2019: A ‘Stat’ely Review Ft. Captain Ray Holt

DISCLAIMER: Captain Holt is not actually featured in this post himself. Shocking, I know?


Hey everyone!!

Today I have a discussion which I have wanted to write for a while. It is all about statistics.

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Firstly, I would like to thank these bloggers and their posts (which you need to immediately check out) for the inspiration to do this post:

(This post had some issues being uploaded so if you got lots of pingbacks then I’m SO sorry)




(1) the practice or science of collecting and analysing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample.

source: google

so NUMBERS…. basically and I love numbers as maths was actually my favourite subject at school. *book nerds gasp all over the world*

But blogging statistics aren’t about equations or angles but tallying followers, views and comments.

This is very helpful information as it gives you an indication of what posts are popular, where people are coming from and the progress of your blog in numeric value.




So 2019 started with me coming back from a cave of underproductiveness a 6 month hiatus and even before that I wasn’t very active so it was very much a new start for me and in turn my statistics increase by 1,633% this year.


WARNING: Graph Attack Impending.
picture of yearly stats for my blog.
This is the yearly overview and you can clearly see 2019 was the best year. (You can’t even see 2017, to be fair I think I posted twice in 3 months) I have talked below about the ways to make your statistics increase.

image of monthly stats for my blog.
This is my monthly overview of statistics from January to December. As you can see my statistics take a general projection upwards. August was when I went on my hiatus so naturally my statistics went down as I didn’t post then you do have to start again in a way.
I think the summer has such high statistics as people are off from school and maybe the season makes people more productive. And finally I took part in blogmas so I posted a lot which made December very good for stats but generally the end of the year is a quieter time for views.

daily overview of statistics for my blog.
I thought I would share a day by day graph to show how much it can fluctuate as the days I post are the best days and it will vary a lot. Also I wasn’t very active over these days which make my statistics lower too. Plus the end of the year is really bad for statistics, like seriously.


How to Increase your Statistics?*

*nowhere near an expert, I am just making guessing look fancy. Is it working?



The more you post, the better views you get naturally. And if you post consistently it will make a big difference. It can be hard and allow yourself to have breaks (please don’t be hard on yourself) but this is key.



This is my favourite way to meet new bloggers and interact. I also find it the most productive in terms of statistics as often it encourages people to check out your blog and build a genuine bond. Plus through finding other blogs on WordPress and subscribing, it gets your blog know and subscribed too which is where I’ve gotten most my views.


Another way I’ve gotten a lot of views is through comment on other blogs as well, it gets your name out there and other bloggers can find you through mutual friends. So blog hopping makes a big difference. If you want to increase numbers always try to find new blogs (make a target of finding 5 new blogs a month if you aim is growth) as well as talking to old friends.



This is where you link to someone else’s post so this can get people to read certain posts if they are mentioned. I mean it isn’t something you do for views but I think it shows that interacting in the community helps you to reach higher views/numbers.



Obviously we all know by now that book reviews are the least popular posts (sad face) so if I post a review I will get less views whereas if I post a discussion I get a lot more people visiting and commenting I find. This isn’t necessarily a guaranteed formula though. But it does show that the content you are putting out will affect your statistics.



I’m not the biggest twitter user and I certainly use it less nowadays but I’ve always had it with my blog and it can certainly be a good place to share posts as you can reach other people or remind people that you posted something. Again I don’t use it in the most productive way but as you can see I’ve had some clicks over the year.

image of twitter views for blog

Twitter does have groups which you can join and blog share threads (e.g teacup share?) which do increase views but it has more of ‘I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine’ feel so it has pros and cons.



You have to make separate graphics for pinterest and I rarely do it. I have been improving lately but I think you can gain views from it if you dedicate time to it. It will mostly be views and not engaging viewers but it is a different way to reach new people. You can join group boards to help your pins have a farther reach.




I like to post pictures for myself and I rarely promote my blog on Instagram so I don’t get too many clicks but I thought I would mention it as the bookstagram community is large and I think you could reach lots of people if you desired it.

image of Instagram clicks for blog



Titles of blog do have an impact, it is like the shop window to your post so I think they are really important. My advice is to NOT do click-bait but make the truth exciting or put some personality in them.

One example is Book Blogging Firsts Tag | Explaining The Hidden Reason Behind My Blog Name (yes I’m being dramatic here) and Gushing About The Support which got more views than I expected which I think was down to be putting ‘the hidden reason behind my blog name’. This is great for tags and awards because you can make the title different as everyone has seen ‘the sunshine blogger award’ title before, for example.

Other tips are to put key information/words in the title and phrase it like a question. Potential readers will be more drawn to these titles. 



I don’t know anything about this honestly but if you research SEO (I really hope I got the right initials there) you can learn ways to boost your online presence and reach more people. But I remain clueless (and happily so tbh)




This will affect your statistics and I did a post here with tips to improve blog design. As design and layout will make people stay and want to come back, it makes a BIG different. The key things are to make it easy to read, reflect your blog and to be pretty.



It is a great feeling when statistics increase as you feel like you’re growing. Plus when you have a good statistic days it can feel like amazing and like all the work has been worth it in a way (but more on that later). I mean the feeling can be captured in this one gif….

Related image

Top 3 posts of the YEAR: (and why I think they did so well)


Number One: Introducing Myself as a Writer: The Writer’s Tag

  • I think this was popular as it was different to my usual posts and it appealed to a whole new audience (the writing community) which doesn’t always help but in this case it did. Plus some other people did this tag and link back to me which helped.

Number Two: My Thoughts on Star Ratings

  • This was one of my post popular discussions ever. I think it was a topic that lots were interested in and kindly quite a few people shared it on twitter or on wrap ups which helped bring in more views. (thank you)

Number Three: Amazing Book Blogs You Should be Following

  • I linked to a lot of people so it encourages people to read it. Plus I think people like finding new blogs but don’t always know where to find them so maybe that helped too.


So we all cheer with passionate appreciation of statistics.

Not quite.

Much like my attempts at eyeliner, statistics aren’t perfect. They aren’t the measure of a successful blog or the most important thing with blogging *whoop there it is*

Image result for captain holt gif meant it



OoOhHH… how omnious


Compulsively checking statistics aka obsession


Image result for captain holt twitter gif


  1. Checks statistics
  2. Leave
  3. 1 minute passes
  4. Checks statistics again
  5. Nothing has changed.
  6. Feel blue

I don’t mean to compulsively check but there is some part of me that is curious, that wants to see the numbers and how dare I say it how popular I am. Then once you start looking it is like a little light turns on telling you to constantly check because it might be different now, you may have reached your new goal. You keep going and going until you ask yourself….

Image result for captain holt gif meant it

BUT this isn’t good. The obsession with statistics is dangerous and never leaves you satisfied because with numbers there is always more. It is one of those situations where you’re more in love with where you could be instead of where you are meaning you forget to be happy for your current achievement because it could be BETTER.

This is not an outlook I like. Sometimes I look at my statistics and wish they were higher but I don’t realise that months ago I probably would have loved to have been where I am.

To me this all seems like a formula for unhappiness.

Besides if you check constantly it is going be like 1 view plus 1 view which seems small but if I check at say the end of the week it is going to seem like a lot more. It’s true gradual change can go unnoticed so it is actually better to not compulsively look. So I try to resist and honestly feel much happier because of it.


Feeling like posts aren’t loved aka self-depletion

You know when you tirelessly work on something day and night, thinking of nothing else but achieving this one image. You slave away on the words to build something no else has ever seen. You take painstaking detail to create a graphic. Then you pour through the words to catch any mistake. And you FINALLY get to post it and it fades into the past with no one noticing.

Image result for captain holt exaggeration gif


*cricket sounds*

Okay so that not exactly how it goes because (1) I have amazing blogger friends and (2) I was clearly exaggerating. But my point stands that sometimes you can feel like you posts are slightly unloved when you look at comments, likes or views. It isn’t a great feeling at all.

Image result for captain holt gif meant it


Comparison aka everyone is Queen and I am trash

The comparison game is brutal. It means you look at everyone else and see how much better they are doing than you so you fall into a ball of self-pity. I mentioned this before but when you look at other bloggers who might have more likes or comments or followers than you. It can make you feel like ‘what’s the point?’, ‘I’m not good enough’ and you spiral until you look at the ‘close site’ button. It turns out….

Image result for captain holt happy gif

and one of those forms can be your very own thoughts.

BUT someone’s success is completely different to yours because you are different. Congratulate them on their success whilst congratulations yourself on your own success.

Success is very relative and it certainly doesn’t take a ‘one size fits all approach’ so I know it is hard, believe me, but what someone else is doing shouldn’t take away from what you are doing.



So we are at the end of the post, nearly... don’t leave me yet. And you might be thinking ‘wow look at her screaming about the problems of social media and numbers, when this is something she chooses to do. You can’t complain about things you want to do. They are CLEARLY mutually exclusive.’ Basically….

Image result for captain holt gif meant it

Well I have a phrase I could use here which rhymes with ‘Olay Doomer’ but I’m going to resist.

Yes I do choose to do this and I really enjoy this but that doesn’t mean a sudden disappearance of problems.


Anyway I’ve covered that statistics are useful and I like seeing them for growth and honestly I’m very interested in seeing how many people have witnessed my blog (I’M SORRY) and how many countries I have reached. It is cool. Plus when you have a good statistics day or hit a new goal, it feels sooooooooo nice.

Image result for captain holt gif meant it

BUT I cannot emphasise this point enough, ‘statistics’ are not everything and they certainly aren’t a measure of success.

I had an epiphany during last year where I realised I didn’t really want lots and lots of numbers and views. I thought that was the GOAL, you know the big thing to reach for and while I do like the steady increase and hitting new milestones. I’ve learnt that building genuine connections and friendships mean so much more. I love getting to talk about my favourite books and topics then hearing what you all have to say as well. I am amazed by the love you give me and it means so much. I think I learnt that one kind, thoughtful comment has a much longer and lasting impact than any good numbers day. So thank you to so many of you. You have completely made my whole blogging experience. Plus sometimes you have to have worth in yourself, instead of what the statistics tell you.

Image result for captain holt i'm sorry I got emotional gif


What do you think about statistics? Do you think there is a good and bad side to them?

Why do you think people don’t talk about them often?

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50 thoughts on “2019: A ‘Stat’ely Review Ft. Captain Ray Holt

    1. Hi I know I’m so sorry. I had no idea why it kept uploading but was never on my site so I deleted it when I got my laptop (my phone wasn’t working) and re-uploaded it myself which has worked.
      Again I’m so sorry. That must have been so annoying for you!! Sorry!!


  1. Yess… while I love checking my statistics (and your statistics for 2019 are amazing!! *high-fives*), the reality can be super disheartening. 😦 Your section on how checking statistics is basically a formula for unhappiness had me nodding SO, SO hard!!!

    “I’ve learnt that building genuine connections and friendships mean so much more.” << Sophie, this had me TEARING UP!!! You described the magic of meeting new blogging friends perfectly, and I love how you agree that it's much more important than statistics 😀

    Overall, this was so insightful and relatable!! Thanks for writing such a gem of a post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww.. I’m so glad you could relate to checking your statistics so much 😂 and how it can be quite disruptive!! But I do agree that it can be interesting to check statistics. And thank you so much, that is so so sweet to say Ash 💛💛 *high fives back*

      Aww… Ash 😭💕😭 yay it is amazing to connect to so many people and it blows me away that I can talk to people all over the world and we can be connecting through books!! It’s wonderful!! It is so special 😭💕

      Thank you SO, SO much!! This comments means so much and it makes me so happy that you liked this post and you could relate!! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Instagram has never worked for me for blog stats, but I guess I’m not doing it well because I barely have any followers anyway. :p But I do get the impression that even people successful on Instagram are often just successful on that platform, and they don’t always see click throughs to their blog. I’d love to hear from someone who actually gets blog traffic from it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah I don’t know how to get Instagram to grow your blog, I guess getting your presence out there is a good thing but most people are on Instagram to look at pictures, not look for posts. I don’t know anyone who gets a lot of traffic from Instagram either but I would love to hear from someone who uses it to get blog views too!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. AHH great post! I’m actually pretty bad at checking my statistics haha. I know they’re pretty low so I don’t really check…i honestly care more about whether I get comments or not and then if I don’t I get disappointed because I was hoping to chat to someone. My favorite thing to check if I am looking at my stats if how people found my blog through the search engine. You know, somebody was looking for “[book title] read online” and found my ARC review instead xD

    I think blog hopping is awesome! You can find new friends and whatnot and I think I need to take the leap to blog hop around outside of my Reader so maybe that’s what i’ll aim for this year!

    Anyway, your sincerity here is lovely! You’re the best ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! 💛🌟 I think it is a good thing to not be addicted to checking out statistics and I completely agree about comments meaning more. It is great to have a conversation about something you are passionate about with lots of people!!
      It is interesting to see where people find your blog and what there have typed. I think I once had a question to do with some in King of Scars but I felt bad because I hadn’t answered it in my post 😂 it is cool that people have found your ARC review!

      Blog hopping is so cool. I really enjoy it when I get to so it!! Yeah I keep meaning to expand the blogs I look at but I always run out of time 🙈 best of luck with finding more blogs! 💛

      Aww.. that’s so sweet!! You’re the best!! Thank you so, SO much!! 💕


  4. Gosh, this is a beautiful, well-written discussion post and I aspire to one day write discussion posts as great as this 💛But seriously, I love how in depth you went with the topic of stats! As a sort of stats obsessed person myself, this was a good reminder to just CHILLLLL.

    Also, your blogging voice is so funny! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww… Thank you so much Kat!! Don’t mind me, I’m just going to cry from this comment 😭💛 It means so much and I’m so happy you enjoyed this discussion!!
      It was quite a long post, I had a lot to say so I’m glad you like the depth as I was worried about 💛
      I have definitely been obsessed with stats before but I have learnt to be more relaxed and I have been so much happier. It is good to chill 😂

      Aww.. Thank you so much!! That means a lot!! Thank you for this comment!! 💛💛

      Liked by 1 person

  5. These are so neat! Yes, I find that my best months stats-wise are always January and August. Partially because I post/bloghop more those months, but also I think readership is just up in general?

    Regardless, I really enjoyed reading this post, and I liked hearing your thoughts on stats, both in general and your own. 🙂 (also the Captain Holt gifs are on point 😂😂😂)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww.. Thank you so much!! Yeah I’ve noticed that January and the summer are great stat months. I definitely think readership is up!! But also the amount you blog hop can affect stats as well but I still notice a pattern!!

      I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this post!! 💛 Thank you so much for reading!! And yay I loved the Captain Holt gifs so much so I’m so happy you loved them 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. THIS POST IS VERY ENTERTAINING AND I ACTUALLY LIKE MATH TOO (more bookdragon gasps O.o) so this was a ton of fun to read! Congrats on your amazing growth in 2019 and here’s to lots more ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww.. yay thank you so much!!
      *Maths high five!!* the bookdragons will just have to handle this 😂
      I’m so happy you enjoyed reading it and thank you for taking the time to check it out!!
      Thank you so much!! I couldn’t have done it without you 💙 yay I’m excited for 2020!!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I worry about my stats WAY to much and I use it as a way as making myself feel better or worse, like if I dint have a good amount of views or likes on a post I’ll get kinda low feeling but I’m just starting out with my blog so I have to remember that the stats don’t matter! Everyone That I’ve “met” thru blogging is absolutely amazing, u guys are a great bunch of ppl!!! Enjoyed this post xx 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I definitely get that, I can get consumed by checking on my statistics and wanting them to be higher!! But you are so right that blogging can be about so much more, obviously growth is nice but it comes gradually and like you said you can meet so many amazing people and can to talk to them which is wondeful and rewarding to do!!
      Thank you so much!! 💕💕 That makes me so happy!!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh, I loved reading your very in-depth post about stats!! 🥰 I don’t look at mine that often (it sadly makes me more anxious), but I think it can be really valuable to figure out when to best post and what kind of content is great for engaging people! I love that you also included different ways to share your posts (I’m in awe of people making these cool Pinterest graphics). I mainly share my posts on Twitter and love the people on my feed sharing theirs, as it always gets me excited to read their posts 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw… Thank you so much Caro!! I can understand that as it does add a lot of pressure but is can be useful that is shows what type of posts are well received!!
      Aww.. Thank you. I’m not an expert but I am beginning to see the different ways you can share posts. Yeah there are some amazing Pinterest graphics I would love you do it more !!
      That’s true about Twitter as it is an active community so it is great to share posts!! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  9. LOVE this post, Sophie! Super insightful.

    I’ve been thinking about making more use of Pinterest, as I hard it’s helpful. But ahhh it’d be a ton of work to make graphics for over there since they’d have to portrait and everything so we’ll see hehe.

    I’ve been trying to comment on more blog posts and read more posts lately, so I can grow. Which is causing to be hard. I’ve never been a fast grower but ever since I took a break from blogging my stats aren’t as high. I’m not paying too much attention to them because I’m blogging for fun but you know I would like my hard work to be seen more. Anyways, rambling whoops.

    Some super helpful tips ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw… Thank you so much Ruby!! 💕

      Yes I have been trying to make better use of Pinterest as it can be helpful. But it is more work. I think Canva can make it easier though 😊

      Yeah I find blog hopping really helpful for my growth!! I have never grown fast either but finding new blogs helped me a lot. I have noticed that breaks slow down statistics. I definitely agree because I blog for fun but it is nice to see some growth and it is a lot of work so you do want something back!!
      Haha I love it when people ramble!! 😂

      I’m glad I could help!! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  10. First of all the use of Captain Holt gifs in this post was perfect, and second of all, I agree with everything that you said! congrats on having a great statistics year in 2019 as well—you should be proud of yourself for all the work you put into your wonderful blog!!
    Haha, I ALWAYS mention this, but I am a very stats-obsessed person, and sometimes I let it affect my mental health, which is so not good!! It’s so easy to become addicted to the rush of validation you get when someones likes your post, comments on it, or follows your blog. On days wherein my site isn’t getting that much interaction because I’m not posting, I tend to feel bad! And don’t get me started on comparing blogs—I do it all the time. Some bloggers are just… so good at consistently putting out great content! And it’s hard not to compare the rate in which my blog grows with theirs! Ugh, I always wonder what they have that I don’t, and it sucks!! I really hate this mindset, and I hope that I can leave it behind in 2020! You’re so right that someone else’s success doesn’t cancel out mine! that’s such great advice ❤
    Also, I agree with your tips so much!! Twitter especially helps my blog grow a lot. When I tweet about a post, and someone retweets the tweet or even just likes it, my blog usually gets a few extra views or even a new follow! It was also super shocking to me when I realized that titles do affect people's willingness to click on a post. somehow, I expected people to be less shallow 😅 And I really want to use Pinterest to grow my blog because I know how helpful it can be. The problem is that I'm a literal grandma with ZERO clue how to use Pinterest. Also, the concept of having to make extra graphics doesn't sound appealing to me ://
    Great post, Sophie ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay I loved using lots of Captain Holt gifs 😂 and thank you so much!! I’m glad you could relate.
      Aw… Thank you SO much 😭💕 That means a lot!! You are always so kind and your support means a lot Caitlin so thank you!! 💛

      I know it can be easy to become obsessed with statistics, it feels good to have a good statistics day and then you always seek that type of validation out so it can become quite unhealthy.
      I know it is weird how easy it becomes to compare every little detail of your blog to someone elses. It can make you feel like you aren’t good enough for some reason which sucks.
      I agree I have been trying to change this mindset as I think it is much better and it has been working.
      I’m glad you liked that advice and I definitely believe it!! 💕

      I’m glad Twitter is such a great platform for you. I would like to use it more and I love that retweets make such a difference. I will definitely try to do it more 😊

      I know title and graphics make such a difference. People really can be shallow!! 😂

      I still haven’t got the hang of Pinterest to be honest but I definitely think it can be helpful. Making extra graphics can be a pain, I sometimes forget to do it 😂 I read some posts about Pinterest but I can’t remember them. If I find them I will send them to you!! I think joining group boards is one of the main things!!

      Thank you so much again Caitlin!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I thought I followed your blog but apparently I didn’t?!

    Yeah, occasionally I fall into the compulsive-stat-checking trap too, but I try not to. Much as I love comments and views, even if all I do is scream out into the void, that’s okay! And I do tend to get really nice comments on all my posts, even if I don’t get one million views.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw.. thank you for following me 💕💕

      I know, it can be easy to fall into a trap where you compulsively check your statistics!! But I try not to!
      Yeah it is nice to get comments and views but blogging can offer so much more as I love writing my posts and making genuine friendships can mean a lot so I 100% agree !! Thank you for this comment!! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  12. yess stats are the best!! and those captain holt gifs? PERFECTION.

    obsessing over stats is something i do more than i like to admit and it can really get me down especially when you put a lot of effort into your posts and they don’t get much love. and don’t get me started on comparing yourself to others :((

    However there are positives and the community is amazing! I loved this post! It really made me think and your tips are absolutely amazing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww.. Thank you!!! I really loved finding all the Captain Holt gifs 😂

      I have definitely obsessed about stats and it isn’t something that has helped me. Of course it is interesting but it can put you down especially if posts don’t so as well as you want!! And the comparison game– it is so exhausting and disheartening!
      Yes I think it is important to hold onto the positives and focus on all the love in the community. It makes me much happier. Obviously there are still hard days but I love the community!! ❤
      Thank you so, so much! That makes me SO happy to hear!! ❤❤


  13. This whole post was so interesting to read! And I loved all the Captain Holt gifs throughout – really added to it 😀 I’m always interested to see other people’s stats and most popular posts. Sometimes it seems really obvious why a certain post gets popular, but sometimes it’s mysterious! Always fun to look at 😀

    And yes, obsessing over stats is way too easy to get caught up in, even when you know that it’s pointless. I’ve definitely found myself caught in that loop over and over again. It’s especially frustrating when you work really hard on a post that you think will get a lot of engagement and then it just…doesn’t. But I love your conclusion that building connections are so much more important than racking up page views. Those are what will matter most in the long run, anyway! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Margaret!! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it and liked the Captain Holt gifs. I think they were my favourite part!!
      I find it interesting to see stats and popular posts which is why I wanted to talk about it. Yeah sometimes it can seem like a random post is popular but other times it is more obvious!!
      Definitely is super easy to get caught up in stats!! It is like a loop!! It can be disheartening when a post doesn’t do as well as you want it to!! Thank you I definitely agree that the connections you make can mean so much and I think it is a great thing to focus on!!
      Thank you for reading and this lovely comment!! ❤


  14. This is such an interesting post! I’ll admit, I’m useless at checking my stats and trying to improve them, but I know most of my views come from Twitter and Worpress itself. I’ve seen so many people say how good Pinterest is, but I’m still so confused with how to use it! Definitely agree with making genuine connections with people, I think that’s the thing thats helped me the most, and I love interacting with bloggers so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 💛
      At least statistics don’t overtake everything as you don’t check them too much. Yeah wordpress is my biggest way to get views too!!
      I am no master at Pinterest and some people get insane views from it which is awesome for them. I think group boards and creating new pins help so you can rotate them across boards or something. But I’m not 100% 🙈

      Yeah I love making connections and talking to people is the best part of blogging!! I completely agree 💕


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