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Hey everyone!!

Today I am back at it with another discussion post and it is about CONSUMERISM.

Consumerism is a social and economic order that encourages an acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts. (source: wikipedia… I know) 

Now, consumerism isn’t a new thing at all. It has existed as long as people has been buying. Money has always been encouraged to be given. BUT with social media, as you can imagine, consumerism has gotten bigger than ever. Everyone decides to display everything they have got, in the prettiest way possible, for all to see. Social media is POWERFUL.

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It is ‘keeping up with the jones’, the way adverts are promoting the newest stuff ALL the time (there is a new phone, new car, new style for every season) and everywhere you go there is usually an advert insisting life would be better if you had this and this and ….. this too. Even things like youth and beauty are seen as a commodity. Everything is for sale and for these prices, you would be a fool to resist. In first world countries, we insist you buy now to discard tomorrow. Yes, we are your average throw-away society.


WHO ARE THE BOOK COMMUNITY? It is everyone who talks about books from goodreads, book twitter, booktube, bookstagram and book bloggers.

This community is not the exception of consumerism.

Just some ways I see consumerism in the book community (these are generalisations):
  • Some people often have shelves and shelves of books making it seem like owning hundreds of books is the done thing.
  • It is a marketing platform, so it is naturally going to encourage the buying of goods.
  • Non-stop hearing of hyped new releases that you need to read now, or you will be behind. You need to stay up-to-date or ELSE.
  • Bookish merchandise is on the rise, so you need candles, pins, cushions etc. to display your love of books.
  • Special editions EVERYWHERE
  • Pre-order campaigns
  • Bookish boxes (for £30 or more, every month)
  • Bookstagram photos constantly displaying all of this and it is only one click away.

Basically, I see a lot of goods available which if I wasn’t in the book community, I wouldn’t know about therefore it wouldn’t enter my head to buy them.


Now, let’s discuss whether this is a good or bad thing….

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Good Point: SUPPORT

One purpose of the book community is to promote books and related goods. It is doing its job and helping lots of authors, artists or small business owners. This benefits the industry which can sometimes struggle. Plus, you get to be a part of this. You get to give something back to something you love. It can bring people together. DREAM SCERNARIO OF LOVE AND SUPPORT.

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RELATED: Margaret’s post talking about amazon and the book industry. Very important.

No, it’s Bad: DIVIDE

It isn’t accessible to everyone e.g. disposable income, location (availability, shipping costs). It separates people into two groups; those who have and those who don’t. Sometimes you feel left out when you see what everyone else has which your circumstances do affect this so it can be really unfair.

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On the flip side, I’ve heard of some big book community members getting comments about how much they have. Money can bring out different sides (flashback to family dramas). I don’t know too much about this but it goes to show that it can lead to people commenting on your life and divide people at times which is a shame.



It introduces you to so many things that you will love. It is great to be able to treat yourself to something. If you hadn’t seen it somewhere in the book community, you probably would never have known about it. The community introduces you to loads of different things to love.

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Where is the line? And why does my line have to be different to someone else’s? You will come across probably hundreds of books you want to read and lots of merchandise you will love. How much is too much? How long will you love it until something new comes along?

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It can become obsessive and once you start, you decide you want everything. You think you need x, y and z to be happy. This intense desire when you see something can be all-consuming that sometimes you forget that you don’t need everything, and you shouldn’t buy everything you see. You begin to focus on what you don’t have, instead of what you do have which is never good and never makes you feel happy.


Bad Again (see, we are winning here): NOT FOR EVERYONE

As much as I act like it, books aren’t everything *gasp* but especially when it comes to money. Like, life costs a lot, you’ve got to pay for bills, petrol and you know ‘stuff’.

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You might also want to save for things e.g. holidays, Christmas, charities, that thing that I broke etc. so constantly seeing stuff you can’t afford can just be a bit depressing really. Also, some people don’t WANT to buy stuff whether they prefer clean, efficient living or to collect memories instead of objects etc. This consumeristic mould doesn’t fit everyone. So, it may be cool to spend for some people, but it isn’t for everyone and the consumeristic community certainly focuses on those who spend which once again isn’t fair.


Okay, Now We Have A Good Point Again: PRETTY

Bookstagram pictures/your house are pretty with all this cool stuff.

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This is completely shallow, but I love seeing cool things in pictures/at home. But, do you feel the pressure to keep up with everything, to buy the latest things, to stay fresh and relevant in this community?? (oops, did my good point just become a bad point?)


So, one last bad point: COMPARISON

This links to all the previous ‘bad points’ but you always end up feeling like you are less because you have less ‘stuff’ than other people. You feel like you need to catch up, e.g. ‘keeping up with the jones’, and maybe it becomes about what they have, not what you want. This can put you off being in the community in a way as you literally can’t keep up. Basically, it makes you feel blue or stressed and you don’t really get much sympathy for that.

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okay, I don’t think anyone in the community would really say this.



I have grown up surrounded by a consumeristic society and I have been very lucky in terms of money (family) and location (UK) that I can indulge these habits. Due to this privilege, I’m going to say I love getting to treat myself to something new (and I’m VERY thankful for that).

However, I’ve definitely had some growth over the years (this is personal to me as I’ve stated I’m privileged when it comes to things like this):

  • I used to think you had to buy loads of things to express your love when it is only one way of expressing your love and by no means a necessity. Passion is about what you feel, not what you own. 
  • I don’t need to buy everything I see, and it actually doesn’t make you as happy as you think it will.
  • Never focus on all the things you don’t have. It is better to enjoy what you do have.

It took me a while to learn a balance and, honestly, I wish I learnt it sooner. But, being involved in the community has made me more aware of different things therefore increased my ‘wish list’. Sometimes it is exciting, whilst other times I feel pressured/frustrated when I don’t have it. It is about a healthy balance whether on spending and/or media consumption. Consumerism is imperfect and it’s shaped around one type of lifestyle with little flexibility so it can be really unfair and constricting as well.

HOWEVER, within the book community I feel like there are so many different voices so you can definitely escape the consumeristic side and just spend time with passionate people like yourself. The core of the book community has always been about sharing your love, not spending it, and that is why I love and will always love it.

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What do you think about the consumeristic side of the book community? Is it good or bad? How has it affected you?


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71 thoughts on “Consumerism In The Book Community | a pound for your love

  1. This was such a good post, I cannot tell you how much I loved reading this. Especially with the lockdown, I’ve been thinking about consumerism and capitalism a lot, because a lot of us have realised that there are a lot of things we don’t need that we previously thought we did.
    And with something as focused on aesthetic and comparison as the book community, it’s definitely easy for someone to feel left behind. It was something that I noticed very recently, since I only just started to explore book blogs (since my own blog is more of a mixture of a lot of things and I’d typically see blogs of the same kind before). I’d see the same books being reviewed absolutely everywhere and it made me really confused at first because it felt like everyone was in one some brilliant secret that I knew nothing about! When I realised what was going down behind the screens I definitely felt more at ease with exploring the community, and just took them for good recommendations and left it at that.
    Since I’m someone who off late has begun to use my kindle, and a lot of perhaps obscure but overtly legitimate apps that let us source books for free (a life of academia really teaches you things), I’ve been able to quell my consumer culture to quite an extent, because buying every book out there is certainly not the most economical or practical option, no matter how pretty it looks in the end!
    I seem to have gone on a bit of a rant and I’m terribly sorry about that, but thank you for this post! It was really informative and eye-opening!

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    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot ❤ That's true, the lockdown has definitely changed things for us, things that we are used to aren't the same so it can make you realise what you can live without in a way.
      I definitely see a promotion of 'new stuff' and keeping aesthetic in the book community so it can make you feel like you can't keep up at times. It is interesting to hear about what you noticed as you begun to explore the book community, hypes books definitely make it around the community quite quickly. Yeah I think you begin to see that they are recommendations that you can pick up if you want.
      I agree that there are many ways in the book community to be involved without spending money, I would say over half by books are from the library. I know it would be hard to buy every book and then store them.
      It's completely fine, I loved hearing what you had to say and thank you for commenting and all your thoughtful words !! I'm so glad you enjoyed this post !! 🙂

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  2. This was a really great post, Sophie. Consumerism within the book community is something I think about quite a bit, and I really enjoyed your analysis as you debated the pros and cons. I don’t have access to a large library, so I often end up buying books (either physically or on kindle). I have been trying to be more mindful of this lately, as I really only want the books that I know I’ll love, so that has been quite a nice change.

    Conversely, though, the more books I own, the more I can lend to others who might want to read a book I have. I’m generally okay with lending books as long as they come back in good condition, but it’s nice to be able to share stories with someone without making them have to spend money they might not have.

    I think the greatest part about buying books, however, is supporting the author. If I personally know any authors, I will probably snap up a copy of their book just to show my love for them. I also have a soft spot for smaller authors and am more willing to give their books a shot. It’s nice to know that the book community supports writers, no matter how small they are, as long as they put out good stories 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Germaine, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it !! I think consumerism is quite a big thing in society and you can definitely see it in the book community as well. Yeah I am very fortunate to have access to a library but I do buy some books as well but it can be easy to feel the urge to buy every book on your TBR but it isn’t very realistic, so focusing on books you know you’ll love is great.
      That is wonderful that you lend your books out and know people who want to read them as well. I agree it is nice to share something, my family tend to do that as well.
      Definitely, supporting the author is wonderful especially if you know them. And getting to support smaller authors is important as well, I enjoy doing it and I want to do it more as well. I agree the book community open their arms to lots of authors so it is great to see this support !! 🙂

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  3. This was such a beautiful post. The part that struck a chord with me is when you said, “Passion is about what you feel, not what you own.” Wow. I also wish I knew everything I knew now 3 years ago. In fact, I’ve probably unhauled at least 100 books in the last year or so and much prefer the minimalism of owning or buying the books I really, really love. I realized that having all these bookish things never made me happy. Well, when I first got into book boxes I was lonely, had no friends, and worked at a job that didn’t appreciate me so at the time, it was the only thing I had to look forward to every month. That goes along with “treating yourself” part this post. But ultimately, I want to be more conscious of my spending habits going forward.

    Thank you for taking the time to highlight something so important!

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    1. Thank you so much ❤ That was definitely important to me as well because I used to be obsessed with buying so many things because I loved it but it became a bit silly. Now I know it doesn't matter how much I own, love is love. Yeah I have thrown away a few things I have spent money on in the past as I realised I didn't love it or want it. It is so nice to just have the stuff you really, really love!!
      I'm sorry you were having a rough time back then but I definitely think how you feel does affect what you spend, like 'retail therapy' as it can brighten you up and like you said it is something to look forward to. It is good to treat yourself but for me I think there is a line where it becomes too much so it is like a happy balance.

      Of course, thank you so much for reading and all your kind words !! 🙂


  4. Sophie this was such a fab post!! So interesting and put forward a really key question with consumerism and social media – I’ve never really thought about it from a bookish perspective.

    I buy all my books on my kindle (mainly for storage reasons but also because they’re more convenient for me & cheaper!) but I’ve still definitely had that buy! buy! buy! attitude. Bookish lists/tags always pop up in my reader and every time I read one, I add more books to my tbr and am tempted to head to Amazon and go on an ebook spree. I do love that it’s supporting the author though, and given that it’s digital I don’t think my consumerism is at too high a level.

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    1. Thank you so much Emme! ❤ I really happy you found it interesting!! Yeah I've thought about consumerism in a general sense but I liked thinking about in the book community, which has become such a big thing in my life !!
      Kindles are so useful and I like to use my library app which saves me a lot of money, giving me access to new books. Me too, I have 100% been all about buying things and felt the need to spend. I know, I constantly hear about new books and my TBR creeps up all the time so you want to get all the books now. It is definitely great to support the author and have a healthy balance. I mean it is your money so you can spent it on what you like but I have found I need to restrain myself at times, haha !! 🙂

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  5. Yeah, I love buying books (they’re my children), but I’ll admit, I have NEVER understood stuff like buying special editions or buying book candles. I’m not saying buying those is bad at all, I just…don’t get it.
    I will admit that it is really nice to flip through people’s photos of the book boxes they get and admire the pretty things, but I’d never want a book box myself. They’re expensive!

    I don’t consider it consumerism if someone loves Harry Potter socks and buys a lot of them, or something like that. If they’re buying things they love and that they’ll use, that’s fine! It does bother me, though, when people feel pressure to buy things. You don’t need a lot of money to fuel a book addiction! You can go to the library, and you can find a lot of older books for free online (as long as the copyright is expired). So yeah, for people who have the money and legitimately love the things they buy, I think it’s fine! But no one should feel pressured into buying things they don’t love and that they’re going to throw out after a short while.

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    1. Spending money on new things is definitely a personal thing and varies from person to person. Like some people couldn’t imagine buying lots of books but other like to buy candles to light every evening. So it is flexible and usually highly dependent on your disposable income. The book boxes are very pretty but they definitely are expensive as well, I couldn’t have a regular subscription but I quite think the special book editions when it is a box on one fandom.
      It is definitely great when people find something they love and it makes them happy, it is their money and they can do what they want !! But as a society people can feel pressure to buy things all the time which is horrible, which is why a balance is definitely needed. They are certainly lots of ways to access books without spending money making it great for some people and their love is just as strong. I agree it is personal preference and knowing about what they truly want!! 🙂

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  6. “The core of the book community has always been about sharing your love, not spending it, and that is why I love and will always love it.”

    SO. MUCH. THIS. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    Brilliant post Sophie. You make so many valid points about how consumerism has creeped into our passion. I think it’s very hard to be immune to it no matter how much we try to desist because who doesn’t love owning all the pretty things! I just hope that things like book boxes and special editions etc are never purchased by people who can’t comfortably afford them but who feel pressurised into buying them just to be considered a true fan. I know my book budget is extremely limited and therefore most of my books come from NetGalley or the library these days, but this doesn’t mean I’m any less of a book fanatic than those who buy books constantly. Reading books for pleasure is not a competition. It’s just the thing that brings all of us in the bookish community the most joy and we should always remember that simple joy of losing ourselves in a plot rather than losing ourselves scrolling ☺️☺️☺️💖💙💜

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    1. Yesss that was definitely the sentence I wanted to end on because I felt it so much !! I really do love the book community and how passionate everyone is !!
      Thank you so much Emer !! I’m so glad you enjoyed it !! I definitely think consumerism is an important topic and is very relevant in a lot of parts of our society. When you see all the new, gorgeous things there is definitely a voice that shouts ‘you need it all’. I agree I really hope someone doesn’t feel pressured to buy all these things. The term ‘true fan’ is suitable, I definitely see it about when people have a list of requirement to make your love good enough which really isn’t the case because it you feel it, it is more than good enough.
      I agree, I think over half by books I’ve read this read have been from the library or scridb free trial but I feel just as passionate about them as someone who owns the books. YES “reading books for pleasure is not a competition”, so important !!! It is all about what the books do for us and the happiness it brings!! ❤ ❤

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  7. Ooh interesting, interesting. First, I just have to applaud you on your excellent gifs! I love the theme xD.
    Okay now on to me talking about this beautiful post you’ve graced us with!
    It’s very very very important because so many people are like “omjg I need to buy this book NOW” instead of waiting for the library to get it or something? It’s just a big ball of wibbly wobbly fear of missing out and honestly, you’re not really ‘missing out’. Like, yeah, I’ve preordered books (mainly so I don’t forget to order it haha) but I usually don’t get to read it until a few days after, and everyone’s fine? Idk what I’m saying at this point, but it’s a fear of missing out, and most of the time the fear is irrational.
    Sometimes I feel that way but I’m pretty good about budgeting and just… I don’t know? I rationalize things and it doesn’t really affect me much.
    Also it could be a type of mob mentality??????? I DON’T KNOW HERE’S JUST ME SAYING THINGS hahahah

    Anyway yes, AMAZING gifs tho.

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    1. Haha thank you, thank you !! I love the emperor’s new groove and the comedy is just great !!
      aww… thank you *blushes* I definitely think consumerism is an important topic that should be talked about. I have definitely been like that, thinking I need to buy all these things but I’ve grown to see it is fine to wait. I am very thankful to have access to libraries and love getting my books from there !! I completely get what you mean, we can feel afraid of missing out but it isn’t bad and you soon forget about it in a way. Like this rush of you have to do it now just doesn’t exist when you truly think about it.
      I had a bad phrase with money but now I feel like I’m good as well, like I’m a pretty good saver. Rationalizing things is great tip!! I definitely think mob mentality can affect this and peer pressure, it is all linked so I can see what your saying, haha!!
      THANK YOU SO MUCH !! ❤

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  8. This is such a great post! Sometimes (a lot of the time) I low-key hate the consumerism in the bookish community because it makes me feel so alienated–I 100% use the library and have not bought a single book this year. I’ve been a reader my whole life but I never felt… “less” until I joined the book community and it seemed like everyone was like buy buy buy look at my beautiful bookshelves look at my 5 collectors editions of the exact same book and I started feeling like I was somehow a lesser reader?? But that was a couple years ago when I first joined–now I’m pretty confident and happy with my own spending abilities and I do enjoy looking at the absolutely beautiful bookstagram photos some people post without having to break my bank to take any myself lol

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    1. Thank you so much Kay !! I think it can be a lot when you see it the way it is presented, the community can focus on all these books that people own. I definitely use the library or scridb’s free trial at the minute a lot as well and it can make you feel like you can’t relate to other people at times. It is when you see it in front of you that you notice the differences and feel like you need to keep up or like you said you are ‘a lesser reader’. I do have a bookshelf myself and I like to collect books but I could never see myself buying the same book again and again, it just isn’t for me but when you see everyone else doing it, a small part of me thinks that is how ‘true fans’ do it. But this is definitely not a good mindset and I think if you love it, then you are a fan and your love is always enough !! I’m happy you feel more confident and happy around this topic now ❤ I definitely had a change like that too, I can admire without feeling too down about it either !! 🙂


  9. YO THIS POST IS FREAKING AMAZING. Consumerism, especially in the bookish community, is super prevalent and annoying past an extent. Sure, I love pretty bookstagram pictures, but to be honest they make me feel like trash because mine aren’t that good- I just don’t have the time, books, or aesthetic props to recreate that. Especially as someone who barely owns any books (I don’t even have all the HP books!), it’s frustrating when people are always hyping new books and I’m late to the trends because my library didn’t have it until a few months later. Our house is kind of small and we only have one bookshelf (that’s OVERFLOWING) so I don’t buy many books at all. If I wanted to I could, but where am I going to keep them? 😂 Which is why as much as I like bookstagram, I’ve kind of halted my account since I don’t have enough fresh content to post, you know? That’s why I love book blogging 🙂
    What a wonderful thought-provoking post!! Thanks for this, Sophie!

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    1. aw… thank you so much Aditi !! ❤ Consumerism definitely plays a big part in society and this community as well. It can definitely edge into that annoying part as well. I think bookstagram is one of the platforms that shows consumerism the most and a lot of the big one always have a lot of books and merchandise, which obviously I'm happy for them but it can make you compare yourself to them. Bookstagram does take a lot of time and there are a lot of props you can get. I am lucky enough to own a bookshelf myself which I am very thankful for but I don't keep up with new releases as much as everyone else, but I do recognise that I am still very fortunate. Yes and space is a factor like people who have 4 bookshelves, wow !! I can be inconsistent on bookstagram at times as well and it is hard to stay fresh, I just reuse the same books again!! I agree that book blogging feels quite away from the consumeristic side, except for new releases, but I just love it, so many passionate people just doing their type of reading !!
      Thank you so much for reading and your lovely comment !! ❤

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      1. I loved reading this reply! Yeah, bookstagram’s consumerism is over-enthusiastic to the point of toxicity :/ the whole ‘more books = better photos’ thing kind of scared me away from it haha. I think I’ll stick to just posting random stuff 😉
        book blogging is awesome 😀

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  10. This is an amazing post. It’s so well thought out and detailed. I totally agree, it’s so so lovely to own books whether due to the cover or else. But as someone who doesn’t usually buy books, it can definitely feel a little divisive when there are people who not only constantly buy new books, but 3-4 editions of the same book. Which is totally fine!! It just brings an interesting light to the subject of consumerism I think. Great post!💜Also, the emperor’s new groove gifs are everything😂😂

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    1. Thank you so much Kaya !! That means a lot ❤ *cries* Yeah it is always nice to have some books and I am very thankful for the collection I own but when I see people with 4 bookshelves and all these merch I do look on this 'wow, I wonder what that is like' and when they have a shelf dedicated to one book!! Like you said it is their money and I want them to be happy. But it can make you feel like you are not at their level in a way !! It is definitely a side of consumerism that can affect us all. Thank you so much again and yesss I love the emperor's new groove so much !! *heart eyes*

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  11. Another fantastic post. And I agree with all of your points. There’s definitely pressure when it comes to consumerism and I do think that Bookstagram plays a big part of it because you look at all the pictures and see all of these stunning books and items that you end up kind of wanting. Which, like you said, just isn’t possible. I doubt anyone could keep up with everything that’s on offer (I honestly don’t know how some people manage to have subscriptions to numerous book boxes).

    When it comes to the range of books available we’re definitely lucky compared to a lot of places and for shipping we are in general too. Although tbh I could never justify buying some of the book boxes that ship from America, they cost around about a same to ship as the actual box itself! What I find odd is that I’ve seen secondhand hardbacks from there with free shipping?? Unless that’s because they add the shipping into the actual book price (and a single book isn’t as heavy to ship). But even so those can be for like a fiver which seems crazy (in a good way) when it comes from so far away.

    I still do want to try out a book box sometime though as they look fun. It’ll just probably be one that ships from somewhere within Europe. (And I’ll probably kick myself if Fairyloot does end up including The Gilded Ones tbh but I always second guess if I should try one out or not :L)

    The number of shelves that some people have tends to amaze me too. Especially when they have numerous editions of the same book, I could never justify doing that unless one edition was damaged. Or maybe if I loved the book and only had it as an ebook and found a print edition on a fantastic offer. And I don’t really get any bookish merchandise as I don’t really think I’d use it tbh. Although I will admit that I would like a bookish mug one day.

    It must be so hard for some people seeing others with so much when they can’t get the same items. Especially at the moment when libraries are shut and even getting hold of books is probably a major struggle for them at the moment. It must be so frustrating! Although I do think – and hope – that the majority of people don’t post about their books to flaunt them; I think they just want to share the love and hype around them. Plus with Bookstagram in particular there can be so much pressure to post every day, and have props, that it’s even more pressure to buy things.

    Also, on a somewhat related note, your introduction about being able to even buy youth and beauty made me think of a book that I’ve heard of which may interest you as it’s somewhat about that. It’s called If I Had Your Face although I don’t actually know if it’s out yet or not (I’ve seen conflicting dates).

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    1. Thank you so much Charlotte !! I’m so glad you could agree as well. I think bookstagram definitely has a big part to play as it is one of the most consumeristic lead platforms. The pictures just tempt you in to wanting it all. I don’t think anyone could either like there are so many shops out there and like you said having more than one book box subscription would be a lot every month.

      I agree, the UK is definitely privileged in this was with shops like Waterstones and availability to international books on bookdepo and wordery. I know shipping from America is something, I’ve done it twice and it was A LOT !! hmm.. that is odd, that must be something that made the cost of shipping work out otherwise they would lose money and no one really does anything for free, haha !! But yeah that does seem crazy, unrealistically cheap. A mystery !!

      It is hard to pick a book box but ones from the UK are definitely good for us. It is a big decisions as they aren’t cheap. I am more tempted to go to one where it is a special edition for one book as I know I love the book as they are usually sequels or set in the same universe !!

      I know some people have rooms dedicated to shelves and it is insane !! So many books and a shelf of one book. It is their money and as long as they are happy but I couldn’t see myself having so many of the same book either ! Yeah some books I read from the library and loved, I might buy especially when on offer. I feel like merch is quite a personal thing depending on what you like but I agree mugs do look particularly special !!

      I agree if some people can’t access these things it would be disheartening to say the least. I know libraries being shut is a shame then some places don’t even have libraries so we are lucky in that way !! I agree I don’t think people are flaunting either and they are only talking about something they love and helping the industry. Bookstagram definitely increases the pressure you might feel !!

      Oh right thank you so much for telling me, that does sound like something I would be interested in!! I’ll definitely look into it. Thank you and thank you for this lovely comment !! ❤

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      1. Yeah they certainly do!! Like both of us even admitting that we kind of want a crown because of it 😅 yeah there must be something to it. I’d say maybe they ship several people’s at once and spread the cost but thinking about it I don’t think it can be that as they have stickers showing they came through customs and stuff so idk. I don’t think I’ve ever got anything besides secondhand books from America where the shipping has oddly been free or the same as UK ones 🤔 I got some puzzles from France but the shipping wasn’t too bad on them either. It was like a pound more than standard UK so idk. I don’t understand shipping costs???

        Yeah that’s true, it’s good knowing that you’ll definitely like the book and end up with such a stunning edition of it!! I think maybe I’d go for one if it was one of my most highly anticipated books of the year. So Where Dreams Descend or Addie La Rue. Although it’s still only a maybe as I always overthink it.

        Oh that’s true. It’s awful not even having them in the first place. Or having them miles out of the way and having no easy transport to get there. Yeah I think it is all done out of love. And although it creates buying pressure we must all love seeing the stunning pictures too or we’d stay away I guess. Although I guess there is pressure to be involved too if you’re part of the book community.

        Ironically I noticed it because it had a pretty cover in a Waterstones email 🙈 thank you for the thoughtful post ❤️❤️

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        1. haha true us wanting crowns is definitely a perfect example. I know I think international shipping will always be a mystery to me at this point !! haha !! I see no logical connection!!

          Yes it is nice to know you’ll love it and you feel so attached to it so it’s a good way to do. Yeah same anticipated releases I always want to buy as well and those two both sound amazing. I understand overthinking as I always do it. I just can’t do impulse buying really !!

          Yes exactly for some people they just aren’t accessible due to location which is a shame because libraries are great !! I agree, it is all about love and personality which keeps you going back. It can a little bit, I think it can depend on the person and a lot of people grow out of the pressure once they see it is about love.

          haha pretty covers do attract you!!
          ❤ ❤ ❤

          It's fine 🙂 haha yes giving up space to sleep for books sounds realistic, I love my books 😉 Yes it isn't my personal preference either and space is a factor as it can build up and when you run out of shelf space what do you do. Ohh hopefully it will be good, or you could wait until you see it on offer. Oh yes as you have them ebooks that makes sense and it is a nice little treat, they are pretty editions !! Aww.. again maybe see if they are on offer at one point. It is !

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          1. They make suchtsuch pretty photos though 😂 I so don’t understand it sometimes.

            No me either but sometimes I really should as I finally decide to get a book then it’s off of offer!!

            I agree, they’re a wonderful resource. Yeah that’s true. It does make your TBR grow too at times though. I’ve added a few foreign books that I’m hoping will be translated eventually as the covers caught my eye and the blurb too (once I pasted them into Google translate).

            Definitely 😍😍

            Yeah I know, I’m lucky to have an under bed drawer (and one in the spare room) but even so I’d never have room for the number of books that some people have. Not unless I convinced my parents to turn my sister’s old room into a library 😂😂
            Yeah good idea ☺️ yes and as I have them as ebooks I could mostly read those to try and stop the special editions wearing. I hate when pages start falling out from overuse 😔

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            1. They do, they really do!! 😂😂
              Yeah that’s true you can end up missing out on some deals !!
              Yesss!! It definitely can do !! Aww.. that’s so cool. I hope they get translated then and that is a good use for google translate !!
              haha yeah you can find little hiding spaces but eventually they run out. I am with you for convincing your parents to change it into a library !! 😂😂 That’s true, keep the editions looking fresh ! I know, it is a shame when that happens !!

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              1. And then I regret it so much 😔
                Yeah true although it’s kind of strange that I have books on my TBR that I can’t even read yet 😂
                True. I have a makeshift bookshelf in my wardrobe (it’s not quite as weird as it sounds as it’s a built in one and more like a cupboard). Ooh yay, I’ll get you to convince them for me 😂😂😂

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      2. Ah sorry I missed a paragraph when replying somehow 😬 they must have massive houses!! Or have given up their bedrooms to their books and sleep outside 😂 yeah it’s up to them but I could personally never justify getting so many copies of the same book. Besides the actual cost (which is the main factor) there’s the space issue too – like if you have a whole shelf of copies of the same book, where do you keep other books? If I end up loving Havenfall and they still have it in the supermarket then maybe I’ll get a copy (especially as I’ve seen its a series) but it is a maybe. And I have to admit I am super tempted by the TOG & ACOTAR special editions but then I only have them as ebooks atm anyway and I think they only cost me 99p each in that format. So it’s not like paying out for a full priced book twice anyway. (Plus I probably won’t get them anyway, just procrastinate whether I should until they sell out 🙈). And it’s amazing how much merch there is!!

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  12. SOPHIE!! your discussion posts are always absolutely PERFECT!! ❤❤ i really loved reading your analysis!

    i agreed with all the points you made – bookish candles and props and just books themselves are so pretty but also *very* expensive. i don’t own many books and get most of mine from the library, so if i look over to bookstagram and see people with like 1000 books on their shelf, i feel like i’m missing out haha!! but i love what you said about different aspects of the community that let you share your love and not spend it, you worded it so well! 😍

    honestly i loved this so much, thank you SO MUCH for writing this!! 💖

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    1. Ahh… thank you so much *cries* that means so much, I can’t even tell you how much but thank you ❤ ❤
      They do look stunning for sure and they are full of so much detail but they can cost a lot and shipping costs add up as well. Yeah I really like using the library as well and whilst I am very thankful to have a bookshelf myself, I certainly don't have 1000s and 1000s so it can be quite like 'woah, I could never live up to that collection' and it is weird how it makes you feel like you are missing out but it does in some way!! Yess that is so important. I feel like the book community came together to share its love for books and it still does that so well and I love it so much !!

      Again thank you sooooo much for reading and all your kind words !! ❤ ❤

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  13. Wow loved this post!! Consumerism is definitely something that will never stop being in the forefront of our lives, and it most certainly will never stop being something that people judge/ participate in at varying degrees. I love how u chose to show both sides of the argument and your gifs are hilarious 😂 I love the emperors new groove!! I try and treat myself once in a while bc I feel it’s good for the soul, however I try not to go too overboard otherwise I’ll start to feel guilty! Great post Sophie 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Jamie !! Yeah consumerism is such a big thing and will probably always be. It would definitely be very hard to escape and it can affect little and big things all the times. Thank you, I definitely wanted to show it wasn’t all one thing but still very imperfect at the same time!! haha I love the emperors new groove as well, such a classic movie. I can’t believe it is 20 years old now !!
      Same I love a little treat, it really can bring so much joy but I think it about balance otherwise I will have no self-control, haha !! THANK YOU SO MUCH !! ❤

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  14. Oh Sophie this is the best post I’ve ever read and such an important topic to talk about, too. I feel kind of surrounded by consumerism and ALL THE BOOKS in the book community, too. Like you said, it’s everywhere: it’s in the feels that a gigantic bookshelf filled with physical copies is everything and the aesthetics and bookworm goals, the need to get the hyped, amazing books that are coming out soon or/ and to preorder them right away, the feel that you’re missing out if you’re not subcribed to an insanely expensive bookish box of some kind…. sometimes, it’s just a lot.
    I’m lucky enough to get an income and to be able to get books, but as an international blogger I don’t have the same access to it all, either and…. well I’m not able to get everything either because let’s face it, some other things matter more to me, too. Like, eating and such 😂 I feel like, while it’s really important to recognize all the consumerism we’re faced with in this community every day, it’s important to not fall victims to it either and just, like you said, remember that we’re here to share the love about books and not lose all our money over it, either 🙂
    LOVED. This post! ❤

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    1. Aww… thank you so much Marie !! 💛💛 I definitely feel like it is an important topic that can affect lots of people.

      Consumerism can definitely be a consuming thing as you can see it in so many different ways !! It is and it often feels like the norm to have huge bookshelves and merchandise, all the new releases and book boxes, when I image that for quite a few that isn’t the norm. It is a lot and definitely easy to get lost in.
      I’m glad you can get books but location can definitely affect all of this like shipping costs can be a lot and some place don’t ship all the time. Yeah like there are a lot of other things you need to buy in life as well. 😂
      I agree it is important to acknowledge it and know that is really isn’t everything, it isn’t a necessity to buy loads of things.
      Yes sharing our love of books is why we are all here and shouting passionately. It is the best and we can all do that !!!
      Thank you so much 💛💛

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  15. WOW THIS POST IS BRILLIANT!! I think it’s so important to acknowledge how consumerism is a major part of the bookish community, and you’ve done it so well here.

    You’re right that there are so many sides to this issue, because YES I want to be able to support authors and creators, but on the other hand it shouldn’t be at the cost of becoming an obsession or alienating people who can’t afford to buy as many books/merch. Money is such a sensitive issue, so tied up in privilege and culture and circumstances that it’s difficult to have a conversation about money within the book community without bringing up that sensitivity.

    I remember when I first started getting involved in the bookish internet, and seeing people with huge bookshelves and collections made me feel like I should have the same. I don’t think it was even a conscious thing, but I spent so much money on books starting out! It took me a while to realize that that’s not really MY way of engaging with books. It helped to see other bookish people with smaller collections or who only borrow from libraries, so I think it’s good to have many different sources and have a diverse book community, if that makes sense.

    “The core of the book community has always been about sharing your love, not spending it” – YES! I think that’s what it comes down to, and you put it perfectly 😀

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH MARGARET !! I agree I think consumerism is a really big thing and it is important to you about it. Thank you, I tried my best to cover it from different angles especially as I do have some privilege in this area.

      Definitely supporting authors is wonderful but it can’t always be done in the same way for everyone but spending money on books/merch is presented as the main way a lot of the time (when it isn’t). Money is a sensitive issue and everyone has a different situation with it so it is can be a hard topic but also important.

      Yes I definitely remember seeing what everyone had and thinking I should have that too. I agree I didn’t notice it but being in the community has certainly made me spend more. Exactly there are so many different ways to engage and support, and every way is great, not just the spending money on things. It does help when you see other book lovers who use libraries and have smaller collections. I love that the book community has so many different people and you can usually find someone to connect with.

      Definitely that it the main thing about the community and I really do adore it for that 😍 thank you for all your kind words 💛


  16. Comparison is definitely the killer when it comes down to consumerism. As a society, in general, we seem to be comparing ourselves to others more than ever, and it can easily get someone down with self-doubts, insecurities etc. However, I do think we deserve to treat ourselves, but my practical side always debates whether or not I’ll use the product before I buy it haha. At the end of the day, we’re all here to share our love for books and literature, and no one should feel like they have to spend an excessive amount of money on to show that support.

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    1. I agree comparison can really make you focus on what they have and you don’t. The more you see it, the more you zero on to it in a way. It is a common thing in society all over the place and it 100% increases doubt and insecurities. You feel left behind and you can’t keep up. It is frustrating and disheartening.
      I agree, treating yourself is important and we all should get to in some way. But it can be hard to see a line so I tend to debate how much will I want this in a couple of months so my spending doesn’t go out of control and stays in budget 😂
      YESSS we are all here for our love of books and we can express that however we want !! 😍 no one should feel pressured and I really hope they don’t !!


  17. This is such an important post and I love it!! Also, the Kuzco gifs!!! I kind of hated that show, but I love it at the same time 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

    This post resonates so much, because I’m also really privileged, and sometimes I don’t realize that. Those feelings of not having all the latest books and awesome merch etc. are so common as well, and truthfully, it is depressing at times since I don’t have those things either. I hate comparing myself with other people, but nowadays it’s so much harder. I think the issue that bothers me the most is that I pretty much don’t own any gorgeous books or popular/newer releases. I pretty much don’t even own any books at all, so that does get to me most times 😅

    Good thing though is that I don’t feel like there’s a lot of pressure in the bookish community of “oh, you don’t have it?? What is wrong with you? You are soooo last season”. Everybody is just super kind and respectful, and I feel like we understand each other’s problems and plights better so we aren’t mean or show-offy like that. Basically, it’s like you said, it’s all about spreading the love and I’m honestly weirdly proud of us for not falling into all the other problems that other communities have lol

    I hope that made some sort of sense 😂 Either way, I loved this discussion so much, and I 100% agree with everything you said!!

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    1. Thank you ❤ I definitely think it is an important topic !! Haha I do like my gifs all relating haha!! it is an unique film but I did love it 😂

      I’m so glad this post could resonate with you !! When you see people who have all this stuff it can definitely make you ache for it in a way and it can make you feel down at times for sure. Comparing yourself is always horrible but it really can be easily done at times !! Yess seeing all these books out can make you want them and it honestly does get to me too. I’m lucky enough to have a bookshelf but at times I end up comparing myself to others as well.

      That’s true, it is a very lovely place with people in different situations so you don’t get the “how can you not have it”. It is really amazing that way and I 100% think people are understanding too so I really love it for that and find comfort in expressing myself because of it.
      Haha it is all about love and I’m proud of us for that too 😍😍

      It did !! I loved reading your thoughts, Thank you for sharing 💛 and thank you so much !!! All your support is so appreciated !!

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  18. I really relate to your last point about comparison! For me, bookstagram is my biggest source of comparison because everything is laid out visually for me to see. Thankfully I’m able to obtain books in many forms — library books, e-books, ARCs, audiobooks, borrowing from friends, buying, etc. — in fact, most of my books aren’t ones I own myself! But soo many bookstagrammers have loads of props or huge bookshelves. I’m happy for anyone who has money for books or resources to obtain physical ARCs, but it can be hard/discouraging at times. This isn’t a topic I think about a whole lot, but I’m so glad you brought attention to it with this great discussion!

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    1. Yes comparison can be easily done at times and you don’t even notice you are doing it until you feel so down. Bookstagram is definitely one of the biggest platforms for this as well but it is very much on display a lot of the time !!
      Yes I use my library and scribd a lot of the time and I would definitely say over half my books this year aren’t ones I own !! But seeing these bookshelves and merch on bookstagram can make me feel left out af times !! Yes I’m completely happy for them but it can make you feel down sometimes I agree.
      I’m glad I could bring this to your attention and thank you so much for reading. Thank you 💛

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  19. I absolutely love this post, i think it’s a discussion that really needs to be had. Honestly, I feel like these are the reasons that I hardly use my bookstagram account. while I’m not poorest-of-the-poor, it’s not like I can afford these subscription boxes, all these candles other things that literally every other bookstagrammers seemed to flaunt in their posts. It was just demoralising. and I feel like with B-IG it can also be a very lonely place, so it’s easier to feel like you’re not fitting in and that it’s only about WHAT you have and how pretty what you have is, rather than WHO YOU ARE AS A PERSON. that’s why I feel that consumerism in the blogging book community doesn’t have /as/ negative an impact (there are still pressures to buy all these books tho!!) because it’s more about us sharing our opinions about books rather than about how pretty out books look and stuff like that which is far more, as you said, shallow!! ii suppose ARCS are a slightly bigger issue on blogging platforms than bookstagram accounts?? but I don’t think, personally for me at least, there’s as big of a pressure to HAVE all these things. i think here we’re way more focussed about our own relationship with reading and the books we DO read. It’s strange how somehow on here we don’t feel the pressure as much of all these things we don’t have? maybe it’s the visual aspect because sites like Instagram literally show off all the things that you don’t have day in day out!! Idk. sorry for this super rambly comment, but I really loved this discussion post and I really related!!

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    1. Thank you so much !! 💛 I do think it is important and very relevant as well !!
      Bookstagram is definitely a platform it is very prevalent on so I don’t use mine all the time either !! I’m the same really I do treat myself occassionaly but I can’t keep up with every one so it just ends with me comparing stuff. It can be disheartening and you feel like you can’t keep up in anyway.
      It isn’t nice to feel like you don’t fit in and I agree it isn’t what it is about as we all come together to talk about books and share our love.
      I feel like the book community is one of the best places for it as it is lesser than some areas but you can still see it at times.
      Yes sharing our love and opinions is so much more important and I think it is the general consensus as well because we love hearing others opinions not what they own.
      Arcs are a thing but I don’t get any so I kind of don’t notice it in a way but I hope everyone who wants them gets some. It doesn’t feel like a pressure though, it is optional I agree !!
      It is strange but it is so nice and I love that the book community is such an open and supportive place full of love !! 😍
      Instagram can show up a lot of things and it probably is the visual aspect and you see it non-stop on your feed a lot of the time !!
      No I loved this comment, Thank you so much for sharing 💛 that means so much. Thank you and I’m glad you could relate 💕

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  20. the gifs in this post are so on point!!!!!!!
    sophie, i really wish i could be as eloquent as you are when writing discussions. i have such a hard time with words whenever i try to write a post like this, but yours is AMAZING.
    i completely agree that it is about finding a healthy balance. i honestly don’t feel as “pressured”, i guess, to buy new things and show new books because i’m not in bookstagram, and a big reason as to why i don’t have an account there is because i know i can not afford pretty hardcovers or props for my pictures. and i know you don’t need money to have a bookstagram account, but i feel like there will always have more comparison there.
    but i definitely think we’re growing as a community! in booktube, for example, i see a lot more people gaining audiences for their personalities and book taste, not necessarily because they have the prettiest background and gigantic bookshelves. i definitely think we’re growing for an age that promotes less consumerism, but maybe that’s just how i see it!

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    1. haha thank you, I quite like doing themed gifs. It’s the little things in life haha!!
      ahh.. thank you so much Lais 😭💞😭💞 That means so much, you’re too kind. but honestly I think you are wonderful with words. I always love hearing what you have to say and how you say it.
      Yes a healthy balance is really the best thing for this. I’m glad you don’t feel pressured and I honestly hope not many people do. I definitely think bookstagram is one of the most consumeristic focused platform, sometimes I can ignore but other times it can be very much about buying new things. There is comparison for sure but also a lot of passionate people as well which makes it a nice place to be too.
      Actually yes that’s a really good point and I didn’t really touch upon that but I think we are growing too. Like you said you do see these channels growing and even as a viewer I always reach for personalities I like, not what they own. I think the book community is good at voicing passionate people and I’m very thankful for that !! That’s a really good point, thank you Lais !! ❤

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  21. This is such a great post, Sophie!!! I think you outlined all the ways consumerism is present in the book community, how it’s a good thing, and how it’s also a bad thing so well ❤ I've definitely struggled with consumerism in the book community in the past. I discovered the community through BookTube, and back then, there was zero talk about consumerism. Everyone on BookTube had beautiful shelves on display in the background of their videos, everyone regularly did book hauls and book unboxings, etc. As a pre-teen (ugh i was so young back then) with no source of income, this pushed me to ask my parents to buy many books that I ended up not liking or never reading. I'm so happy that almost everybody is aware of bookish consumerism now, and many creators are stepping up and saying that you don't have to spend all your money on books to be a valid member of the community. I can't even remember the last time I bought a physical book now, and I'm so thankful that I no longer feel like I'm not a valid reader because of that
    However, I think consumerism in the book community still affects me negatively in the form of Bookstagram :(( I know that you don't have to own books or bookish items in order to be successful on that platform, but it is easier to be if you have them. Part of me really wants to join Bookstagram, but the fact that it requires you to have a certain amount of privilege is very discouraging. Also, don’t even get me started on being an international blogger 😂 I hate not being able to borrow library books, and the fact that most companies don’t ship to the Philippines, and if they do, the shipping fees are exorbitant :”(

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    1. Thank you so much Caitlin!! That makes me so happy to hear because I wanted to cover everything but I also know I’m privileged with things in this area so I wanted to word it right as well 💞
      I discovered the community through BookTube as well which as you said did focus on buying new books, massive shelves and more so I definitely think during that time I was more compelled to spend money on books. And like you I had books I didn’t like on my shelf due to it.
      I agree there has been a shift as people talk about it and say that owning books etc. isn’t necessary at all. It is optional and you can definitely still be a valid member if you don’t spend money on books. It is an important message and I’m glad more and more people are saying it. I’m so glad you now feel that way and I completely agree !!

      I do agree that bookstagram is a platform where I notice it the most as well and when I’m on it I can definitely see my desire to buy things increase as I literally see it so am more inclined to buy it. And like you said I think ‘success’ can be easier when you own a lot. There are exceptions like ebook pictures are popular and edited pictures. Plus personality makes a difference for the people I follow but the consumeristic side is definitely strong on there. I bet being international makes a difference as I live in the UK so I have access to a lot of places so it is such a shame. I really wish you had better access.
      haha it’s fine, I like italics!!
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting Caitlin !! 💞

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  22. What an excellent discussion! I have to admit, back when I was an avid Bookstagrammer, I was a consumerist fiend – ALL of the merch, ALL of the special editions. I even forked out for some book boxes even though I live in Australia and with the conversion rates + shipping costs, I basically had to sell a kidney to afford them 😔

    Whether it’s because I’m older now & better at budgeting, or because the book blogging community (at least the bloggers I follow, anyway) are not as consumeristic as Bookstagram (not to attack the Bookstagram community, it’s impossible not to be when the whole purpose of Instagram is to focus on the ~aesthetics~) I’ve definitely reduced my spending over the last few years. My bank account is definitely happier for it! 😂

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    1. Thank you so much !! I have definitely been consumed by the ‘lets buy all this’ mindset as well and bookstagram can have a massive impact on this as you see it all the time and think I must have this !! I know, I got a book box from the US once and that was expensive with shipping but I imagine in Australia it is a lot, I’m sorry !

      Yes I think I’ve changed as well. I think we have the moment where we think maybe I shouldn’t spend all my money on that and I do feel like the community has changed as well (I understand, I like bookstagram but it is lend by objects and what looks pretty a lot of the time)!! Yes bank accounts happier all-round haha 😂
      Thank you for commenting !! 💞

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  23. I think my view of my relationship with consumerism goes in waves.

    Especially when I had access to the library, I didn’t buy very many books. And I just reorganized the books on my shelf and realized that I got most of my books as presents, instead of me being the purchaser. It’s still consumerism, of course, but I feel slightly detached from it, since I rarely buy books. So in those cases I think that I don’t value consumerism as much as people who buy every book they read. (Although I think that’s perfectly okay for people to do, of course.)

    But now that we’re in quarantine and I have no library, my view has shifted. Because I have been buying SO many books. And when I can’t afford more books, I’m privileged to get the books I want as gifts from friends and family. Now the thing is, I’m acquiring way more books than I can read in the next few months! It’s just the fact that these are hyped new releases that everyone loves that makes me want to buy them RIGHT THIS MINUTE! I think since I’m a mood reader this mentality does make a bit of sense. I want to buy the books so I can read them while I’m still interested in them, but it still definitely is something I want to be more conscious of, now that I’ve recognized this pattern I’m forming, of buying 5 books and then only reading reading 2, every 2 weeks or so! This post has definitely been a good motivator to make me more conscious of my spending habits for the next few weeks!

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    1. I agree actually. My consumerism levels can fluctuate as well. Like the term “retail therapy” can be very relevant as sometimes I turn to spending when I can’t control other things 😂😂
      I have used my library a lot more this year (I use my online library) as it has definitely stopped me needing to buy so many books. I have always been very lucky to get a lot of books as present too and I get what you mean as you didn’t spend the money. So it definitely put me in a different situation to others too. (Yes it is their money and their choice to make them happy)

      Yes certain situations do change your habits. My family/friends are very generous so I always have that. Yesss 😂 that is what happens I end up thinking I’ll buy that and that, and my reading just can’t keep up.
      I know, seeing people rave about them makes you need them !! 😂 haha true!! Yes it is good to buy what you want but it can become a lot to keep up with at times.
      When I realise this I’m like ‘okay I need to stop now’ just so I can have that balance !!
      I’m glad this post could make you think about this !! Thank you for your comment !! 💛

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    1. 😳 I don’t know if my previous comment sent 😅, but just in case it didn’t:

      Okay, I loved this post so much, Sophie!! I especially loved this line, “Passion is about what you feel, not what you own” 🙌🏽. This whole discussion reminded me of a video I saw (“Is Booktube Killing the Planet” about consumerism in the book community and its impact on the environment 😬.
      I personally don’t buy books (mostly because I don’t have the funds 💸💸 hahaha 😅) and recognize how much it’s a privilege to have access to a library. One pro about libraries though that I feel a lot may see as a con is having to wait for books to become available, whether they’re new releases or being borrowed by someone else. I think it’s good that something like libraries still exist today, forcing us into slow consumption and almost delaying(?) our gratification. Like, we’re so used to things being a click away from being added to our shopping cart, and getting almost mini-highs from purchasing something instantly, that I think it’s refreshing (and almost healthier for us?) to have to just slow down and wait 😅. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist HAHA, but Instagram and these social media companies have really hacked our brains 😂.
      Really awesome post, Sophie 😄💛!

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      1. I just had a look and the first comment went to spam, I have no idea what WordPress does sometimes but thank you for sending again !! 💞

        hahah thank you, gifs are always fun !! I meant to say on your post how much I loved your gifs as well. The Grinch is iconic and your timing with them was beautiful 😂😂

        aw… thank you so much !! I’m so glad you loved it 💞💞 That was an important point because I had a whole phase where I didn’t realise that but now I see it and believe it wholeheartedly !!
        Ooh.. I’m going to watch that video right now *watched it* okay, it was an amazing watch, thank you for telling me about it. I loved the resources and it really made me think,. It made me see a lot of things I hadn’t really considered and definitely encouraged me to change some of habits !!
        Yes I am always so thankful for libraries and what they do, and of course very grateful that I have access to them!!
        I agree actually, I use my e-library a lot and the waitlist can be high on books but it makes you think about what you want to read and in a way makes me more likely to try new things as if what I wanted isn’t immediately available then I will look at something else. It does encourage a mindful approach which I hadn’t really realised but I do appreciate it !! But yes social media can value the fastest, most immediate route all the time where this is different is a good way. haha no I liked it, thank you for commenting. I really loved it and it made me think !! They really have !! 😂
        Thank you so much Belle !! 💞

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I didn’t know that WordPress did that either 😮. Thankfully, I always copy my message before posting it (because of similar vanishing incidents haha), so it was no problem 😄💖.
          Hahaha thank you 😂!!
          Yeah that’s a really good point! I always have to prioritize the books I actually want to read because of the borrow and hold limit 😅. Haha I’m glad 😂💕

          Liked by 1 person

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