SISTER’S COLLAB: The Battle of the Tropes | romance edition ❤️

Welcome to another (long-awaited) sister’s* collab…

*Sophie (main blogger) and Beth (runner of The Nook 🌻)


… and get excited because we have tropes, romance and A FLOW CHART!!

Basically, we are faced with 8 (romance) tropes and using the flow chart we are going to narrow it down to the best trope of them all.

🍄 Using My Favourite Tropes to Create a Romance TBR


friends-to-lovers VS fake dating

BETH🌻: Friends-to-Lovers is a bit too nicey-nice for me (when I’m reading a book, in real life though, it’s the best surely?) so FAKE DATING took the edge here – especially as with this option lots of hilarity can ensue.

SOPHIE🍄: This is a close one, but fake dating can sustain an episode, FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS can sustain a series. You can pull at so much intimate closeness and history with it. I love fake dating, but it is a wee bit of a one-trick pony.

As it is a clash, we have each given the two tropes a rating out of 10 and the one with the highest overall score wins.

FAKE DATING: [total score] 17 [sophie – 8, beth – 9]
FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS: [total score] 16 [sophie – 9, beth – 7]

the winner is fake dating!

SOPHIE🍄: the injustice of it all.

only one bed VS soul mates

BETH🌻: ONLY ONE BED, inspired by my current read of The Flatshare where the main characters share one bed without knowing each other, I’m really enjoying the concept as it’s not something I’ve personally seen before.

SOPHIE🍄: I agree, ONLY ONE BED. Half because soul mates aren’t for me. One of the best things about love is that it isn’t rare. I don’t like the limitation of soul mates. And half because only one bed is gloriously awkward and intimate. The characters aren’t acting for anyone but each other, and I LOVE it.

the winner is only one bed!

sunshine & grumpy VS forbidden love

BETH🌻: SUNSHINE & GRUMPY because who doesn’t love opposites attract, especially when they bring the best out in each other – plus I feel that this reflects my own relationship.

SOPHIE🍄: SUNSHINE AND GRUMPY is my favourite, so I completely agree with Beth. Forbidden love is tense and romantic, but the way sunshine and grumpy character play off each other is amazing. It really brings out the best.

the winner is sunshine & grumpy!

love triangle VS enemies-to-lovers

BETH🌻: When couples start off as ENEMIES and grow into LOVERS I usually find a lot of smiling to myself happens as the author has a lot of room to make the conflicts at the start funny and charming, and then when they fall in love it’s the happy ending we all love.

SOPHIE🍄: I’ll admit this duo feels a bit like a no brainer. Love triangles can be tedious but the ENEMIES-TO-LOVERS journey can be the best kind to read about. The ‘playful hate’ to ‘damn, I actually care about you’ to ‘pure passion’. Well, that journey is in the hall of fame.

the winner is enemies-to-lovers!


fake dating VS only one bed

SOPHIE🍄: Oh, how friends to lovers should have been here.

SOPHIE🍄: This is actually a hard choice because these both make for fun scenes with tons of romantic tension. Basically, what I look for in a romance. Both these tropes feel pretty equal but for the battle’s sake, I pick… ONLY ONE BED. I have a soft spot for it. When done right, it is so intimate, endearingly awkward and only about the people in the relationship.

BETH🌻: A very tricky choice indeed, but I’m taking a different turn and going with FAKE DATING. Though there is much awkwardness and sweetness in sharing a bed, what takes the edge for me with fake dating is that there’s usually more -and I hate this word- ‘banter’. I enjoy it when they’re bouncing off each other and the people around them to create funny social situations.

SOPHIE🍄: Fake dating has been my nemesis in this post. I mean all your reasons are great, but still.

BETH🌻: LOL it’s haunting you, tehehe, sorry babes.

time to give them a score…

ONLY ONE BED: [total score] 16.5 [sophie – 8.5, beth – 8]
FAKE DATING: [total score] 17 [sophie – 8, beth – 9]

the winner is fake dating!

sunshine & grumpy VS enemies-to-lovers

SOPHIE🍄: If you’ve been reading, you know my answer. SUNSHINE & GRUMPY SUPREMACY *ding ding, we have found our winner, I hope*. This trope covers so much and never quits because their personalities don’t change. I love how the characters bounce off each other, pulling at each other’s strengths and weaknesses. PERFECTION. *smiles like an idiot at this trope*

BETH🌻: I couldn’t agree more, SUNSHINE & GRUMPY is the boss in this duo- you get that fabulous contrast in personalities which leads to entertaining exchanges and delicious moments but without the ‘hate’ that comes in the enemies to lovers trope where at first there is war! (Don’t get me wrong, I love that too sometimes)

SOPHIE🍄: Yay!! We get it!!

BETH🌻: We do!!!! High five sister!

the winner is sunshine & grumpy!


the final round

fake dating VS sunshine & grumpy

SOPHIE🍄: We’ve been here before. SUNSHINE & GRUMPY. I swear if fake dating wins this one… I do like fake dating. It’s so much fun. But it cannot defeat sunshine & grumpy. It is simply open to more. And frankly, I cannot lose to fake dating a third time!

BETH🌻: Well, for me it has to be fake dating because ….noooo I’m only kidding (hands up if I got ya). My true answer is also SUNSHINE & GRUMPY because it’s that beautiful blend of opposites that we all just love. The sweet and the sour, the night and day, the good, the bad and the ugly. I love reading about people who fit together because of their differences.

SOPHIE🍄: You kind of got me there… for half a second. I was getting my battle gear on. Thankfully, SUNSHINE & GRUMPY REIGNS STRONG, and you said the perfect explanation as to why it is our WINNER!! Opposites always attract, baby!

the winner is sunshine & grumpy!

the final results

recommendations for book with the SUNSHINE ☀️ & GRUMPY 🌩️ trope

Thank you to these posts for some recommendations, please visit them for more information.

(1) Buzzfeed, (2) Wordy and Whimsical and (3) Wordy and Whimsical again

Be honest, do you agree with the winner me and Beth selected? If not, which trope would have been your winner? Have you got any book recommendations for any of these tropes?

21 thoughts on “SISTER’S COLLAB: The Battle of the Tropes | romance edition ❤️

  1. Ahhh I loved this post!! It was so fun to read! And hahah I’ve never really been a fan of friends to lovers for some reason?? Most of the books I’ve read with that trope have been very underdeveloped😭😭 so I’m hoping I read some better books with that soon! AND YESS grumpy x sunshine is such a good trope, I need to check out the books you’ve listed eeekk!!!
    Adored this post so much!!💖💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youuuuu Suhani 💜💜 I’m so glad you liked it!! Ahh… the friends to lovers hate 😂😂 I agree it can be underdeveloped at times… No tension, but when it is done right. I love it. It can’t be for everyone though, but I hope you get some better books for it still 🥰
      Grumpy and Sunshine is the best!! Haha, me too! I hope they are good 🤞🏻
      Thank you soooo much 💞💞

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun collab!! But I’m mostly just happy that sunshine&grumpy won, because that trope is THE BEST!! Every time the grumpy person is actually super soft for the sunshine, but only them and them alone, gaaaah, my heart can barely take it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. this is such a fun post! as much as i love it i was surprised to see fake dating making it to the final round haha, but sunshine and grump is truly such a good trope ❤ i think my favorites of the tropes you listed here would be friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and sunshine & grump!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank youuuu May 💞 I was surprised to see fake dating make it that far too 😂😂 but it is fun! Yess sunshine & grumpy is one of the best 😍
      All good tropes, probably my top 3 as well actually 😉💞 thank youuu for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yay this was so much fun!! Although I kind of wanted fake dating to win just to see Sophies reaction 😅 my winner will always be enemies to lovers though. I’m addicted to the changing relationship and the way they initially clash. Plus so many of my favourite books feature that trope.
    Tbh I totally agreed with Beth’s ‘nicey-nice’ comment about friends to lovers but then Sophies comments made me realise I should give it more of a chance. Plus I’m rewatching Friends atm and that has the ultimate friends to lovers relationship in it to be fair.
    I can’t believe soulmates didn’t even make the second round or forbidden love. I love both of those.
    And, although I’d definitely go for enemies to lovers over love triangles as its my favourite, I just want to say that when they’re done well love triangles can be incredible. Most of the time you’re instantly rooting for one side and can’t buy into the other annoyingly but on the occasions occasions its done really well its so addictive!! (I admit Im totally thinking of Cassandra Clare here who should just be called the queen of good love triangles).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!!! I’m glad you liked it, it was such a fun post to do 🥰
      Haha my reaction if fake dating won 🥴.. I wouldn’t have been impressed 😂 I do actually really like the trope though!! 🙈
      Haha yes enemies to lovers is a great one! It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve read one though, maybe that’s why I didn’t vote it higher. I love that you have so many favourites with it, I agree the journey can be soooo good 😍 the angst 🔥
      I never used to be a big fan friends to lovers either, but it was a short story from the lunar chronicles companion that changed my mind. a lot of unlocked potential there. And, of course, friends!! I love seeing all the small details of the relationships as they start to blossom when rewatching it! I hope you are enjoying it 😍😍
      I was surprised some tropes didn’t make it further too… I think it is more what they are against than what the actual trope is, if that makes sense 😂 me & beth were clearly bias to grumpy and sunshine though 🙈
      Yeah love triangles can get a lot of hate… I think when they go wrong, they go wrong big time. But done well, that can be great! Cassandra Clare clearly proves that 👌🏻😂
      Thank youuuu for reading ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can imagine!!
        Oh that face 😂 yeah I doubt you would have been impressed to lose to it 3 times, especially in the finale.
        I know, it’s just frustrating if your preferred ones keep missing out to it.
        I read a lot of dark romance so I guess it appears in that a fair bit. Yes and the way the characters bounce off of each other!!
        Ooh which short story? I only got to read Fairest but I’ll have to get hold of the anthology to check that one out when I get around to rereading the series. So true, you pick up on so much. I guess it’s more half watching as its my go to cross stitch & puzzle show atm but im loving it. I’ve laughed out loud so many times. And Daisy gave the tv the strangest look the other week thanks to Joey & the turkey 🤣🤣
        Yeah that’s true. Results could be completely different with other pairings. Although I’d imagine the end result would be the same. Well you know what you like!!
        Glad you agree 😂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, just the fact that it was constantly winning 🤣🤣
          True, I feel like it is more common in dark romance. Defintiely an area I need to explore more!
          I believe it was called The Princess and the Guard… it features Winter. Also, if you watch Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings… that captures how good the bond between friends (to potential lovers) can be!
          Friends is a good background watch for sure! Haha Joey and the turkey is a unique look 🤣 how cute though !!
          Definitely, but true about the end result! 🙈

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Fierce competition apparently 🤣
            I still have a lot on my tbr to be fair too.
            Ooh ill watch out for it in the anthology. I’m guessing it was in that? I do definitely hope to watch that sometime. So I’ll watch out for that in it!!
            Definitely an eye catching one 🤣🤣
            Well everybody has favourites. 💗💗

            Liked by 1 person

    1. thank youuu Aditi 💙 haha enemies to lovers is a good one, and very popular! I need to read some more tbh!
      Thank you for agreeing with me on the friends to lovers front tho!! 😂🥰
      Thank you for reading 🥺

      Liked by 1 person

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