The Perfect Female Character?!?!

Hello everyone!!

Firstly, Happy International Women’s Day to everyone!! 

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Secondly, I thought today would be the perfect time to discuss the perfect female character. 

And by that, I mean to break the illusion that there is ONE perfect female character. 


Today I’m NOT talking about how to create a female character or what qualities make them likable. Nope. Today I’m talking about how we always go on about female role models and how that got me thinking about what we want from a heroine. Naturally I fall to qualities like strong, brave, beautiful, resilient and smart. 

But then I realised… 

Heroines aren’t a list of qualities they must have to be worthy of admiration. People limit what a female role model can be which is the total opposite of what empowering women is about. It isn’t about one woman. It is about every woman


Hermione was smart and powerful. 

Katniss was a fighter and powerful. 

Nina was confident and powerful.

Cress was scared and powerful. 

Evelyn was ambitious and powerful. 

Laia was optimistic and powerful. 

Yennefer was haunted and powerful.

Emika was determined and powerful. 

Rin was brutal and powerful.

Izzy was sexual and powerful. 

Frances was introverted and powerful. 

These female characters can be admired for many different qualities. One isn’t better for what the others lack. They have different strengths; it isn’t a competition. It’s just a selection of winners. Feminism doesn’t mean saying women need to be this, it is saying I need you to be yourself.




*some of these issues aren’t limited to females but I am focusing on that for today’s post and this obviously isn’t in every book. This is focus on the industry as a whole, not just the authors.


Women don’t need to be everything, to be everything.

There is this term ‘triple shift burden’ showing how nowadays women have to be financial independent as well as being the main caretaker and emotional support. It shows how societal changes have just led to women having to do more instead of the equality of the sexes. Now this is a term focusing on family roles in heterosexual relationships, but I can apply the logic to my point here. The fact that now women have to be everything to be worthy of being looked up to and admired. When in fact, no we don’t. Lots of women have different strengths and can be admired for those strengths, instead of hating them because they aren’t enough. It is too much pressure for them to be held up to perfect which no one can live up to no matter their gender. I’m not even going to get into the double standards where they have to be sexy but innocent. 

Imperfect Characteristics and Complex Females

Women should have less than perfect qualities because women aren’t perfect (as perfect is a myth). I like women who are angry, annoying, ambitious, dangerous, lazy, selfish, rude, cowardly, arrogant, dishonest, mean, proud and rebellious. Often female characters aren’t given the complexity of male characters, they sadly aren’t as well received as males. Sometimes audiences can be straight up like ‘I only like morally grey characters when they are white males’. Or ‘arrogance is only attractive in white males’. But they should be written because they are well-rounded, well written females who reflect reality. Females characters shouldn’t just be written for the male character to show his strength and his heart or because you like the way they look. 

Stereotypical feminine qualities shouldn’t make a female character seem boring or become less valued because of it.

Yes, we are trying to show that women can be anything so naturally we might pull away from the stereotypical feminine qualities to highlight women are more than these old stereotypes. BUT it is important to remember that pink isn’t weak, liking iced lattes isn’t basic and wearing make-up isn’t wrong. The only thing that is wrong is this mind set. My grandma once said to me ‘I was so disappointed when you liked barbies’, I didn’t need it then and I don’t need it now.  Feminism values choice and these women who are called ‘basic’ are not as simple as you want them to be. End of conversation. 

RELATED: This video is amazing and is similar to what I am talking about but focusing on the film industry. Please do watch it, it’s clever but in truth really heart-breaking. 





She’s strong but only because I’m being told that aka failure to execute

You keep telling me she is all these qualities but fail to execute it. Woman can be whoever they want to be but if you want a female character to be, say, a strong warrior, you can’t have her always in the need of being rescued and especially always by men. You can’t have all the power in the words, and none in the actions. You have to back up your characteristics so she can be a real figure to look up to, otherwise it doesn’t really count. 


You can’t pick and mix characteristics/appearances 

Let women be apologetically themselves. I’ve seen in a few times where people are unwilling to give the women proper qualities to match how they are presented. For example, female warriors described as thin when, in reality, they would have a lot of muscle. Or them being an outspoken person but they act refined all of the time. You want them to have all the different traits and strengths but still box them in what a ‘woman’ should look and act like.


White Feminism

Sexism is a big thing, I’ve written a whole post about feminism and how females are portrayed but the world is complex and unfortunately there are many inequalities from racism, homophobia, ableism, islamophobia and more. You must recognise other inequalities and not just focus on sexism, letting it overshadow other issues because it has privileged supporters. There is such thing as white feminism, just don’t let it be your thing. And speaking as a white, middle class, straight female I may experience sexism, but I am in the best position for females and still have a lot of privilege. There are a lot of difference within women as well for example lesbian, bisexual, race, religion, poverty and trans women. They will all face different, individual experiences which should 100% be seen and not ignored. You need to listen to these important voices. 


So, I want the damsel in distress (because I don’t need to be told that I can’t be saved, it can leave me very alone, just have them saved by other female characters), I want the female warrior (who has the appropriate muscles), I want the arrogant women, the quiet women, the women with different shapes and appearances. There are so many wonderful women who can be role models to so many people and I don’t want this to be restricted to one woman. I want it to be every woman. I need it to be every woman.

There is no guideline to a perfect female character, I hope you know that. All I ask in that you make sure every girl growing up and every person reading a story knows they can be anything they want and that is all they need to be. 


I would love to know, what are some of your favourite female characters and why do you love them?

Do you agree with what I said? Do you have anything to add? (I feel like I didn’t word it that well but I hope the essence of my points got across).


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50 thoughts on “The Perfect Female Character?!?!


    I’m so tired of people acting like there’s only one type of ‘strong’ female character allowed. There are plenty of strong women who can’t fight to save their lives, or who feel an emotion more than once a week. We want variety!!
    I’d actually be interested in a character who’s both outspoken and refined, if the character traits were blended well. It’d just be a different kind of outspoken. I know you were talking about something different, but it just got me thinking. 😉
    I’ve been saying for a long time that I want more heroines who are involved in politics and are a force to be reckoned with. I’m sure there’s a lot of bad things you can say about Star Wars as far as gender politics goes (and just as far as writing goes in general), but I’ve always really loved and related to Padme. She’s one of my favorite characters.

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    1. Yes preach it from the top!!!
      Exactly strength can be shown in many ways and there are so many qualities that can be looked up to. Variety is key. I want every type of female characters!!! *signs petition*

      Yes to be fair true. I had simplified the idea to illustrate my point but you are so right that they can be blended well and make an interesting concept. We need every type of outspoken women really!! I love it!!

      Yes strong women as political figures would be wondeful and I would love that. It would be so interesting to see them in the place and the struggles they would face. I love Padme too, she had a lot to offer and I love the whole concept of the prequels to be honest.

      Thank you for commenting!! 💛

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  2. this is such a great, powerful, uplifting post!! i absolutely love your discussion on what makes a strong female character and the different types and strengths that everyone possess that makes them powerful in their own way.

    and i entirely agree, i feel like there’s such a constant pressure for women to prove that theyre capable of doing EVERYTHING at ALL times just to show that they are ‘independent’ or ‘strong’ and like that’s such a messed up way of looking at it and pushing these kind of ideas onto younger audiences is so harmful.

    we want to see female characters who are flawed and multidimensional and unique to themselves!! i really love your closing paragraph, you put it all so eloquently. amazing post!!👏❤️

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    1. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means and yes I definitely wanted to highlight that I love all these different traits are all strong and beautiful in their own way!! 💕

      Yes it is like everyone tells you what traits need to be admired in women and it ends up being an impossible list so that when women don’t possess them all (which would be impossible) they get shamed which can be really unfair. It can definitely be harmful to audiences as they can be left feeling like they aren’t enough which is a horrible way to feel.

      Definitely!! I want complicated, real female characters to love!! 😍 thank you so much!! And thank you for commenting, I loved reading it!! 💕💕

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    thank you for having the courage to point this out!! i agree with literally EVERYTHING in this frickin amazing post and yeah 🙂
    i hate that if a woman is ‘strong’ then she must apparently not like traditionally girly things- that makes zero (0) sense at all lol.
    THANK YOU FOR THIS POST!! and happy women’s day to you too!! ❤

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 💙💙 I’m so glad you loved this post 💙
      Aww.. that means so much, especially as I was worried I didn’t get my points across!! Thank you, thank you!!
      I have always hated that as well, just like, no, traditionally feminine traits aren’t weak and I don’t think they should be portrayed as such. It doesn’t make sense!!
      Thank you so much and thank you for this comment!! 💛

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  4. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!! You laid it all so clearly and intelligently and wow I’m amazed this is beautiful! I so agree with everything you said – there’s this expectation that women need to be BETTER in order to prove that we’re good enough, which is so incredibly unfair. It creates an impossible standard that no one can possibly live up to, and anything less than that is a failure. And yes, there’s no one trait that defines what it means to be a powerful female character. As you said, “Feminism doesn’t mean saying women need to be this, it is saying I need you to be yourself.” I always appreciate when female characters are allowed to be imperfect but still complex and interesting, just like male characters are.

    Also that comedy short is brilliant. Awful, but brilliant

    I’m really glad you also touched on white feminism, because that’s so important too! There are so many different intersections within a female identity that impact what people experience, but so much of what’s portrayed in media is that mold of white, able bodied, straight women. Which doesn’t reflect everyone’s experience AT ALL.

    Anyways, I love this and you did an incredible job with expressing this issue. Thank you for this amazing post!!

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    1. Ahh.. THANK YOU SO MUCH MARGARET!! This comment made my day!! ❤ I'm so happy you liked this post and all your kind words are so sweet, thank you!!
      I know I see it all the time where women can be hated because they aren't enough or they made a mistake which can be really unfair!! It is definitely impossible standards!!
      YESSSS there are so many powerful traits for female to have!! I definitely love it when females are just themselves with flaws and lots of complexity, yep just like males!!

      The comedy short is so clever, the almost jokey approach makes it more powerful!! It is heart-breaking to think how it does reflect the actual industry though!!

      Definitely white feminism is really important to be talked about and like you said there are so many intersectional identities meaning lots of females experience really different things and it needs to be recognised. The media 100% focuses on the white, abled bodied, straight women and you are right, this doesn't reflect everyone's experiences which is what I would love to see. Everyone's story being told.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ❤ That means so much and you are so welcome. Thank you for reading and commenting!! 🙂


  5. THIS IS BRILLIANT!! I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said. I think it’s so important to celebrate how different we are in our strengths and our weaknesses. I get so frustrated when I see people pack female characters into one super and unrealistic icon. We’re complex, we’re flawed, and we all have different experiences that shape our character, so why should we shy away from the messy moments that make the characters so relatable and real.

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    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH LOIS!! I’m glad you agree and my points came across well! Yes definitely, I love to celebrate all these amazing strengths and qualities that females have, instead of comparing them all. The same with our weaknesses as well!! It is frustrating was we have a list that every female has to have before they can be admired, it’s not fair. YES we are complex and flawed and this needs to be reflected in writing!!
      I agree we all have different experiences and we shouldn’t shy away from these realistic moments!! Thank you for commenting!! ❤


    I’m loving all the Women related Power Posts this month.
    I agree with everything you’ve said, especially how every character and woman have their own strengths and how they are unfairly represented in many media.
    This is awesome!
    – Emma 🙂

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    1. Thank you Emma!! Yes March has had so many amazing Women empowerment posts and I LOVE it as well!!
      Yay, I’m glad you agree!! Definitely, lots of women have wonderful strength that are individual to them and all of them should be admired. And the media does have somethings to change!!
      Thank you so much for reading!! ❤

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  7. LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!! it was so empowering to read as a woman myself, and i’m so happy with how far we’ve come when it comes to respecting women ❤ even though we still have a long way to go, honestly. (also, i watched the short film, and it was amazing. it was funny but did such a great job of showing the double standards and sexism that women are subjected to each day.)
    Honestly, sometimes it feels like we threw away the “damsel in distress” trope just to get stuck with the “girl who’s badass because she rejects feminism in all forms” trope 😦 😦 and I really hate it!! men are allowed to be as complex, weak-seeming or messy as they want, and everyone is gonna fawn over them because they’re men & they’re automatically more interesting. but as soon as a woman displays feminine traits, she’s automatically labeled as weak. it really sucks. and don’t get me started on those books that are supposedly feminist but dunk on women who are traditionally feminine. ugh, no thanks.
    anyways, great post again!!! it was such a wonderful & powerful discussion ❤ ❤ you truly write amazing ones!!

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    1. I’m so glad, thank you so much!! I’m happy it could be empowering (yesss) and I’m so happy to see the changes for the better in society too!! 💕
      I definitely think there is progress to come as well.
      I’m glad you loved the short film, it was amazing. The tone it took made it really powerful and it captured the message really well!! 💕
      I know it is like we traded one boxed in trope for the other. I hate it too when we can be so much more!! Exactly, men can be so many different things and are always so complex!! And they are received much better but women are so quick to be restricted to one label.
      It does suck and it is wrong and unfair!!
      Yeah those books are so frustrating and missing the whole point of feminism!!! I’ll give them a miss.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! 💕 and thank you so much Caitlin, you’re so kind!!! 😭💕😭

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  8. This is such a great discussion! I totally agree that we need more variety – it’s so easy to tire of seeing the same types of women portrayed over and over again.

    One of my favourite female characters is Claire Danvers (from The Morganville Vampires series). I love her because she’s basically the opposite of the traditional strong female character. She’s small and quite weak physically, but she’s an absolute genius at physics. She’s not physically strong but she’s so stubborn and refuses to give up fighting for her friends. She uses her smarts to get places and she’s not afraid to ask for help with the muscle side of things.

    I first read those books when I was 13 and I know Claire was a great role model to me. This is why diverse female characters are so important!!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! 💛 we definitely do, we should get to see every type of woman in books!!!

      Claire Danvers definitely sounds amazing and I can see why she would be inspiring to you!! I love women who have different strengths and can be small and strong (Especially when they are stubborn)!! And not being afraid to ask for help is so important too!!

      It is great that she has been such an inspiration for you!! Definitely proves that we need lots of characters like this!!

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  9. THANK YOU for talking about feminine women or women who choose “traditional” female values. I remember asking my mom if she was a feminist. She said she didn’t think so because she chose to raise her kids instead of getting an engineering job and that most feminists would criticize her for that. I think true feminists build each other up — females and males — and celebrate the wide variety of choices that women make. 💚

    I’ve always hated how a girl who’s inexperienced/untrained, needs help from others (even if it’s a man), likes “girly” things, or is more meek/shy/scared is someone not a “strong woman.” I’ve always thought that it’s actually stronger for someone to admit their fear or choose to raise a family, and I’m so glad that more people are talking about this. Thanks for this post, Sophie!

    (Also To Best The Boys by Mary Weber is an amazing example of girls who choose a career and girls who choose marriage/a family. 🙂 )

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    1. Yes I definitely think it is so important because with the movement it kind of made people pulling away from this ‘feminine’ and traditional female like it was bad which I always thought was wrong because these are valid women too. Aw.. that just goes to show the mindset that some people can believe and it is unfair because doing what you want and enjoy is always the best choice. And feminism is about choice for women. I agree building each other up for their own choices is what it is all about!!!

      Yes it bothered me how what makes a women strong is limited to one thing when it can be so many things!! I completely agree that admitting you need help or admitting your fear is very strong and it isn’t appreciated enough as it does take A LOT of courage!!
      Aw.. you’re so welcome, thank you for reading and commenting, it means a lot!! ❤
      Ohh.. thank you, I will definitely have to check this book out!! 🙂

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  10. ugh I’m so late to this post and I’m SO SORRY!!! I read this the day you posted and AGREED WITH EVERY SINGLE PERFECT WORD YOU SAID, but for some reason didn’t comment?? *facepalm*

    I always hate when the “strong female character” in novels has absolutely no weaknesses and is just portrayed as being cruel and powerful, while women who are shy/choose to do “feminine” things are thought of as weak and could never be feminists. Also, the whole mindset that feminists just bash men is SO untrue and makes me mad every time!

    I just watched the short film, and even though it was satire, it’s so sad to see how women are treated in the film industry. But posts like this one constantly make me feel better about it!! 😉 I loved reading this, Sophie, and hope you had a great International Women’s Day! ❤ ❤

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    1. It’s completely fine!! ❤ I'm so glad you agreed with this post and enjoyed reading it, it means so much!! Aw.. thank you so much for coming back and commenting though, that's so sweet!! 🙂

      Yes I do think it is unfair that strong women have to be flawless and have to be very powerful to be seen as strong but 'feminine' qualities are belittled for being weak. It is so unfair and the opposite to what feminism is supposed to value– we value all women!!
      I know I hate that mindset, it is just like why don't you look into the movement and see it is about choice and freedom!!

      It heart-breaking how women can be treated in the industry definitely and I think the tone the video took almost made the message more powerful as it really highlighted the issues!!
      I'm glad this post could make you feel better!! 🙂 Thank you so, so much for reading and thank you, I hope you did as well!! ❤ ❤

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  11. This is such a good discussion post, Sophie! So well-written and amazing points. I’ve found that, over the years, I try to seek out books with quiet, shy female main characters or female MCs that are super flawed because I just don’t think they are represented enough! While I still love heroines that kick ass and fight etc, I love reading about a whole range of different heroines, they don’t need to be carrying swords to be strong. Again, great post with amazing points!

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    1. Thank you so much!! That means so much!! ❤
      Yes I definitely love female characters who are shy and introverted because I can relate to them more. And I definitely love flawed females!! They definitely need to be more of them so I can read them all!! Yeah I still love fierce female fighters too but variety of all female characters would be the dream!!! So true 'they don't need to be carrying swords to be strong' !!
      Thank you again!! ❤

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  12. This post is excellent, and you articulated everything I feel. 🙂 Regarding female characters not being allowed to be imperfect is that, I think, they can rarely be as “bad” or morally gray as male characters. I’ve read quite a few novels that had female villains or morally gray characters as the protagonist, and proceeded to punish them by giving them a very unsatisfying ending, whilst male morally gray characters are essentially always redeemed or simply given a decent ending. (I’m looking at you, And I Darken books!!)

    And even when a female character is allowed to be cunning and morally gray, like Jude, the male lead (of the same book) can always get away with more. Arguably, Cardan was the worse of the two as he basically tortured Jude, while she only attacked back when she was provoked. Plus she had “good” qualities, like caring about her sisters, being loyal to the spies etc. AND YET, I’ve seen people praise Cardan and drag Jude and I’m like, have we read the same book? 🙃🙃 Either way, sorry about the rant, haha.

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    1. Thank you SO much!! ❤
      Yes I agree I think males are allowed so much freedom is exploring grey topics without being hated, like when the actor from YOU said in an interview 'how far are we willing to go to forgive an evil white man' and how people reacted to the show, it kind of shows how people enjoy the morally grey white males but when someone else does it some people moan about how horrible they are and how could anyone be interested in them. And like you said they can be given bad endings and punished whilst the men are praised for their redemption.

      I've heard about The Cruel Prince and I was always surprised by how popular Cardan is because the behaviour sounds horrible but it shows the difference between how male and females can be treated. It's insane and can be so frustrating!! (obviously not everyone acts this way though which is at least something but still annoying)!!
      No it's fine, I love the rants!! haha Thank you for commenting!! ❤

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  13. SOPHIEEE THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE BLOG POST OF YOURS (and frankly my entire life). “People limit what a female role model can be which is the total opposite of what empowering women is about. It isn’t about one woman. It is about every woman.” I really really love this line! You’ve emphasized once again that feminism should be intersectional, thank you for voicing this out!!! I’m sure you’ve helped and empowered a lot of women because of this!

    My favorite females in fiction are:
    > Lyra Belacqua from His Dark Materials – She is so young yet already steadfast with her own principles and doing the right thing. A good mix of naivety and courage!

    > Jude Duarte from The Folk of the Air – I love to hate her really. She’s unapologetically brutal, cunning, foolish! and resilient.

    >Myfawny Thomas from The Rook – I really love this book and I hope you get to read it! She’s both smart, a little impulsive, and kind of dumb AHHAHAH

    > Nina and Inej from The Six of Crows duology – We all know why they are lovable!!!

    I can’t remember all of the female characters I love but there are a lot of them in YA Contemporary!! Again, I REALLY LOVE THIS POST SOPHIE. CONGRATS!! I know you worked hard on coming up with this :>

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    1. Ahh.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! *cries* YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH ALL THIS MEANS TO ME!! IT’S SO KIND AND —- *cries more* I’m so happy you think this post could have helped empower a lot of women because that would be amazing and I just can’t —. I’m glad this post got to emphasis the point that feminism is a movement made to support every women because that is what it is all about!!
      I’ve only read about Nina and Inej myself (which I whole heartedly agree are icons). But I know of Lyra (I love the mix of naivety and courage in characters, you can’t help but look up to them) and Jude (unapologetically brutal female character certainly sound like a interesting women to read about, I need to check that series out)!! I haven’t read The Rook but I will have to change that, thank you!
      Yay, I’m glad there are so many amazing females out there, as there should be!!
      AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH, this comment has made me entire month so thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!! thank you, thank you!! ❤

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  14. Love love love this post!! Im personally tired of “the strong badass female characters” being the ones who were only trained to kill/dont feel anything/ are not compassionate whatsoever. I personally like when my characters have multiple personality traits that maybe dont make sense?? Like why cant a character be badass and a fighter but also break down and cry once in awhile?? Or be smart and strong and feminine and wear a pink sparkly ball gown while taking down the bad guys??

    Idk i personally think female characters in YA still need to work on their complexity, and I agree with everything you said about how ppl r more likely to only favor the make morally grey characters over the men?? and how women who are mean or aggressive r painted as annoying and immature while guy characters with that trait r attractive and complex??

    While I will admit I do love morally grey characters and smart asses I like these quantities in any genre character and wish I would see it more in female characters as well!! AWESOME POST 🙂

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    1. Ahh.. thank you so much!! All your kind words mean a lot!!
      Yes, it is like to be strong we have to act like a ‘male’ and never having any emotions. Like as soon as we cry it is like ‘we are a bad role model’ which is so frustrating. I remember in sociology talking about women in positions of power and how they achieve but they have to wear suits like a man, often have short hair and a lot of qualities that are against the typical ‘feminine’ qualities to succeed and I can kind of see it and this attitude also gets reflect in books as well. (this is why Elle Woods from Legally Blonde was an icon)
      Yes I definitely want the badass who cries and strong and feminine leads (in fact my WIP has one). I would love to see that so much *signs petition*

      I definitely would love to see more complex female characters and yes I do see male complex characters to be more likely to be sympathized with whilst the women are dragged down. Yes that point exactly, it is attractive in male but annoying women?!?!? Who even decided that?!?!

      I love morally grey characters as well in every genre and I definitely want to see more female characters like this in the future!!

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  15. Another fantastic post!!! You write such incredible blog posts and its just amazing to read them all.

    You’re 100% right there is no one size fits all for the perfect female character and to be honest even if there was wouldn’t it then get boring? Everyone’s unique and you need a mixture of qualities in your characters. And yes, yes, yes if you’re female character is strong then don’t make them fall apart constantly when trouble comes calling!! I’m not saying they’ll never need saving (as everybody needs help sometimes) but there should be some strong examples of them standing on their own too. I’ve also got to say that I think you need more female villains too. I know they are out there but there should be more. Women can be powerful and dark enough to be the bad guy too.

    Also I’m glad to see the description that you included if feminist because I have noticed that some people seem to take it to simply mean ‘anti men’. Some in the sense that they run men down constantly and some as an insult, insinuating that you must hate men to be feminist. I’ve got to admit that both of those attitudes annoy me. I even saw someone say that there’s ‘no such thing as reverse sexism’ which wtf? Of course there isn’t but not in the way they meant. There’s no such thing as reverse sexism because it means discriminating against someone on the bases of their sex – it doesn’t mean picking on someone because they’re a woman. It works either way 🤔 yeah it seems more obvious with women but men do get sexism too. Like on TV talent shows when it’s okay for people to fawn over a males body openly but it would be wrong in reverse. And men having to be strong and stuff. I feel like when people turn feminism into a simple hatred of men it’s just undermining everything.

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    1. Thank you so much 😭💕😭💕 you’re too kind, thank you thank you !!! 💛💛

      Definitely, there is not just one female character we should look up to as they can all have amazing strengths in their way. And yeah if there were it would get boring. Like you said, everyone is unique and we should see that reflected 😍
      I agree, I’m see it a couple of times in things where we have these women called strong but you never really get to see it. Yeah getting help isn’t bad at all and we all need it but when it is all the time and they are supposed to be the strongest is feels like you are saying it just because.
      I agree there should be more female villains, they can be just as powerful. I’d love to see more as well !!! Especially as I love a villain 😂

      I agree some people can think it is anti man which isn’t the case as it is about equality and always will be to me. I remember one of Emma Watson’s speech covering this really well. It can give feminist a bad rep which isn’t what it is about at all. Yes those attitudes are annoying and I think you covered that really well. It can work either way. Gender norms can constrict both men and females but it can be handled differently due to society’s structure. There are definitely some things that can be handled better and the male gaze and female gaze are both around for sure. There is definitely a pressure for men to be strong and never cry, I agree.
      Yeah it really shouldn’t be turned into plain hatred!!

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      1. Its all true ❤️❤️❤️💕💕

        Yes definitely. We want a variety of characters who are individual just like people are.
        Yes I know exactly what you’re mean. You have to show your characters traits in their actions not just as a description that is then proven to be false by their deeds.
        Yes me too. Villains are fantastic to learn about.

        I’m really glad you agree as I was kind of worried when I sent the comment that it sounded bad. I’ll have to look for that speech of hers sometime. And it definitely shouldn’t be turned into hatred. The idea of equality should never lead to hate and it’s so terrible that it does sometimes.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you so much again !! ❤ ❤
          Exactly, everyone deserves to see themselves in stories.
          yess you worded it perfectly!!
          I know I've definitely found myself reaching for villains lately !!
          aw… not at all. Yeah to be fair I've only seen pictures and quotes but I found it really good.
          I agree !!

          Liked by 1 person

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