading. But when you do, they are truly some of the most breathtaking covers. I have a soft spot for them as I think they are so suited to book covers as they need something to centred them, like the title. It is like they are made for books and I love it.

Sorcerer To The Crown by Zen Cho // The gold is so shiny on this cover. It looks amazing and 100% feels regal.

Ignite The Sun by Hanna C. Howard // I love the colours, how it uses red, orange and yellow evenly across the cover in the swirly patterns. The framing of the title is great. The only thing is… I would prefer it without the four icons in each corner.

Under The Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng // This is sooo detailed. I can’t imagine what it looks like in person. Everything seems so well considered; the border, the centring/mirroring, the corners, the titles. I really can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

River Sing Me Home by Eleanor Shearer // I love the colours on the covers soo much and how no space is wasted. The flora and birds around the outside are especially effective.


Thornchapel Series by Sierra Simone // designer Hang Le, photographer Vania Stoyanova // This is an erotica romance series and whilst the covers are similar to the classic style, aka focus on chests, I think the series does a great job and making them distinctive. The use of nature and their colour theme make them pull away from the covers so often labelled “trashy”. I like that they seem more serious, emphasising beauty and sombreness over lust, which suits the series.

Bright Falls Series by Ashley Herring Blake // illustrator @lenikauffman, designer @heart_shape // The artist of these covers does extremely good romance covers, mostly because the clothes and body language say so much about the characters. It doesn’t waste the opportunity to reveal personality and it elevates the covers sooo much.

Heavenly Tyrant by Xiran Jay Zhao // cover by @ashmackenzieillustrationΒ // I love these covers because they do not waste their background. It feels so dynamic with bold, bright backgrounds. Another series where the clothes are well-detailed too which works in its favour. Plus, there is even more detail on the spine and back. All books should do this!

The Founders Trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett // cover by @unusualco // I love the archway design. The title can shine on its own and the central illustration draws you in. I love how each book has a different colour theme and how the light seems so bright. Whether due to the black border, the centre appears amazingly vibrant, each with their own light source.

What are your favourite book covers? What do you look for in covers? Are individualistic traits important to you? What covers do you hate?

25 thoughts on “admiring book covers > reading (apparently)

  1. Nowadays I never really take time to notice the trends across book covers (after a while I just don’t really give it much attention anymore πŸ˜…) but there’s a lot of really good ones from this year and past ones — I LOVE the illustrated covers for YA bc it feels like they have their own style! Pendulum can say is even more beautiful IRL ❀ For me I can really enjoy any cover, it all depends on how it matches the story, but I think sometimes if an illustrated cover (with people) tries to go for a *certain kind of realism it can ruin the cover for me! πŸ˜‚ Ahh loved this post Sophie!!

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    1. I am probably not too keyed up on the latest trends for book covers, especially as I mostly see fantasy ones but I do like to take note when I can as it is an impressionable aspect. But there is also a freedom in focusing on what is inside the books more then the cover itself.

      Illustrated covers are pretty and each artist adds their own twist to them which I love.
      Some books need to be seen IRL to be appreciated πŸ₯°
      The best covers do match the story inside and when you’ve read them it can give you a further appreciation of the art.
      There can be too much realism in styles of art, I know what you mean 🀣
      Aw.. Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it πŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ

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  2. Book covers are an art form in themselves outside the content of the books they adorn, so I don’t see why we should be indifferent towards them. Sure, we mustn’t judge a book by its cover, but we can’t close our eyes at it either.

    You have included so many beautiful covers here. I, too, love different styles. As long as it matches the story or genre, I’m good with any design. I especially love when there’s even the tiniest hint of gold. I’m like a pagpie, I love shiny things! The only element I don’t feel particularly fond of is having very detailed illustrated people or full scenes taking up the whole surface of the cover. For example, “So This Is Ever After”, which you mentioned in your post, falls right into that category.

    Out of all the covers you’ve showcased my favourites would be “Just By Looking At Him”, “In The Ravenous Dark”, “The Sisters Grimm”, “Sorrowland”, and “The Founders Trilogy”.

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    1. I love your first paragraph soo much❣️ it is so true and exactly what I wanted to appreciate (thank you) !!

      There are a lot of incredible designs here and I’m glad you liked them as well πŸ₯° Covers are an important opportunity to showcase what it is inside and I think artists typically do great at this (as much I as would love a vintage cover for every book, there is no denying they suit historical novels best πŸ˜†).
      Haha seeing the gold details in person, I can see why they are point of adoration for you. 😍 Holding them in the right light is a *moment*
      It is interesting that you don’t like the full illustration style, which I actually feel is being more popular for fantasy, but I can see why… It can be a bit overkill/oversaturation for a book cover.

      I love hearing your favourites from my list… The Sisters Grimm & Just By Looking At Him are particular favourites of mine too πŸ₯°
      Thank you so much for your comment!

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  3. We definitely have extremely different tastes in covers 🀣 Your “intricacy” examples and Babel – Whose cover I adore! – convinced me most, but I would probably walk past most of the others in a book store πŸ˜… Like, I generally don’t like people on covers, maybe because it takes away from me getting to picture the characters? There are exceptions though, usually when characters are painted from the back. For example, I really like the original Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief cover, despite Percy being on it.

    As to how I would describe covers I like? Hmmm πŸ€” I think I like when things are rather simplistic, have few colors, and are geometrically interesting? And photographs or oil paintings are a big no-no, too. Or blocky fonts. To give you a better idea, some covers I love are the ones for the Six of Crows duology, the UK covers for the Strange the Dreamer duology, the UK Mistborn editions or new US Realm of the Elderlings covers!

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    1. Haha it is bound to happen with someone! Babel is a lovely cover, the lettering on the UK one is beautiful and I wish more covers featured this style.

      I can see how people on the covers can take away from experiencing the character firsthand but luckily it has never bothered me, I think because body language shapes how I see the character more than looks.
      Characters painted from the back is a underrated design. Percy Jackson OG covers are a good example of that and I loved the use of colour palette across those covers too.

      I am getting a picture of the covers you like and I think those series can look great on the shelf, especially the mistborn & realm of the elderlings (my favourite of your selection, I love the aesthetic they capture so much) because they look like a collection. I sometimes think these designs can blur into one, but I can see why you like them.
      I don’t know if these covers fit your style but I have always like the simplicity of the essentially all-white version of The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova & The Book Thief. Simple but effective.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts πŸ’™πŸ₯°

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      1. I just googled The Historian and after being shocked at how ugly the first result was (The cover featured some mustached painting??) I found the white version and it’s STUNNING! 🀩 Yes, that cover and the parchmenty Book Thief one (not the one with the dominoes) are EXACTLY the kind of style I love! πŸ₯° You seem to be much better at analyzing my tastes than I am myself πŸ˜‚

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        1. These two books definitely had upgrades! Also why did I never realise the original Historian cover had a man on the cover, I thought it was a woman this whole time πŸ™ƒπŸ˜
          Lovely styles πŸ₯°

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  4. Ooh i love, love, love looking at covers and totally relate about being excited by the reveals of them. Although I wouldn’t buy a book based purely on its cover, I have to like the sound of it too. Although I am more likely to get a book in print rather than ebook if the cover particularly calls to me πŸ˜…

    The Lit & Non Fic section isn’t really the sort that tends to draw my attention but I can see why some of them appeal to you. They’re definitely a rather distinct style. And the third one looks like something from a gallery. I quite like the pink cover for 100 boyfriends & I can’t believe I didn’t notice that the next one was pop art until I zoomed in πŸ™ˆ the cactus on it caught my eye initially but up close it looks even better. And I’ve seen a lot of faces obscured by flowers on books lately.

    Ooh I like the retro style though. Maybe not everything with it but it definitely tends to stand out in a wonderful way. Plus it includes one of my US vs UK cover disappointments – Year Of The Witching. I love the cover you’ve used and don’t know why the UK one had to differ πŸ˜” I’ll have to see if I can spot Bewitching in store one day to check out the foiling, even as it is I love it though and I agree Silvia has had some really stunning covers. I’m not as sure on the way the figures are on Delayed Ray’s as you but I love the background. Definitely a vintage colour scheme & style.

    Title/Font isn’t my favourite style but when it’s done well it can look super effective. I do think using the figure for the I on the second book cover is really clever too. I haven’t seen the Twisted Ones title effect that you’ve mentioned but I’ll definitely have to look out for it. The way that pictures show through on the lettering of two is really clever too, I agree. And I do think Babel has a striking cover…even if I disliked the book.

    I love illustrated covers. I can see ahat you mean about the throne oc one resembling a heart. With wolves coming out of it too I’d say. The last three on the second row are my favourites- I adore them all 😍

    One of my favourites is intricacy. I adore that style of cover. Quite a few of my favourite covers seem to use that kind of style. One of them really gives me tarot vibes and the colour scheme of the last example that you’ve included is stunning.

    I love it when series get covers in the same style. Ooh Spellslinger springs to mind for me in that regard actually. I love the Iron Widow ones though. So stunning 😍 and I agree that more should have designs on the spines and backs too. Those last four books look almost luminous too 😍

    I think my favourites lately tend to be the intricate designs that you e mentioned and also Asian fantasy tales. They always seem to get such stunning covers that you can’t help but fall for. As for covers I hate- The Graces by Laure Eve. There’s one style I love and another that’s just….well if you Google it I’m sure you’ll instantly understand.

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    1. Yay, it is fun to look at different covers. It is probably not best to buy books just for the cover πŸ˜… but like you it can persuade to get a physical over the ebook. Sorry ugly ones are ebook only πŸ˜‚

      I do love seeing the quirkiness of lit fic covers, especially as seeing them on insta is refreshing as they tend to be books I haven’t heard of before.
      I love the ocean drawing on that cover, so pretty 😍
      The bright pink can look really attractive on covers, but rarely gets worked into fantasy ones (they love dark colours too much πŸ™Š)!
      It does need to be a little bigger to see the pop art style but glad you liked that style too. It has some jazz 😁
      Flowers on faces does seem to be becoming a trend, hopefully it won’t be overdone though!

      Retro style is another one with the opportunity to be unique. The Year of The Witching cover is far superior in the US and I would pick that cover any day, but the UK did grow on be a bit over time.
      I hope you find The Bewitching in person as I think it looks even better.
      Silvia really has quite a pretty collection of covers now. I mean Mexican Gothic is lovely 😍
      Delayed Rays is quite different, it is not one I would necessarily call beautiful but I love the personality (reminds me of those pieces of art with pin-up girls cut out and stuck in space πŸ˜…)

      Title isn’t my go-to design either but still wanted a little section to show the best of (in my opinion). I found some of the covers with title to be quite creative which pleasantly surprised me. The Babel cover is gorgeous (shame about the disappointment tho)!
      Hope you find The Twisted Ones in person too, I remember seeing a video on it and thinking it was sooo cool!

      Illustrated covers are incredible pretty 😍 yay, glad you see the heart on the throne too. I didn’t register the wolves coming out of it until you said, but I love that!
      Ahh… Good choices, I do keep coming back to the foxglove cover, very striking!

      The intricacy covers must take ages to make and they are incredible!! ✨ I can see the tarot design too and yes to those colours.

      Collective series looks amazing together and Spellslinger is stunning for that. Adore those!! 😍😍
      Yes please on the spine design. It is all I want. I think The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi has a great spine!
      Soo cool, right 😍

      Those book covers you are describing sounds pretty, love those designs!
      The cover for The Graces did look very plain and boring 😬. Although I saw a few cover for it when I googled it, I wonder if it has a revamp because of that!

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      1. It can help you decide to check then out though and yes that’s generally the rule for me. Although if its a book by a favourite author I may still get the print version whilst crying over the cover πŸ˜‚

        Aww yay I’m glad it tends to bring different books to your attention then.
        I suppose they do πŸ€” plus if it’s a historical fantasy then it can be mistaken for modern if pink I suppose. We both made that mistake last year anyway πŸ˜‚
        I’m glad you pointed it out. And that’s true. With that kind of theme I could see people getting them mixed up if too many were used.

        Me too but finding US covers in the UK is so hard!! Although I don’t dislike the UK one for that book, it just disappointed me as I liked the US one so much.
        Thank you, I’ll let you know if I do.
        Yes Mexican Gothic is my favourite 😍 although I also love the newer cover for Beautiful Ones. Each book seems to get its own style really.
        Ah right. I think I know what you mean.

        You did find some good examples of it. And I’ll have to try to remember to look whenever I’m next in Waterstones.

        Ah well at least we can both see the two effects after we pointed them out to each other πŸ˜… Yes I like the colour scheme of that one too.

        They must do. They work really well in foiling as hidden covers as well!!

        I think they look stunning together.
        Omg I should have looked at the spine of that πŸ™ˆ I did look at the book the other day & decided I’m definitely treating myself to it sometime though.

        Oddly I think the revamp was to the text only cover unless it’s changed again since. As the original cover on my kindle was the shell sort of one them it updated it to the font only πŸ˜ͺ

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        1. Haha the power of favourite authors (and yes I’m the same) πŸ˜‚

          It is fun to see them! True, it is a very modern colour. Honestly I’m still not over that confusion πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
          It would be easy to mix up, they aren’t too many ways you can do flowers covering the face after all!

          I know it is hard to find US covers here. I heard someone say if you use amazon US, so all the prices are in dollars still, you can ship them to the UK. Never tried it and I don’t know the shipping, but maybe it could work πŸ€”
          Oh yes the new Beautiful Ones is pretty. Love that shade of green 😍

          Ah.. Please do!

          Haha yes good team work πŸ’ͺ🏻

          Ahh.. Can’t wait for you to read Amina Al-Sirafi too 😍😍

          I remember seeing one like a tarot card too πŸ€” but the shell and the font only ones were pretty awful. That sucks 😭

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          1. Recently I’ve seen someone on Instagram giving their books new covers 😍😍 I think (besides needing A LOT of talent) that you need a Cricut machine to print the designs though.

            I’m not either as it looks so modern. I agree, hot pink is just too contemporary a colour.
            Yes very true!!

            Oh really? I haven’t got anything in dollars before so it always intimidates me. But yeah definitely an option depending on shipping costs.
            Yes me too.

            Thank you ❀❀ definitely hope to treat myself to a copy sometime this year.

            I think that might be the US one but not 100% sure.


  5. Loved seeing all these beautiful book covers! πŸ₯° I don’t really read much Lit Fic but the covers have something intriguing about them for sure! I also love when a book covers plays around with special fonts! The Babel cover just looks stunning! 😱

    I also love F.T. Luken’s book covers, the Illustrator & Designer do such a good job for them πŸ₯° I’ve also been wanting to read Convenience Store Woman and the cover you featured is my favorite because it seems the most fitting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! πŸ’— Glad you loved seeing these book covers, this post could have gone on for miles with all the pretty designs!
      Lit Fic covers seem quite quirky in subdued ways, so I really like seeing them!
      It is nice to see a font lover for book covers, they don’t always get the same appreciation! Babel is one of the best font designs! 😍

      F T Lukens has had gorgeous book covers! A piece of art literally, nice to see such vibrant colours for the fantasy genre too!
      I hope we both enjoy Convenience Store Woman, and so happy we appreciation that cover! It’s simplicity is brilliant! 🀩

      Liked by 1 person

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