THE JAN-UARY BOOK TAG | my 2023 goals and anticipated releases

Hey Everyone!

Today I am doing a new tag, perfect for this time of year (get it?). It was created by Jan @ Jan Agaton over on YouTube (love her channel) and it is all about reflecting on the last year and looking forward to the next. I loved these questions as I sometimes do separate posts for goals and new releases, but I am not doing that anymore so this tag was perfect for scratching the itch!

Thank you to Jan for this tag! Please check out her answers in the video down below!

1. What was the last (& first, if you remember) book you read last year?

LAST READ OF 2022: Nick and Charlie by Alice Oseman.

I decided to get the audiobook from my library because it would be something short and sweet for the end of the year. Sadly, I ended up regretting it. It just reminded me why novellas never work for me. There was not enough time to explore emotions sufficiently and it felt like a pointless third act break up with too much miscommunication.

FIRST READ OF 2022: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

My first venture into Cassie Clare and it was okay. I really liked the last book, but the first two took me a while to get into. Tessa and Will annoyed me a little, but they both had this amazing trait of admiring Jem so I forgave them.

2. What is your first read this year?

I haven’t read anything so far.

3. Share 3 of your reading goals this year.

(one) read 50 books

I have read over 50 books every year, for the past 4 years, so it should be manageable. I won’t be worried if I don’t meet it though, but I would love to spend less time on my phone and read instead.

(two) buy no books and work on my owned TBR

I have technically failed this already. I have three special editions preordered from Waterstones, and I just brought a book I adored but didn’t own…. and I do plan to get the 2023 sequels I want. But other than that, absolutely no books! 🤭

(three) enjoy reading fantasy

I want to enjoy more books this year, to the point where I miss my book when I am not reading it. I often get this feeling when reading a good fantasy so I want to prioritise them this year.

4. Share 3 of your most anticipated titles.

~ sequels ~

The ending of Ninth House was my favourite bit and I needed the sequel ASAP. I’ve waited a long time, so I am ready for my answers.

The Unbroken was my favourite book last year and I am very curious to see where it goes in the sequel. I think it has the potential to explore non-typical roads.

The last book of The Radiant Emperor duology and I am intrigued to see how these characters’ journeys end. I think it might be emotional, but amazing.

~ new ~

The synopsis leaves me needing to discover more. It sounds like a whimsical, dark tale of magic.

Synopsis ▼

Once upon a time, a man who believed in fairy tales married a beautiful, mysterious woman named Indigo Maxwell-Casteñada. He was a scholar of myths. She was heiress to a fortune. They exchanged gifts and stories and believed they would live happily ever after–and in exchange for her love, Indigo extracted a promise: that her bridegroom would never pry into her past.

But when Indigo learns that her estranged aunt is dying and the couple is forced to return to her childhood home, the House of Dreams, the bridegroom will soon find himself unable to resist. For within the crumbling manor’s extravagant rooms and musty halls, there lurks the shadow of another girl: Azure, Indigo’s dearest childhood friend who suddenly disappeared. As the house slowly reveals his wife’s secrets, the bridegroom will be forced to choose between reality and fantasy, even if doing so threatens to destroy their marriage . . . or their lives.

After adoring The Green Bone Saga by Fonda Lee, I am more than happy to read every word she ever writes. I have faith in her novella, especially as it involves monsters.

Synopsis ▼

Ester’s family was torn apart when a manticore killed her mother and baby brother, leaving her with nothing but her father’s painful silence and a single, overwhelming need to kill the monsters that took her family.

Ester’s path leads her to the King’s Royal Mews, where the giant rocs of legend are flown to hunt manticores by their brave and dedicated ruhkers. Paired with a fledgling roc named Zahra, Ester finds purpose and acclaim by devoting herself to a calling that demands absolute sacrifice and a creature that will never return her love. The terrifying partnership between woman and roc leads Ester not only on the empire’s most dangerous manticore hunt, but on a journey of perseverance and acceptance.

The name and Waterstones special edition intrigued me at first. But, I’m glad it got my attention because the plot is like the title says, and I need more information.

Synopsis ▼

Kissen kills gods for a living, and she enjoys it. That is until she finds a god she cannot kill: Skediceth, god of white lies, who is connected to a little noble girl on the run.

Elogast fought in the god war, and helped purge the city of a thousand shrines before laying down his sword. A mysterious request from the King sends him racing back to the city he destroyed.

On the way he meets a godkiller, a little girl and a littler god, who cannot find out about his quest.

I love pirates and Shannon Chakraborty’s writing. I literally didn’t need to know anything more.

Synopsis ▼

Amina al-Sirafi should be content. After a storied and scandalous career as one of the Indian Ocean’s most notorious pirates, she’s survived backstabbing rogues, vengeful merchant princes, several husbands, and one actual demon to retire peacefully with her family to a life of piety, motherhood, and absolutely nothing that hints of the supernatural.

But when she’s tracked down by the obscenely wealthy mother of a former crewman, she’s offered a job no bandit could refuse: retrieve her comrade’s kidnapped daughter for a kingly sum. The chance to have one last adventure with her crew, do right by an old friend, and win a fortune that will secure her family’s future forever? It seems like such an obvious choice that it must be God’s will.

Yet the deeper Amina dives, the more it becomes alarmingly clear there’s more to this job, and the girl’s disappearance, than she was led to believe. For there’s always risk in wanting to become a legend, to seize one last chance at glory, to savor just a bit more power…and the price might be your very soul.

It sounds like a tale of well-developed magic, justice and family. Sign me up.

Synopsis ▼

Thirty years ago, a young woman was murdered, a family was lynched, and New Orleans saw the greatest magical massacre in its history. In the days that followed, a throne was stolen from a queen.

On the anniversary of these brutal events, Clement and Cristina Trudeau—the sixteen-year-old twin heirs to the powerful, magical, dethroned family—are mourning their father and caring for their sick mother. Until, by chance, they discover their mother isn’t sick—she’s cursed. Cursed by someone on the very magic council their family used to rule. Someone who will come for them next.

Cristina, once a talented and dedicated practitioner of Generational magic, has given up magic for good. An ancient spell is what killed their father and she was the one who cast it. For Clement, magic is his lifeline. A distraction from his anger and pain. Even better than the random guys he hooks up with.

Cristina and Clement used to be each other’s most trusted confidant and friend, now they barely speak. But if they have any hope of discovering who is coming after their family, they’ll have to find a way to trust each other and their family’s magic, all while solving the decades-old murder that sparked the still-rising tensions between the city’s magical and non-magical communities. And if they don’t succeed, New Orleans may see another massacre. Or worse.

Another title that massively intrigued me. This is sci-fi which I rarely reach for but the themes of being hunted and immortality intrigue me a lot.

Synopsis ▼

Hayden Lichfield’s breakthrough in his pursuit of immortality should be cause for celebration. Then he finds his father murdered, and everyone thinks he did it. As he flees with their research, his uncle puts Elsinore Labs on lockdown, and Hayden’s only ally is the laboratory’s AI, Horatio…

5. Which goals did you reach/not reach last year?

(one) read 40 books

I read 67 books last year so this is an easy yes.

(two) read more indigenous authors

I don’t think I did that well, I believe I read just over 10. But it will be an ever-present goal of mine. Once I have finished my physical TBR, I will be able to make more conscious choices about what I am reading.

(three) read 6 non-fiction books

I read 4 as I completely forgot about this goal by the end of the year. Maybe I will have better luck this year.

(four) read more sapphic stories

I noticed a lot of the queer representation I was reading was m|m, so I wanted to change that fact. I want to support sapphic stories and authors which don’t always get the same hype as the male queer stories. I read 12 in 2022. It was better but hopefully, I will read more this year, for all queer identities.

6. Are there new releases this year you’ve heard of that you have no desire to read?

Interesting question… Last year I read two Grady Hendrix books and there weren’t for me. The novelty of the different concepts wore off quite quickly and I don’t think the characters or themes were explored well enough. Therefore he is probably an author I won’t be checking out again as I feel like it will be a pattern. Also, this book features covid-19 which I don’t want to read about and I don’t think the author will do it well tbh, but that is a massive presumption on my part. Regardless, I don’t want to risk it.

Not to say, it will be for no one but it is definitely not for me.

7. What are some reading habits you want to change this year, if any?

Getting back to reading before bed, even for 10 minutes (instead of going on my phone)!!

8. Are there any adaptations you’re excited about?

Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I liked the book. I didn’t love it, but I liked it. Yet it is the adaptation I am most looking forward to because the story was made for TV. The music, the setting, and the drama (even if slightly obvious). It is going to be beautiful to watch and I am dying for it (& all the songs *ahh*)! Plus, I love Suki Waterhouse and Timothy Olyphant!

9. Favorite bookish memory of last year?

(one) blog-related memory

When I wrote my post about The Green Bone Saga in February. I felt like it reignited my love of blogging and talking about books. It will forever be my favourite post and I adore these books sooo much. 💚

(two) writing-related memory

Working on my novel (the screams are real)! The feeling of completing my to-do is the most satisfying thing ever and I am proud of the progress made in 2022.

(three) book-related memory

I didn’t buy many books last year *pats myself on the back* so getting these books felt like a real treat. They are all so beautiful.

10. Carryovers from last year that you still plan on finishing?

I started The Dragon Republic by R F Kuang just before Christmas and didn’t pick it up again until the 8th of Jan. Christmas is never a time when I read a lot. But I will finish it soon as I am loving the plot so far. Then it will be time for The Burning God.

What are your goals for 2023? Any goals you didn’t meet in 2022? What books are you most anticipating (please tell me)? Which new release will you be avoiding?


27 thoughts on “THE JAN-UARY BOOK TAG | my 2023 goals and anticipated releases

    1. I don’t think it will be too long until the daisy jones adaptation is released now. I think the news has been around for a while but at least you don’t have long to wait for it! 😂 I think it will make a great show, hopefully we both enjoy it 🤞🏻
      Thank you so much 💗

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is such a fun tag and I really enjoyed reading your answers 😊 Sorry to hear Nick and Charlie wasn’t a hit for you; I usually struggle with novellas too, especially with new characters, but I’m also not sure how well Oseman’s writing works for me outside of the graphic novel format, so I think I’ll be skipping that! I’m looking forward to so many of these releases as well—especially Flower Bride, Untethered Sky and Godkiller! 😍 I hope you have an awesome year of reading in 2023!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Dini 💜
      It was a shame about Nick and Charlie, but, yes, novellas are a struggle. Most the time I find they don’t have a strong enough purpose. The only ones I have truly enjoyed have been by Zen Cho.
      Oseman’s writing worked really well for me in Radio Silence but in Nick & Charlie one it felt a bit monotone (I don’t think you are missing much there)!
      The 2023 fantasy releases look amazing 😍 I hope we both love them. I have faith in fonda lee for novellas!
      Thank you ❤️ I hope you have a wonderful reading year as well!


  2. I totally agree with you on Nick & Charlie! I didn’t hate it, but I had been expecting so much more… All the unnecessary drama at the end felt so clichéd and out of character 😥

    On a happier note, though, I am anticipating that Daisy Jones & The Six adaptation right along with you! 🤗 I absolutely adored the book and am so excited to see what melodies and instrumentation they came up with for all the music 🥰 And anything by S.A. Chakraborty is high on my release radar as well! Especially if it has pirates! 🤩

    Anyway, congrats on doing so well with your 2022 goals and good luck mastering those of 2023! I really like what you came up with! 💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you agree with me on the Nick & Charlie front, it was not what I was expecting. Out of character is a great way to describe it~~ they worked hard to become a healthy couple, but they didn’t act like it here 😔

      I am very eager for the Daisy Jones and The Six!! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! The music is probably what I am most anticipating too, I imagine it will create such an atmosphere 😍
      S A Chakraborty is a talented writer so I am always happy to see more from her too and who doesn’t love pirates!

      Thank you so much!! Fingers crossed for 2023, I hope you get everything you want from the year as well 💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that your final book of the year was a disappointment…and let’s just skip over the fact that I still haven’t read anything by Alice Oseman 🙈

    Aww I also hope you manage to get reading soon. Tbh I always struggle to start reading when I stop for a while – I somehow convince myself I won’t get into it – so I totally relate. I’m actually amazed that I’ve somehow read two books so far this year, especially when the first was almost 1000 pages long 😅

    Good luck with your goals. But omg NO books???? That’s so hard!! I should do the same tbh but I can’t, although I am being stricter on myself this year. And sequels so don’t count, you need to stay up to date with your favourites!! Ooh what was the adored one? We definitely need to discuss Hell Bent when we’ve both read it. I hope you love all those sequels.

    All your new anticipated books are on my tbr too. Last Tale Of The Flower Bride is one I’m so, so tempted to purchase in print. It sounds incredible…and I’m devastated that it doesn’t have a special edition at Waterstones 😭 I hope the novella lives up to your expectations. Ooh is Godkiller one of your special edition preorders then? Whenever we’ve both read it that’s another we’ll have to discuss. And Amina is another im hoping to get in print. Tbh I don’t read much sci fi but watching Dune made me realise that I really should.

    Omg 67 books is fantastic!! And you definitely beat that goal, well done!! I read 60 which I was pleasantly surprised with, especially considering my tendency to fall into slumps. Tbh you’ve done well with all your goals, at least you read a few titles in each category. Oh & I saw a few recs in one of those categories the other day so I’ll send it to you on Instagram.

    I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like either of the Grady Hendrix books you read. It’s really disheartening when you have several books by an author on your tbr then can’t get into them.

    I really hope the Daisy Jones adaptation lives up to your expectations and yes discovering the music should definitely be interesting!!

    Aww yay congratulations on making progress with your novel! And I hope the rest of the dragon series ends up being as much as a favourite for you as it seems to be for many people.

    I hope you have a wonderful year and get to read lots of fantastic books. Tbh I’ve decided not to set any goals really other than keeping my previous ones (I’m not checking in on them until next year) and getting my tbr somewhat under control 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a shame. Alice Oseman is a good author but I realised she has quite an clipped writing style. I wouldn’t suggest starting Nick & Charlie or Solitaire, but I hope you enjoy the other books.

      Yeah life has got in the way of reading, trying to organise everything after Christmas. But I am doing better now and getting into my book.
      I’m so glad you have read two books so far 🤩 that’s amazing!! Classic fantasy with that page length. Hope you enjoyed both of them!

      Haha I did really well at buying no books last year, only 4 I think then I got gifted some at Christmas. So hopefully this year I’ll be good as well 😂
      Oohh good luck being stricter on yourself.
      Haha I like getting into the habit on reading sequels straight away and it helps the author too, as I want the series to continue 😂
      Ink in the Blood, I never owned it but now I do. It was only £4 as well!!
      We will definitely be discussing Hell Bent!!! 🐍🐇

      So. Many. Good. Books. I can’t believe waterstones hasn’t done a special edition for Flower Bride, the author is well liked 🤔
      Thank you! Yes I got the special edition of Godkiller, it was on offer so I couldn’t resist. We will discuss it!
      I hope you get Amina in print. I think I will wait for the paperback to match by City of Brass collection.
      Let me know if you discover any good Sci-fi books!

      Thank you ❤️ Congrats on 60, such a satisfying number!! Glad you managed to read so many even if you didn’t always feel like it!
      Aw.. Thank you, I’m glad I read some for them. Oohh thank you for thinking of me for the insta post 🥰

      Yeah Grady Hendrix and me were not meant to be! I just didn’t gel with the style, but the books are still popular so it could just be me.

      Thank you 🧡 I can’t wait for the music!!

      Thank you sooo much 🥰
      I am loving the dragon republic even more now so I can see why it is loved!

      Thank you sooo much!! I hope you have an amazing 2023 too ✨💗
      I don’t blame you for not setting goals, I’m not always into new year changes to the max, you can work on things whenever without the added pressure.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Really? Solitaire is the one I’m always most drawn to as the vagueness of the blurb intrigues me 😅 which do you suggest starting with?

        Its such a busy time of year. I’m glad you’re enjoying your book now though.
        Thank you ❤️❤️ I loved the first one, Kingdom Of Ash, and was surprised to find that it’s probably my favourite of the series. Maybe because everyone’s involved?? The second I loved the middle off and was really lyrically written but the characters behaved in ways I was skeptical of at times. Finished my third earlier and adored that though 😍😍

        Seriously? How on earth did you manage that??? Hopefully it’ll help you get caught up with your tbr though.

        Thank you.
        Very true. Definitely don’t want any series getting dropped mid way!! Plus it’s exciting counting down to a sequel.
        Ooh is that new or second hand? Didn’t realise you didn’t own that one.
        And Darlington 😍 who better be OK!!

        I know its odd. Plus being an adult debut & with fairytale vibes it would be perfect for one. I’m sure it would be listed by now though if they had one. Ooh yay I hope you love it then. Always lovely to have special editions.
        Ah right, I want the hardback as I only owe ebooks of their books so far.
        Will do (:

        Thank you ❤️❤️
        It’s okay, I took a screenshot as I wasn’t sure I had one of them on my tbr then seeing this thought I’d send to you too 😅

        I feel like I’ve seen mixed things tbh anyway but I’m pretty sure the one I most want to read is avaliable as an ebook at my library so I’m planning to borrow it on there sometime. I’ll let you know how I get on.

        I hope you love it ❤️❤️

        Aww yay that’s wonderful!! I hope it continues to be just as good.

        Thank you ❤️❤️
        Yeah I know what you mean. It’s why I keep hesitating to set a Goodreads goal, if I fall behind the constant reminder will only stress me out.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Well if Solitaire interests you most then definitely go for it. I just found the plot weirdly set out and the editing a little messy. But, still worth a shot. I personally would start with Radio Silence, I connected with it a lot. The themes and characters felt well-developed. Plus, it talked about choosing to not go to university which I hadn’t seen spoken about a lot. Loveless is a good one to start with too.

          Kingdom of Ash certainly had an epic feel as all the characters came together. Then if you didn’t like a certain character, you had many others to enjoy! 😆
          Glad you are having a good reading year so far!

          Yeah, I am quite good at not spending money when I don’t have to (if I do say so myself). Always been a good saver even with birthday money when I was a kid. Plus, the government made it easier to only spend money on the necessities last year 😅

          No, it was a used hardback for Ink in the Blood as the hardback is no longer in print, so I thought I best get it whilst I have the chance.

          I think it would have been listed by now as well, a missed opportunity though!!
          Nice, Waterstones are doing a signed hardback for it as well. It looks lovely!!

          Thank you!! ❤️

          oohh library ebooks are great for trying out books you are a little sceptical about!

          Thank you!!
          I get that about Goodreads goals, sometimes it is nicer to set an easily achievable goal like 20 books and avoid the countdown!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I think that’s just because it sounds vague & I’m not good at picking up contemporary anymore 😅 ooh really? You’re right you never see much about people deciding not to go to university. Unless its for a gap year of travel before doing so. But loads of people don’t do either so it should be discussed more.

            That’s true although surprisingly I don’t think there was anyone who irritated me on the whole. And the seige scenes fascinated me so much more than I’d have anticipated.

            Aww that’s good then. Definitely a good talent to have, especially lately. As long as you also treat yourself occasionally too.

            Oh I didn’t know that it was out of print now. Definitely good to get ones like that when you spot them.

            Yes I’ve seen that, I imagine they edges are exclusive to it but couldn’t tell as the description didn’t mention them.

            They certainly are. Just a shame you can only request a handful as sometimes the queues are massive.

            Yes so true. All that stress does is turn reading into a chore when it should be a pleasure.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I actually don’t know what contemporaries I would suggest for you. Maybe ones people suggest from your favourite rom-com?! 🤔
              I did like seeing the discussion and exploration of how people feel.

              That’s good!! KoA did have some epic scenes. I remember being so engrossed by them!

              It can be handy, but like you say everyone deserves to treat themselves at the same time 🥰

              At waterstones at least, maybe amazon would still do it. I don’t know enough about it all really.

              Oh right, perhaps! It would normally be in the description. 🤔

              I know, especially for new releases!!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Maybe. I do have a few on my tbr, I just never seem to get around to them 🙈

                Yes definitely.

                Yes so true. The balance just needs to be right.

                Ah maybe. Sometimes books say international edition so I guess it comes down to whose publishing it where but idk for sure.

                Yes it is generally. Sometimes I think certain bits get missed though.

                Liked by 1 person

  4. idhsjhdhehd I’ve never heard of this tag before BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE INTRODUCTION?? this was tons of fun to read!!!!!

    I’m so sorry nick and Charlie was such a disappointment BUT ALSO COMPLETELY AGREE ON ALL YOUR THOUGHTS?? I feel like I’ve gotten so used to the graphic novel format their story is presented in THAT IT WAS WEIRD AND VAGUELY DISCONCERTING TO READ THEIR INNER MONOLOGUES TRANSCRIBED ON PAPER?? also the plot was boring SO.

    Jejdbwjjs THANK YOU for adding all of those new releases on my list though THEY SOUND FABULOUS?? will take a break from life for a day the day that flower bride is released IVE DONE MY FAIR SHARE OF WAITING. Also fonda Lee!!!! I must read!!!!!!


    ALSO YES the sole reason I’m so excited for the daisy jones adaptations ARE THE SONGS OK. am already anticipating having them on repeat for the better part of the year. BUT ALSO THE BAND DYNAMICS SHALL BE SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH ON TV??

    Good luck with all your goals AND FINGERS CROSSED ALL THE BOOKS LIVE UP.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a relatively new tag, I think it was only created last year but I LOVE it! The perfect questions for January, as one would suspect 😆

      Nick and Charlie was not what I imagined, it was alright still, but it did feel like a wasted opportunity. Maybe it is just the adjustment of leaving the graphic novel format behind– we are used to interpreting their feelings from drawings so being told it was different to what we imagined them sounding like!?!? I think you are on to something there!! Thank you, it was boring!! 😶

      ahh… so glad I could help bring these new releases to your attention!! I mean, what incredible books! I’m in love!
      You should take breaks from life to read— like every day haha! But Flower Bride sounds mesmerising, I hope it is everything you dream of!
      The Blood Debts cover is stunning and beautiful. The skull 😍😍

      THE SONGS FOR DAISY JONES!!!!! I am begging for them at this point, March can’t come soon enough!!! They better be good or we will riot! The band dynamic is made for TV…. its going to defeat the book IMO!!

      Thank you sooo much!! I hope you have the best books this year! 🥰


  5. Hello wonderful friend. So sorry I have been gone for so long but finally getting to catch up with your posts and omg this tag is so fun!!!! Love that your last read was Clockwork Angel, even though we may have to talk about disliking it hehe (I’m kidding obvs)

    The cover of God Killer stuns me EVERY SINGLE TIME OMG ITS SO PRETTY?!?!?!? Ah and I absolutely cannot wait for the Daisy Jones series. Lots of love xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aw… no need to apologise at all, life is constantly hectic so I understand. I hope you have been well 🥰
      Thank you soooo much! This tag was a great one to do!
      ahha I’m sorry about Clockwork Angel, I didn’t hate it at all. It took some adjusting 😂, but as soon as Jem was in the picture, I enjoyed it a lot more!!
      Godkiller’s cover looks like an actual piece of art, the background detail (my oh my) 😍
      YESSS!! Bring us Daisy Jones asap!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ahhh I completely agree with you about Nick and Charlie, it didn’t really work out too well with me either! And ahaha my favourite part of the infernal devices would have to be Jem, he deserves so much more love!

    I really need to pick up a few Fonda lee books this year, I’ve heard nothing but good things about them so I can’t wait to get started!

    love this so much! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nick and Charlie felt so random of a story for them! I will be sticking to the graphic novels and show from now on!!
      Jem was actually perfect! He deserves the world and all the love, absolutely 😍

      Yes, I will always support reading Fonda Lee. The Green Bone Saga is the best ever!! I need to read the rest of her books too. Sincerely hope you love them!!

      Thank youuuu 💜💜


  7. Such a fun Tag 💖 Good luck with your goals! I’m also aiming to work more on my owned TBR and only buy books I’ll read immediately! Godkiller and The Last Tale of the Flower Bride are also on my anticipated list 😊 Ohhh Daisy Jones adaptation! The trailer is finally out and it looks so good 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I am so glad I found this tag! ❣️
      Thank you so much, hopefully we will both be successful in reducing our physical TBR, we got this 💪 I will definitely need luck on not buying all the books though 🙈
      Good luck with your goals too!
      Those two books sound amazing, hope we both love them!
      YESSS the daisy jones trailer looks phenomenal, love the cast and the music already. March can’t come soon enough! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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