Small ( s m o l ) Tropes I Love In Books

I’ve been kind of absent this past week, but I am hoping to do a little catch up soon. I’m sorry and I hope you are all well. 


Hey everyone!!

Is it a trope for book bloggers to talk about tropes? Yes.

Do I love it? Absolutely.

But you know what people don’t talk about?? Small (s m o l) tropes but sometimes they make the best scenes. Small (s m o l) details are my F A V O U R I T E S!!

Wait, what is a small (s m o l) trope???

What To Say When You Have Nothing to Say — Likeable Media

“It is a small detail in a book which isn’t always to do with the plot. It can vary from character trait, dialogue, action to basically anything.”




  • as you do. (e.g) they jumped off the cliff… as you do. (e.g) they fell in love… as you do.
  • pulling out lots of weapons from your clothes
  • they are a devil, they are an angel, put them together and you get chemistry. Even better when the angel is the deadliest.
  • unspoken conversations
  • as you wish
  • (a) I’m an idiot, (b) that’s why I love you
  • FOOD
  • (a) I’m better than everyone in this room, (b) I agree and hate you for it
  • Nicknames. Weird nicknames, cute nicknames, not-knowing-the-reason nicknames
  • Glasses, glasses being put on, glasses been taken off, glasses being pushed up
  • Hugs
  • Goofy villains (you only get them in cartoons and I’m  m a d . )
  • Watching TV together.  I t ‘ s  s o f t.  I ‘ m  s o f t.
  • The words ‘hero’ or ‘villain’ actually written so I can see them and fangirl
  • CROWNS in fantasy books. Wearing crowns in fantasy books.
  • Unique hair (it is basic…. and so am I)
  • ineloquent phrases
  • eloquent phrases
  • disaster (and I mean disaster) ideas working (better when everyone is surprised)
  • sass (duh…)
  • teenagers being teenagers (you know ‘kind of naïve, arrogant, selfish, thinking everything is going to be okay but still will no confidence and looking for someone to take care of them’ teenagers)
  • Symbolic representation (yes, I’m thinking of The Raven Boys and their cars)
  • Tattoos
  • terrible flirting working
  • (a) Don’t do it  (b) Does it.
  • People who are uncomfortable with bad behaviour. aka GOODY TWO SHOES. love them!!
  • A person not understanding why someone would be nice to them *all the feels*
  • People hating on Zeus (obviously)
  • People loving Medusa (obviously)
  • Awkward. Dorky.  l i t e r a l l y  adorable.
  • Enemies that respect each other (THIS. I NEED MORE OF THIS.)
  • When someone thinks the person they really care about is dead, but they’re NOT and the reunion is *ahhh* (I roll my eyes at it and love it at the same time)
  • REUNIONS in general
  • unlikely friendships UNTIL THE END OF TIME!!
  • Soft animals. (I want toothless in every book. NOT A JOKE)
  • laughing at their own jokes (this is me. me is this.)
  • singing (bad or good. Actually, especially bad)
  • friends to enemies (underrated, epic, amazing, give me more. NOW)
  • names beginning with ‘I’ (e.g. Isaac, Icarus, Igor, Ivy, Isabella)
  • clumsiness (please fall over so I can love you)
  • terrible puns that make me laugh out loud
  • internet culture (you need the youths)
  • obsessions with tea (you mean uncle Iroh??? yessssssssssss)
  • I don’t want your affection *whispers* please don’t leave me
  • music lyrics mentioned, written, sang
  • admiration of the glorious-ness of BROWN EYES !!!!
  • Composed/kind/quiet characters losing it *oh snap*
  • Self-sacrifice *I’ll cry for days*
  • You think the battle is lost but then another group of people turn up and epic fighting occurs to turn the tide *Gandalf, you know??*
  • “Honestly, I’m fine” *collapses* 


Okay, so they are all the ones I could think of at the minute and PLEASE tell me your favourite small ( s m o l ) tropes.

This was quite a different post for me (hello, it is under 1,000 words for once) but I hope you enjoyed it.


Please add to my list in the comments.


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67 thoughts on “Small ( s m o l ) Tropes I Love In Books

  1. THIS. This was frickin wholesome. I am such a fan of most, if not all of these smol tropes.

    My personal highlights:
    – as you do.
    – pulling out weapons
    – food
    – nicknames
    – disaster ideas that work
    – (a) Don’t do it (b) Does it.
    – laughing at their own jokes & terrible puns
    – kind people SNAPPING

    And a fun addition (that doesn’t happen in books?)
    – Team is split up and interrogated. Cue neatly sliced montage where each person provides disastrously different answers to the same questions, hilarity ensues.

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    1. ahh… yay !! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post as I had a lot of fun writing it !!
      Yessss I’m so glad you loved so many !! As you do is just an under used phrase !! I love the mention of food a lot !! And nicknames make me feel so much !!! More people should be laughing at their own jokes !! 😉 Kind people snapping is such a power move !!

      That montage is ah-mazing !! It is so funny and I honestly need it more in my life !! I love that so much, thank youuuu !!

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  2. That was such an amazing list! I’m a big lover of all the hugs between characters, especially with so many bad things happening to them – it would be a great comfort 🥰

    I also love
    – food as well (especially characters who are baking)
    – book love // fan references
    – characters with unique hobbies like sewing etc.
    – ANIMALS 💕

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    1. Ahhh.. thank you so much Caro !! I’m glad you liked my list !! Yes I need more hugs between characters as they can be so FULL of emotion and like you said when so much bad is happening, it can really make a difference. just– argh– I love it soooo much !!

      Food in books adds years to my life especially baking. And it always makes me want to bake which is a bonus !! Yesss book love ands fandoms make me so happy (I can relate ofc)
      I love characters with hobbies as you can see how much they care !! it is so soft !!
      ANIMALS are the best !!!!

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  3. Ooh I love s m o l tropes! 😄 This is such an excellent grand list… the ” (a) I’m an idiot, (b) that’s why I love you” dynamic truly is top notch. And nicknames are so good!! Especially when they only call each other by nicknames until a moment of high tension or emotion!! 😭 I do love teenagers being teenagers. And the cars in TRC are such a good example of symbolic representation! Reunions truly are fantastic and so satisfying when characters have been kept apart for a very long time and/or believe that one of them is dead. It fills my heart every time! ❤️ Tbh I would also be happy with toothless in every book. This was such a fun post to read, and I loved seeing all the little tropes you love!

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    1. yes smol tropes are just perfection to another level !! I looooove them!!
      Ahh.. thank you so much Margaret !! ❤
      Yes I mean I kind of love idiotic characters and their relationships can be soooo fun !! gimme more !!
      oh yes nicknames used in highly emotional moments can literally destroy me, it is just so powerful and how one word can literally hold sooo much !! argh— I feel too much in these moments !!
      Yes authentic teenage voices and actions are great !!
      I know, in fact a lot of TRC is good symbolism !! but the cars and the characters *chefs kiss*
      Reunions are perfect and I want them in every book. It is so satisfying and even though the "I thought you were dead" is a cliché a little bit, I do genuinely love it !! It fills my heart too and then I just have to reread it a couple of times !!
      yesssss toothless is everything !!
      Ahh… thank you. I really loved writing this post so that means a lot !! ❤ ❤



    ~ emotional breakdowns while eating
    ~ getting in a fight at a grocery store
    ~ random heart-to-hearts in the grocery store
    ~ anxious baking
    ~ friends having tea parties for no reason except why not
    ~ all of mine involve food but I’m not sorry

    May the force be with you!

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    1. ahh… thank you so much Beck !!
      emotional breakdowns whilst eating is literally the relatable content I look for but they definitely need to be in more books.
      grocery stores scenes are so much fun and fights, yesss !! because they are so many people around it can really add something to the scene.
      anxious baking is so soft!!
      Yes gimme all the tea parties please !!
      I wouldn’t be sorry either, food is everything !! thank you for sharing them !!

      Thank you !! May the force be with you !!

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  5. friends to enemies is so underrated and i need more!! and just anything related to food is *chef’s kiss* hehe… especially mouthwatering food descriptions. 😋 i also love terrible puns (basically anything involving dry humor that will actually make me laugh out loud already has a special place in my heart), clumsiness, enemies that respect each other (YESSSS), feminism, brown eyes (very underrated) and okay i’ve just realized that i love everything on your list so i’m going to stop here. 😅

    this was the absolute CUTEST post idea and i loved reading it! 💖💖

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    1. Yes the only friends to enemies I really know is Lex and Clark in Smallville and it was so powerful !! (I probably know more but my memory is telling me no, haha) but yes I really need more !!!
      I know food honestly is perfection !! I’m currently reading Hungry Hearts and all the food is literally ah-mazing !!
      Yessss dry humour is the best and I will definitely remember every book with it and cherish it forever !!
      yes to clumsiness (also I can lowkey relate a lot) !!
      enemies who respect each other (just the power, wow) !!
      feminism, always !!!!
      brown eyes are literally my favourite, so pretty and def underrated !!
      haha thank you soooo much !! I’m so glad you loved it all. That makes me so happy !! ❤ thank you, thank you !! ❤

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    My favorites:
    – FOOD YES
    – nicknames (seaweed brain and wise girl?!?!)
    – feminism yes?! we know I love that ish XD
    – ineloquent/eloquent bc we stan (like Jake and Holt omw and either of them could be either if you think about it!!)
    – friends to enemies for sureeee
    – um yes my favorite trope of all time is when the MC is losing BUT author pulls some cool twisty trick and makes more people come and save the day !!
    And I’d just like to add, puns and character sacrifices are also amazing tropes! I’m thinking totally goofy puns (Sokka!!) and pulling a Luke or Silena *silent sobs*
    This post was so creative and I adored reading it!! ❤

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    1. ahhhh… thank you so much Aditi !! ❤
      food is literally everything !!
      nicknames hold all the power (seaweed brain is just– yes. Every time I heard it, it added years to my life)
      yep feminism forever !! (of course ❤ )
      Yes you are literally so right about Jake and Holt and how they could be either !! just yes, top tier characters !! love them and everything they say, however they said it.
      friends to enemies is just amazing and I love it a lot, a lot !!
      brown eyes are literally incredible !!
      I know it makes such a wonderful scene and really pulls on you as a reader. You are like they are going to lose and then finally a cinematic scene saves them. literally perfection !!
      Sokka is the king of humour !! character sacrifices just make you feel so much pain but goodness, it is a wild mix!!
      Aww… thank you so much, that means the world !! ❤

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  7. I agree with literally all of these! I laugh at my own bad jokes all the time and it’d be nice to see more characters do that! Names that start with ‘I’ are wonderful, and I love the name Icarus so much.

    I love it when people talk about the little things in stories they like! I find it so interesting. For me, the smol tropes that I love would have to be lonely girls and girls with knife obsessions. Also, romantic partners who have been together so long they’re completely in sync and they understand what the other person wants without the other person even having to say anything. (I love romantic partners who have been together for a long time in general.) I also sometimes love miscommunication, as long as it’s actually in character and it’s not just thrown in there as a plot device!
    (Also, ZEUS IS TERRIBLE AND MEDUSA IS AMAZING. I’m glad you understand. 🙂 I love small fluffy animals in stories too!)

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    1. ahh… yay I’m so glad you love these smol tropes as well !! I know I always laugh at my own jokes and I need this relatable content in my books !! haha !!
      I do really love names beginning with I and yess Icarus is iconic !!

      I agree as I think the little details can have a really big effect and I loving seeing what other people love in stories !!
      I love lonely characters a lot and lonely girls are really precious !! And yes knife obsessions, just the power !!
      YES that is a really good point, I love characters who have been together a really long time (but as I read mostly YA I hardly see them) but they are awesome !! All the ways they know each other are really wonderful to see !!
      Yes miscommunication can be really realistic but it needs to be handled right like you said, otherwise it can feel like unnecessary drama !!

      Yes thank you for agreeing !! Medusa deserves better and just no to Zeus !!
      Animals are ah-mazing !! *heart eyes*

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  8. I love this ❤ Reading this list just filled my heart and now I'm smiling, haha!
    -Pulling out lots of weapons from your clothes (yes)
    -Goofy villains (you're right! they only really are in cartoons!)
    -Enemies that respect each other (100% behind this!)
    and like allllll the rest you said! One of my favorite other tropes is when one character catches another character staring at them (and then all the confused thoughts that ensue), and another is when the sweet, innocent one is the most badass/violent character. This was a great, feel-good post! 😀

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    1. Aww… thank you so much !! It makes me so happy to hear that it made you smile. I really enjoyed writing this one as well !! ❤
      Scenes where characters are pulling loads of weapons out always bring a smile to my face !!
      I know but goofy villains really do have space in other situations I think and it would be so fun !!
      enemies respecting each other is such a power move !!
      ahh.. yes when they catch each other staring, all the emotions and feels. It is a great trope and I love to see it !!
      I love it when the sweet one is the most badass, and when people realise it as well. It is amazing. yes, yes, yes. one of my faves too !!
      ahh.. thank you so much !! I'm glad you enjoyed it !! ❤

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  9. Haha, I agree with every single one lol. My personal favorites:

    -the calm/collected/kind person snaps

    -“I don’t want your affection/help” five seconds later…”I can’t….do this alone”

    -nicknames (I love “princess” and all those sassy ones)

    -as you wish/as you do

    -unspoken conversations!! (those are AWESOME. Just look at each other and have a conversation without saying a word…AMAZING, especially when it’s an actual argument, and there’s a third person just standing there not getting anything)

    -And goody two shoes is me IRL (cough) so I love seeing that in books! Though I haven’t seen much of it really

    -disaster/crazy ideas that work (Kaz… and Kelsier from Mistborn)

    And also:
    -the most epic redemption arc scene, where the bad guy gets everything he wants and realizes that it isn’t what they really want (you know who 😭)
    -the disabled character who is actually the toughest and most awesome (TOPH)
    -and the sidekick who actually make things happen behind the scenes and keeps everyone alive (a great example is Dockson from Mistborn, and Sokka)

    I need your recs!! Especially for goody two shoes and friends to enemies!
    This was such a fun post to read and I hope you’re doing well ✨❤

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    1. Yay I’m so glad you could agree with these !! 🙂
      I know when the calm person snaps, it feels so powerful and intense!! just wow those scenes !!
      When characters are so reluctant to not accept help but then need it, yes *chef’s kiss*
      nicknames really are beautiful and yes sassy ones are the best !!
      as you wish and as you do aren’t used enough !! haha!!
      I love unspoken conversations so much !! haha yes secret arguments and that third person just watches unknowingly and feeling awkward. Such a beautiful scene !!
      yes I am such a goody two shoes so I love seeing that as well. Like no, I don’t break the rules !! But it is a bit rare which makes me sad!!
      I love a crazy idea working. Definitely Kaz and I NEED to read Mistborn, especially now !!

      Oh yes those redemption arc scene are always beautiful but especially where they have a realisation and just the growth, the beauty !! (yesss, zukkooooo )!!!!
      Toph is an amazing character and I loved how they wrote her disability so much !! I would love more character like her !!
      Yes Sokka is so important and I love how what he did seemed quiet but it had such a big effect !! Sidekicks are the best !! (I really, really do need to read Mistborn haha)

      Well I sadly don’t know too many books as it is more from TV but…
      Goody two shoes: Chaol from ToG (maybe slightly controversial), Dawes from Ninth House. Okay yes I neeed more recs myself but I just always think of Amy from B99, she is the best.
      friends to enemies: I think Vicious is one. I honestly just think of Clark and Lex from Smallville (best one). Also An Ember in Ashes (the whole series) kind of. But yeah I need more recs again.
      sorry that wasn’t the best list !! 😅
      Thank you so much!! It makes me so happy to hear that you enjoyed this post !! ❤ Thank you, I hope you are well too !!

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  10. Ahhh, I loved reading this post so much!! i adore all of these tropes too 🥺🥺
    YES!! BROWN EYES SUPREMACY! i will never forgive authors for perpetuating the notion that only green/blue/gray eyes are beautiful. like, brown eyes are beautiful too! (am i saying this as someone with really dark eyes who’s sick of excessively poetic descriptions of eye colors that aren’t brown? yes.)
    Reunions!!! omg the wip i’m currently working on has a reunion scene, and it’s like, my fave scene. ok, i haven’t planned out all scenes yet, but i’m telling you, when i envision how that reunion goes, 12 years are added to my lifespan
    a small trope i like that isn’t mentioned in this post is jealousy!! i know that jealous/possessive partners aren’t attractive, but hear me out—i’m talking about jealousy when it’s only directed at one person and/or shown in one instance. i love the jealousy trope so much, because it shows that a character *does* think about another character in a romantic way, whether they know it or not (it’s even spicier if they’re jealous, but they don’t even realize that they like the character). and it’s so funny when they try to hide the fact that they’re jealous, but they fail miserably 😂😂 (like, it’s clear that they’re jealous based on their dialogue, facial expressions, and actions.)
    however, i think that where most books/movies/tv shows go wrong is when they show a character getting jealous if someone else so much as breathes in their significant others direction. i only like jealousy when it occurs in one scene, dammit!! i could write a whole essay about how juicy the jealousy trope is as evidenced by how long this comment is. but anyways, stan the jealousy trope 😔… but only if it’s healthy

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    1. ahh… I’m so glad you enjoyed this post Caitlin!! Thank you, thank you !! Yay, I love the smol tropes !!! ❤
      Brown eyes are literally my favourite. They are beautiful and there is so much to them. People who think they are simple or plain clearly haven't been watching brown eyes and I pity them !! *brown eyes are glorious* *I agree*
      Ahh… I need that reunion scene like today 😉 They are my favourite, I will never tire of them !! I need them all the time. I do the same, I have the small scenes planned out in my head so well but the actual plot as a whole *hides behind the sofa* is a bit weaker when planned out !!

      I totally see your point about jealously as watching the characters deal with this can be really interesting especially when they don't know how they feel so it can reveal a lot. Trying to hide jealously can lead to some iconic scenes I am 100% with you !! They always fail. It is so cute !! haha!! Also jealousy is a human emotions so I think it important to be shown in some way.
      Yes it can be shown wrong like it is always around cheating and being unfaithful in a committed relationship. And I sometimes hate how it is handled after like you don't have to be jealous because 'the person they didn't like' fancied the opposite gender all along so they were never a threat. Like that isn't the reason you stop being jealous.
      But yeah I agree in one scene and when it is healthily handled (actually some people need the healthy representation of jealousy) it is really good. I would read that whole essay and more !! 🙂

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  11. I love this. The small tropes deserve more love. I have a weakness for nicknames, especially nicknames that are randomly thrown into a tense scene to break the ice a bit. Yes to more enemies that respect each other, it adds more banter in most cases haha.

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    1. Yay thank you so much !! ❤ I agree the smol tropes can be so good and can really make me fall in love with a book !! Yes nicknames are so special and they can have such an emotional weight as well. When they are used to break the ice it does make the nicknames so fun and you can always remember that scene as well!!
      I know enemies respecting each other is so powerful and yes to more banter !! I need it more !!


  12. I love this post, and I adore many of these small tropes. 😀 The “honestly, I’m fine” *collapses* is one of the best small tropes ever. The “(a) I’m an idiot, (b) that’s why I love you” trope is also so cute, it always makes me smile.
    As for nicknames, I like what you said, and I absolutely adore when character a only calls character b by their nickname, until a situation a serious or just a very emotional scene comes along, and then character a uses character b’s real name. Also!! When love interests argue and then one of them says “why do you care” and the other says “because I love you” that hits me every single time.

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    1. ahh… thank you so much !! I love smol tropes so much, they can add a lot to the scene !!
      Yes the ‘i’m fine’ *collapses* is an amazing trope and I love it every time. I don’t think I will ever tire of it. It is perfect !!
      yes the i’m an idiot, I love you is so cute!! And they usually have suchprecious relationships, that I could read about them all day !!
      Yes nicknames between two people can be so precious and that one word can hold so much emotion!! And yes when they use the real name is just sparks something and means a lot because of the situation. SO MANY FEELS !!!
      Aw… that is literally adorable !! because I love you. just–urgh the power, the beauty. I love it !!

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  13. Ahh Sophie this is such a fun post, I love it so much!! I’m a real fan of all the FOOD in books too, if a book makes me hungry it’s GOOD ahha 🙂 Awkward, dorky characters and internet culture always makes me so, so happy in books too! And YES YES TO terrible puns and the brown eyes, why are brown eyes so damn underrated haha 🙂

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    1. Ahh… thank you so much Marie!! I’m so glad you loved it as I had so much fun writing this one !!
      Yesss reading about food in books just feels so good !! I love it !! I always do kind of wish I had the food in front of me though 😉
      I love awkward, dorky characters so much !! They just fill my heart !! I definitely love internet culture a lot !!
      I love me a terrible pun !! haha !! I know brown eyes are underrated but I love them a lot so seeing them in books is WONDERFUL !!

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  14. This post is wonderful! It truly is grand. So many things you’ve listed are details that help me love a novel. Symbolic representation, glasses, crowns (wow I need more of that), soft animals, Uncle Iroh (this point is not a mistake), and the composed/kind/quiet characters losing it are some of my favourites 😀 The “I’m fine” *collapses* might just be my top favourite though!!
    One thing I love that’s not on the list is when the weather is described in detail. And even though it can often be cheesy, I don’t mind when it is compared to a character’s mood 😁

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    1. Ahh.. thank you so much Sabrina !! ❤ Yes I think small details can really make you love a book!!
      Symbolic representation is so satisfying to read about !! I love glasses a lot !! Yes considering the amount of YA fantasies around royalty you think we would get more crown content but no !! haha !! soft animals are perfection !! haha yes Uncle Iroh is my fave!!! I love a composed characters losing it, the power !!
      I really do love the 'I'm fine' *collapses a lot too !! Just iconic!!
      Ohh yes it can be really powerful and the imagery does make you feel a lot. I remember The Book Thief talked about the sky a lot and I always remember that !

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  15. Oh my gosh, I love this 😮!! I love how super specific some of these were 😂. Names starting with “I” is something I’ve neeever thought about – but they’re actually really cool now that you’ve pointed it out 😂. Laughing at your own jokes is the best hahaha, and I love wholesome, awkward characters 😩💖. A few smol tropes I can think of:
    – multiple storylines happening and all converging for an epic ending
    – TAG TEAM. (like when those kids fight the clown together in IT 😂)
    – the party scene that always happens in YA romances where the dynamic between the two leads shift haha 😏
    I hope you’ve been doing well too, Sophie 🙂💛.

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    1. Ahh… thank you so much Belle !! 💛
      Some were specifics. I just kept thinking of things and I was like I’ll write that down 😂😂
      I love names starting with I but you never see them that much I find so it makes me happy when I see it !! 😂
      Yes laughing at your own jokes is the relatable content I look for !!
      Awkward characters are always so precious 😍😍
      Ahh.. Yes I love it when storylines converge together. It makes the end so strong and powerful 😍
      Tag team fights are soooo good !! I love seeing that and it is really entertaining !!
      Yesssss I love a good party scene !! And the dynamic change is iconic !! I live for those moments !!
      Thank you for these !!! 😍😍
      Thank you so much !! 💛💛💛

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  16. WHY WAS THIS POST SO ENTERTAINING, hahahah. i loved it!
    i was thinking about the other day how i actually instinctively stay away from books that deal with food. it can be a trigger for me, so every time someone mentions a book has food as a central theme, i immediately lose all interest on it, hahah. that’s probably why i’ve never read elizabeth acevedo’s with the fire on high, even though i’ve only ever heard good things about it.
    watching TV together is the fluffiest. and so relatable too! i’ve read so much rick riordan that “disaster ideas working” really is a trope i barely register these days, but it is amazing when they work out, hahaha.
    goody two shoes are SEVERELY under appreciated. i’m glad to know they have at least one more stan, hahah.
    “I don’t want your affection *whispers* please don’t leave me” is pretty much the equivalent of another trope i love which is the “pushing you away because i like you too much but the point is that you *notice* and push it back”, hahah. but it’s always SO GOOD! just my type of angst, tbh.
    there was just one bed will forever be one of my favorite tropes. or two characters in love talking about each other to a third person. *heart eyes* intensely, hahah.
    this post was hilarious and lovely, sophie! tysm for sharing!

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    1. Ahhh… Yay I’m glad you found it entertaining !! I had fun writing this one !! 😍 thank you so much !!!
      Oh right well at least when it involves food a lot of people mention it so you know which books to avoid. 😊 Yes I’ve heard good things but I think food is a central theme!! I’ve heard good things about Elizabeth’s new one as well !!
      Yes I love just little scenes of watching tv together, it is so domestic and sweet !! Definitely relatable !! 😂
      Haha I know Percy does do a great disaster plan 😂 but it is amazing every time so I will never tire of this trope !! 😍
      I know I love goody two shoes and they are underappreciated !! I like morally grey characters but I love characters who love the rules too !! They do *we are in this together* 😂😍
      Haha yes it is like an equivalent!! I really do love characters who can’t handle other affection but they make it obvious that they like it still 😂 it is amazing !! It links with slow burn and lots of soft details so I’m in love !! Definitely, I’m glad we both love it !! 💛
      There is just one bed is an CLASSIC !! I love scenes with it !! 😍 ahhh… Yes all the emotions when talking about the person they love !! So sweet !!! 😍
      Ahhh…. That makes me so happy to hear !! Thank you so much Lais !! 💛

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  17. YES to pulling weapons out of nowhere. Why does that get me every single time. Martyrdom and puns are also favorites of mine. One character sacrificing themselves for another? Never gets old. Another great one are the foody characters that are always cooking/baking or trying to feed people. SO CUTE.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it is just SO fun !!! It is the best to see !! 😂
      Ahh… Yes martyrdom is a good one !! You can do a lot of heavy writing with it !! Puns are golden 😍
      I know the sacrifice just brings so many emotions and feelings !!
      Yes baking and cooking all the time is so cute then when they try to get people to try it !! 😍😍


  18. Sophie!! This post is amazing!! I was smiling so hard reading it and I now have realized how incredibly under-appreciated these *smol* tropes are because just look at how happy they made me and I’m sure everyone else who read this post.🥺Thank you for writing this!

    Unspoken conversations!! With eyes!! From across the room, extra points if they’re best friends and know exactly what the other is saying! Also I’m trash for “as you wish,” thank you Princess Bride for doing this to me. And I love when they don’t think the plan is gonna work but then it does and it’s just so cute! Ahh, the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh.. thank you so much Olivia !! 💛 I wanted this post to be happy and fun so that means a lot to hear !! Yesss smol tropes are so important and precious !! 😍 they can just make you smile and make you feel a lot for a book!! Thank you again for all your kind words, it means a lot (and I’m just going to cry now) 😭💕

      I love unspoken conversations !! You can tell how close they are !! And the eyes and across the room !! *chefs kiss* I love it when it is best friends too *the raven boys feels*
      I know it makes me think of the princess bride too 😂 but it is a beautiful saying 😍😍
      I know plans working when they don’t expect them too is amazing !! They are the most fun, chaotic plans and I LOVE it !! It is so cute as well because the character are so precious with it !! 😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

  19. ‘Even better when the angel is the deadliest’ sounds so fantastic!!! I NEED it now!! I love characters pulling weapons out of clothes 😅 and crowns in fantasy novels…and on Instagram. They look awesome!! Enemies having respect for each other is fantastic too. And I like feminism in books when it’s done well; sometimes you read a book and it’s more anti man than truly feminist 🤔

    I so love this post 😍😍 but I can’t think of more right now tbh besides characters who love reading (especially if they’re fierce too), inclusion of mythological rules & stuff like letters, emails & lists.
    Weapon clothes
    Enemies respect

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I love that dynamic when the one you would expect to be the sweetest is often the deadliest as well!! It is so much fun !! I definitely need it now too !!
        Characters pulling out lots of weapons is so much fun too, it always brings a smile to my face haha!!
        Agreed crowns for everyone !! I love them on Instagram, I kind of want one haha !!
        I love enemies who respect each other, such an interesting dynamic !!
        Feminism is great but like you said it needs to be done right like no anti-man or white feminism or girl hate. It is about equality after all !!

        Thank you so much !! This was a really fun one to write ! Ahh.. characters who love reading are wonderful and if they are fierce too!! Yes, yes !! Mythological rules are again really interesting, great point !! I love letters and emails etc. I’m always excited when I see it in a book !!

        haha it is fine !! I always have to do something to remember points from people’s posts too !! haha !! (suitable that you put it after you wrote about lists though ahah )

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes it’s so exciting and addictive, especially if it comes almost out of nowhere but looking back makes sense!
          And there are quite a few that do so in fantasy too!! So yay.
          Ooh me too. I actually saw one fairly cheap online the other day and was tempted to get it but then I’m not even posting on my Instagram right now (and I know my family will wonder why on earth I’ve got a crown through the post 😂). They look fantastic in book pictures though 😍
          Yes, so interesting.
          And yeah when it’s done great it’s wonderful!! Just so frustrating when it goes wrong.

          I can imagine!! I think TOG made me think of that one 😂 and Wicked Lovely & Cruel Prince the rules one but I do love when you get Fae rules and similar in fiction. Me too!! It makes a nice change.

          Oh 🙈 I didn’t even think of that but that is true 😂 and after discussing the need to check our comments elsewhere 😂😂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes like little details that could have gone unnoticed 😂
            Yes thankfully 😂
            Haha I know it is an odd thing to buy but like who doesn’t want a crown really 😉 they do 😍
            Yesss I completely agree !!

            Yeah I don’t think of ToG but you’re right !! Oohhh yes I remember Wicked Lovly, it is so cool !!
            Yesss !!

            Haha yes 😂 I know great timing !! 😂

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  20. I love so, so many of these! The second you said Angel and Devil with chemistry, my mind immediately went to Good Omens! I liked the book, but the show in particular highlighted the chemistry between the two characters SO WELL!

    And I love any small indications of love, connection, and care in a relationship. Unspoken conversations definitely fit into that category, but also little forehead kisses, holding someones hand and maybe giving it a squeeze to show them you’re there and you care.

    And of course I love more obvious indications of connection, like hugging and snuggling. I think there’s not enough snuggling in most of the books I read and it makes me sad. Just cuddle already! I think this trope also fits with another one of my favorites which is the outward grump, internal soft cinnamon roll. And when they do the whole “I DON’T WANT AFFECTION, but also I would die for you and I love you please love me” thing I adore it every time!

    This was such a fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh… yay, I’m so glad you love many of these too !! 💞 haha yesss Good Omens is quite literally that !! I’ve haven’t read the book and I’ve only seen the first episode of the show but the characters were interesting !

      Small details are honestly my favourite especially for things like love or connection. It feels so real and pure !! Unspoken conversations are everything. Forehead kisses are so tender, so is holding hands and giving them a squeeze!! All wonderful examples !!

      Those are great as well and honestly just so comforting to read about. I agree I haven’t had enough snuggling in my books. WE NEED IT!! pls cuddle !! YESSSS I agree, one grump and one cinnamon roll is everything!! I could read about them forever!! That really is everything and I think these relationships are full of so many small details which is why I love them !!

      Thank you!! I’m so happy you enjoyed it !! 💞

      Liked by 1 person

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