Music of 2019

Hey everyone!!

Welcome to day 18 of blogmas and you may have noticed this is not what I put as my day 18 post in Doing Blogmas but I changed it as I thought 2020 goals made so much more sense at the start of the year and I wanted to talk about music.

Most of this is 2019 released music but it isn’t limited to that. This is just all the music I have loved to listen (and dance) to in 2019. Music has become very important to me. It provides a wonderful escape and captures so much feeling.

This isn’t everything I’ve listened to but some of my favourites that I wanted to highlight. I would say my favourite type of music is ‘fast slow’ which is a contradiction but they aren’t upbeat songs and often talk about sad topics but they also aren’t slow songs. I call them happily sad. What is your favourite type of music?


Also you can play the songs on the Spotify playlists. It took me ages to realise that.
Spotify Stats
  • Different songs played: 724
  • Minutes listened: 5, 499
  • Number one artist: Marina
  • Number one track: Disposable
  • Number of different countries artists are from: 24
  • Genres: Pop, Modern Rock, Emo, Hollywood, Indie Poptimism




Lewis Capaldi

He has been a very popular musician of this year and I am all for it as he seems like a nice, funny person and I love his songs. There is a real emotion side to the songs and I love the vibe. I think if you like Ed Sheeran’s slower songs you should check him out.

Favourite songs: Maybe and Forever.

“I never said that we would die together
That doesn’t mean it was a lie”


Grace Carter

She has a really strong and powerful voice. I love the lyrics as I think they are really meaningful and heartfelt. I think if you like artists like Adele you should definitely check her out.

Favourite songs: Wicked Game and Silence (acoustic)

“I believe every word you didn’t say”



I discovered Marina last year and I love her Electra Heart era as there were so many good songs but she released a new album this year and I loved it. She has a really unique voice and style. Through her albums you can see her change and grow so I think in this album you can see she has grown to believe in love and be kind to herself which I think is beautiful. She talks about creativity and the album on twitter. I think both are a great read so please check them out. I love her. All her albums are different but all beautiful and she is inspiration with the things she talks about.

Favourite songs: To Be Human and Soft to be Strong

“I believe the world is beautiful
Only the weak ones are cruel”


Greyson Chance

I only heard about Greyson Chance this year and became entirely obsessed with his latest album. It is had so many good songs that I could listen to on repeat. His voice is really gentle and I think he has a distinctive style. Just listen, PLEASE.

Favourite songs: white roses and seasons nineteen

“Darling be gentle with me
When you tell me that you need to go”


Sam Fender

Sam Fender has a very relaxing voice and definitely builds up an atmosphere with his songs which I love. The music is always strong as well and I honestly find them a really easy listen. His songs talk heavily about the current society in a way you don’t see that much which I love.

Favourite songs: Hypersonic Missiles, White Privilege, Dead Boys

“Their evil is still not gone”



AJR have a very unique sound so you will immediately know it is them but I do love them. The latest album and the one before ‘The Click’ have been what I have been listening to and I love the energy and the lyrics.

Favourite songs: Call My Dad, Don’t Throw Out My Legos, Dear Winter

“My favourite colour is you”


Jack Savoretti 

He has a wonderfully raw and gentle voice which is so easy to listen to. I actually started listening because of my sister. He has his own style and he sticks to it which I’m happy about and I think he is very talented.

Favourite songs: Greatest Mistake, Things I Thought I’d Never Do

“My greatest mistake
Is that I never let it show
These feelings I feel
But God I hope you know”


Kyd the Band

I listened to Wishful Thinking on repeat for a good while and I’m yet to check out any other songs but I should. Anyway ‘Wishful Thinking’ captures the feeling of after a relationship really well and it is unique (the beginning notes have an almost western feel) but it is really catchy. Ahh.. I just love it!!

Favourite song: Wishful Thinking

“But I’ll forgive all my enemies
Before I’ll forgive you”


The Painter

I listened to Disposable so much. It is a great song and full of emotion about rejection and when someone doesn’t return your feelings. I like the journey the melody goes on and it is such a great tune which I could listen to again and again.

Favourite song: Disposable

“You waste my love because it’s free”


Cold War Kids

I played the song ‘first’ a lot and I really like the tune and the highs and lows of the melody. It is such a passionate song that I could listen to again and again. And in classic style I need to try out more of their songs.

Favourite song: First

“First you get hurt, then you feel sorry”


Hamilton (Original Broadway Soundtrack)

When I first listened to the Hamilton soundtrack I didn’t get the hype but for some reason I tried again and I fell in love. I think it is best if you listen from start to finish at least once as you really get the story. I thought the story it captured is amazing and so well done in verse. The songs are also wonderful and I would love, LOVE to go to the Broadway show one day!!

Favourite songs: You’ll Be Back, Helpless, Satisfied, Guns and Ships, History Has Its Eyes on You, Your Obedient Servant, Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story.

“You have no control
Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?”



P!NK’s last two albums have been incredible and I have always liked her music but the most recent two are just something special. They have a great uplifting spirit so you can really get into it but also has some more gentle ones as well.

Favourite songs: Hurts 2B Human, Can We Pretend.

“And sometimes I get so tired
Of getting tied up in my thoughts”


Colony House

Colony House has some truly beautiful songs from the lyrics to the voices to the music so please check them out. That is all I have to say about them.

Favourite songs: This Beautiful Life, Looking for Some Light, Lonely.

“Is this a heart attack or did my troubles find a way to paint my heart this black?”


L Devine

I have listened to a few of L Devine’s song and most aren’t for me as they aren’t my style but one song I do love is Peer Pressure. It is unique as it is almost talking singing if you know what I mean but I think the tone and the lyrics really capture ‘peer pressure’ well so I think everyone should listen to it.

Favourite song: Peer Pressure

“Got so many friends and they all make me feel alone”



I need to listen to the whole album but I really like a few of the songs. I think they talk about things that I can relate to and the songs are so catchy and I love them, what more do I want??

Favourite songs: maybe, i’m afraid, broken

“Maybe all we are is fools with hearts that tried too hard
And maybe that’s just fine as long as you’re here in my arms”


Bad Suns

I only know one of their songs at the minute as I’m terrible at listening to whole albums as you probably have realised but I love the song. It capture growing up and looking back even if it isn’t the happiest song, I still love it. It is catchy, unique and touches the emotions.

Favourite song: This Was a Home Once

“With so much love comes so much pain”


Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sandé is an amazing artist and she was big at one time but I don’t hear many people talking about her now and she released a new album this year which is awesome. I have been listening to her classics a lot because c’mon she is brilliant. Her voice is so clear and strong.

Favourite songs: Read All About It Pt. III, My Kind of Love, Clown

“If the truth has been forbidden
Then we’re breaking all the rules”



Hozier first album in my favourite one, it is literally the perfect album to listen to it the dark and stare at the ceiling (you know?) and I was really excited for his new album. I’m kind of sad I didn’t love it as much as I wanted to but I still love his vocals and atmosphere in this one. Plus I believe his mum design the album cover which is my favourite thing ever. (I haven’t fact checked so I could be going insane)

Favourite songs: Almost (Sweet Music), To Noise Making (sing).

“You don’t have to sing it nice, but honey sing it strong”


Ben Platt

I actually going to kind of presume you all know who Ben Platt is but he has a gentle yet powerful voice and he seems like a really nice person. I have only been listening to RAIN really so I need to try more of his other songs but RAIN is so good and I thank Lais so much for introducing me to it.

Favourite song: RAIN

“I know we’ve both been afraid
But we can’t run from the wind and the thunder”



This is one that I’ve only listened to one song but I thought it was wonderful that I had to share it. I love the lyrics and the tune so by all means give it a listen.

Favourite song: Waking Up the Giants

“We’re the rhythm of the darkest nights
We’re the truth that’s been left unspoken
We’re the shadows far beyond the lights”


The Strumbellas

Their name sounds like something of Pitch Perfect, doesn’t it?!? But it is another one where I’ve only been listening to one song and need to try more out. But I think they have energetic, gentle songs and they are easy to listen to.

Favourite song: I’ll Wait

“You say that I’m a dreamer
You always let me be myself”



This is an old album from 2014 but I just listened to it this year so I’m late to the party. I still can’t believe she was 16 when she made this album. But I love her voice and the style of music.

Favourite songs: Royals, White Teeth Teens

“Give the bruises out like gifts
You’ll get the picture of your dreams”


A Star is Born Soundtrack

This movie was really big at the time and honestly I didn’t see it but I ended up watching it a lot of times because different people wanted to see it and I went along with them and it grew on me and I do really like some of the songs. So I probably won’t watch the movie that often but some songs I will listen to again and again.

Favourite songs: Always Remember Us This Way, Is That Alright?, I’ll Never Love Again

“We don’t know how to rhyme
But, damn, we try”


James Bay

I didn’t realise he released any new music so I’m actually thankful for Spotify’s suggested songs for once (side note: Spotify’s phone version is the WORST, give me strength). Again I love his voice and his lyrics so it is a really easy listen. YES, yes, YES.

Favourite song: Rescue

“They say the more you love, the harder you fall
But I would rather hurt than nothing at all”


Before You Exit

First of all this album title ‘love, pain & retrospect’ is a very me album name. I found them through one song which was emotional and slower than my usual taste but it was so gentle and dreamy that I do love it.

Favourite song: The Butterfly Effect

“Who would ever guess we got here from that kiss”


Sam Smith: Fire on Fire

Sam Smith is quite a big artist and his voice is beautiful and I 100% prefer his slow powerful songs but one song that I don’t think gets enough love is the one from Watership Down, I never watched in on TV but this is such a good song so please listen. It is powerful and beautiful.

“But don’t let them ruin our beautiful rhythms”


I think you can tell by listening to them all that I like a certain style of music so if you think you have any recommendation for me, please tell me. I would love to know.

Do you know any of these songs what do you think?
What has been your favourite music of 2019? Who is your favourite artist?
If you have to sing in front of a crowd, what song would you pick?

14 thoughts on “Music of 2019

  1. Ah, I love P!nk so much!! (and lorde and a few ajr songs). I’ve been listening to a lot of Alessia Cara and Mariana’s Trench.

    And I have no idea what song I’d sing in front of a crowd. Hopefully, it never comes up 😳

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes P!nk has some really wonderful songs and such a strong voice. I could easily listen to her all the time!! Yes lorde and AJR are both really unique !! Yes I really like both of them– I really like who do you love by Mariana’s Trench!!
      Yeah I am with you, I hope I never have to sing in front of a crowd 😂


  2. this is suchhhh a good post, sophie, and i feel like i have so many artists to check out now!
    it was a fellow blogger who recommended me lewis capaldi for the first time and i really fell in love with his voice. it’s so unique and his lyrics are also soooo stunning. hollywood and forever are my favorite tracks too, but his entire album was mind-blowing.
    AND OFC GREYSON CHANCE!!!! i am legit so thankful that you put him back on my radar, because portraits is such a beautiful album and i’m truly obsessed.
    lorde is one of my favorite artists and the pure heroine album means so much to me. i listened to it all throughout 2013/2014 and it is indeed crazy that she made this album so young. i love how relatable the lyrics are and how unique the sound is too. i’d highly recommend checking out melodrama, if you haven’t yet, because it’s just as amazing.
    i’ll make sure to check out kyd the band and cold war kids; sounds like the type of music i love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so, so much Lais! I really enjoyed writing this one as I got to gush about my favourite music!! 😂
      Yay I hope you find some you like!
      Yes Lewis Capaldi is amazing, I’m listening to him now!! I’ve had the album on repeat. He has an amazing voice!! I love his lyrics, they have sooo much emotion!! It is so hard to pick a favourite off the album as they are so consistently good. I do have a soft spot for Forever!
      Ahh.. that makes me so happy, I got my sister to listen to Greyson Chance too. He ended up being on her top 5 artists on spotify, haha! I’m so glad you loved the album, it is stunning!! I even like the talking ones in a weird way!!
      Aw.. that’s amazing that Pure Heroine means so much to you!! I can’t believe I hadn’t listened to it sooner. I agree the lyrics are relatable and she has such a distinct voice!! Ohh.. okay I will definitely get on that ASAP (I’ll stop Lewis for once)
      Ohh yay!! I hope you love them too!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I haven’t listened to a lot of these, I think I’ve gotten really behind on music over the last few years 🙈 I somehow haven’t even heard P!nks latest albums when I used to always buy her CDs /: I’ll definitely have to listen to them on Spotify when I make a puzzle later or tomorrow (: I love Marina though!! I’m so glad I found her music as I love all of it. And I liked the sound of Grace Carter so I’ll have to check her music out properly too (: I think I’ve listened to a lot of music from films lately – Queen and Elton John after the movies about them and the soundtrack from The Greatest Showman. I also kind of want the Aladdin soundtrack now as I love those songs 😂 I also need to find out if any of the singers that I love have anything new out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m always behind on the latest music, I never follow the charts 😂
      Ohh you should definitely listen to P!nk’s latest albums because I think they have some of her best songs on there. She is a really talented singer!! Aw.. that sounds good, I love how music can go along with lots of activities!!
      Marina is amazing!! I love her songs!! Yeah Grace Carter has such a strong voice!!
      Film soundtracks are great. I love listening to them after the films. I think all of those films had great soundtracks!! I have listened to the occasional one from Frozen 2 😂
      Yeah I don’t keep up to date with all my favourite artists so I can often go onto their page and be surprised with new music !! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Me either :L I used to, to some extent, as I’d always get the Now That’s What I Call Music CDs but I don’t think I’d like a lot of what’s on the latest ones :L
        I agree, she’s an amazing singer and some of her songs are so emotional! And I agree, it can make you feel better too.
        Me too (:
        I mostly only listen to musical soundtracks but I’ve really gotten into some of them lately :L I’ll have to listen to some of the songs from Frozen 2 sometime though; I did like them all :L
        Yeah I’m not great at keeping up to date either :L

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That would be a good way to stay up to date!! But yeah I wouldn’t like most of the songs. I use spotify because they give me similar songs so I find new artist all the time!! haha!!
          Yes she is great!! I love her music!! ❤
          Haha musical soundtracks are great so I understand that!! It is so goood!! Yess it was so fun!! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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