Best Movie and TV of 2019

Hey everyone!!

Happy blogmas and welcome to day 14!!

Today I am talking about my favourite movies and TV seasons that were released this year and there were some brilliant ones so I am excited to gush about them all here as I really, really love watching movies and TV shows. This will be testing my memories though as it felt like I saw some of these years ago but no it was, in fact, this year!!


So let’s get started….

Top 5 Films of 2019


Image result for shazam gif

I absolutely loved this superhero movie as it felt so unique and it definitely had a strong humour side which I loved but it isn’t for everyone. If you don’t know, it is about a kid who if he says ‘shazam’ will be turned into an adult superhero. You can see the opportunity for humour immediately. You get a really unique perspective of being a hero as well because he is a kid who doesn’t want to be a hero and isn’t ready for all it entails. I loved it as it had all the traditional elements of superhero movies but also a unique twist.



Image result for how to train your dragon 3 gif

I absolutely LOVE this trilogy and I thought this was a wonderful end to it. It had the same Toothless, Hiccup and Astrid that we loved but you can tell they were older and heading into the next stage of their lives. The animation and soundtrack were amazing. I thought the plot was interesting and definitely stepped up to the ‘next stage’ and showed a growth in the characters. I really enjoyed this and I could watch the whole trilogy again and again…. an epic conclusion. And I just really love Toothless you know!



Image result for endgame gif

This was probably the biggest movie of the year in terms of the talk and the box office and I really enjoyed it. It definitely felt like the end of the era and I was glad we got to focus on the original characters as it added a really personal level to the film. As true to most Marvel movies it did have a running theme of comedy throughout it which I absolutely adore **that America ass** but it really touched on the emotional side as well. One of my favourite things was the epic fighting scenes. There were so many powerful people and the visuals and soundtrack made it!! I felt like I would have changed a few small things about it but overall AH-MAZING and so powerful!!



Image result for rocketman gif

Musical biopics have been very trendy lately and I have been really enjoying it. I thought Rocketman was brilliant and it was certainly a cinematic experience. You really got to see Elton John’s life was the start and see it rise and all the things that came with it. I loved the way it was filmed as it really added something to it. It had these great performances as it incorporated the songs into the movie and to resemble the feelings. The singing was excellent and I felt like it was able to cover the buzz and hardship of being a celebrity. I never recommend watching even if you don’t see yourself as an Elton John fan.



Image result for frozen 2 gif

Yes another cartoon but I love cartoons okay!! I really like the characters and I thought the magic in it was so fun!! This is definitely more of a quest type plot than the first one, in that they are going to save Arendelle and other folks. It still had the theme of family and self-acceptance throughout the film though. I felt like it was a really satisfying journey for the characters to take and they all ended in the right place that was best for them. This movie really goes hard on the overall message. Plus Olaf was hilarious and I loved Mattias!! And let’s be honest the fact that this movie had the courage to put an old school boy-band music video with Kristoff in the middle of this was ICONIC!!


Top 5 Seasons of 2019


Image result for santa clarita diet gif

This is one of my favourite shows EVER and it has a really unique sense of humour and plot as it is kind of like ‘what would you do in present day society if you were a zombie?’. I love the humour and how it is ‘ordinary’ people trying to do theses crazy and illegal acts. The show has all kind of plot lines and again THE HUMOUR IS MY FAVOURITE. Also it has such a supportive couple at the centre which is so nice to see and the whole family is great. Please watch this, I love it and Joel is amazing. Unfortunately it did get cancelled this year and it did break my heart but I will just constantly rewatch it.



Image result for stranger things 3 gif

Stranger Things 3 was the latest season and I really enjoyed it. I liked seeing the characters growth from season one and all the changes. I loved the relationships this season. Max and Eleven were amazing! Supportive friends are what I look for in shows. Dustin and Steve carried on their amazingness this season as well. Also I loved Joyce and Hopper this season– Hopper is probably one of my favourite characters on this show. The 80’s vibe and the soundtrack were also AH-MAZING.



Image result for outlander season 4 gif

Outlander wasn’t a show I would put in my top 10 or 20 but I really enjoyed season 4 this year as it was slightly different. I loved them exploring America and I thought the plot was really engaging. I liked Brianna being a bigger part of the plot as it added a new dynamic for the characters to handle. I also really loved Lord John Grey, he is a wonderful character and genuinely so nice, so I look forward to his scenes a lot. Outlander is a show which has a historical element due to Claire time travelling back to the past. I think it gives weight to a lot of different elements and has very well developed characters. It is not the fastest show but I do enjoy it. Also the gag reel for this season was brilliant. If you haven’t, you should watch it. 

But it can cover dark themes so beware of that. If you want the trigger warnings, feel free to ask me.



Image result for suits season 9 gif

I loved the last two seasons of suits. I do really like Mike and Rachel but I felt like the plot got a bit repetitive with them and I think them leaving allowed them to improve the plot. I like suits though. It is slightly overly dramatic and they might overuse ‘goddamn’ but it’s still great. I think it can have a fun undertone whilst also having character that are morally grey and  complex. Season nine has been great and I thought the ‘bad person’ (or ‘villain’ if you want to say that) was really good. She was a suitable enemy that challenges the characters and annoys them but not entirely wrong in her actions which makes it so interesting. And this was also the final season but I thought the last episode was done perfectly for the show and the fans.



Image result for sex education gif

I loved this on Netflix as it was a really fun show set in a secondary school in the UK. It focuses on Otis who becomes a sex therapist at his local school as he is well versed on the topic due to his mum being an actual sex therapist. He works with Maeve who handles the money side of this arrangement. As he handles other people’s issues he also has to handle his own issues as does his friends. I thought it covered original themes but it a really fresh, modern way. The characters were really fun and I got invested in their story really quickly. So naturally I really recommend watching this show.

What has been your favourite movie of this year? What movie has been the biggest disappointment?
What was your favourite new show or season of this year?

19 thoughts on “Best Movie and TV of 2019

  1. I HAVEN’T WATCHED SO MANY OF THESE. that needs to happen right now xD. i am sooo hyped for frozen 2– the magic! the snow! OLAF. i love him the most. i cannot wait to reach the boy-band part, oh my gosh, i can’t believe they did that 😆 also, i might just watch “santa clarita diet” just for the title. and stranger things season 3– something i have watched *so proud of myself right now*. dustin and steve were honestly my favorite part of the show– they’re really good friends i.r.l. as well and i sorta died when i heard that!! one thing i didn’t like about it, however, was that the romance took away the appeal of the show a lot for me, and i just wasn’t a fan of that. other than that, i started “the politician” which is SO, SO GOOD. the lines, the wit, the trippy relationships were so well done and i really like it.

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    1. Aw.. well I would definitely recommend them!! (clearly 😂)
      I really love Frozen 2! It was so magical and I love the path it took the characters on!! Olaf was so great in this movie!! You are going to love him even more!! Yes it was so epic, I loved it!!
      Haha Santa Clarita Diet does have an epic title and it is weird but wonderful. I should warn you that the beginning can be a bit gross so just beware but I love it!!
      Haha Strangers things 3 is great!! I know Dustin and Steve are wonderful and THEY’RE REAL LIFE FRIENDS!! That’s amazing!! I love it!! Yes I don’t think the romance needs to be at the front all the time especially as Mike and Eleven are probably my least favourite couple on the show but they are the main focus!!
      Oh.. I really need to watch The Politician!! Ah.. its sounds great, I’m so glad you loved it!! Thank you for the recommendation!! 🙂

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  2. I really loved Shazam too, especially since it showed a really healthy found family. Somehow stories with foster families and adoption plots are always super near and dear to my heart (probably why I liked the movie Instant Family so much), so that was an immediate plus with Shazam. But you are totally right, it has a certain uniqueness and definite humour to it!

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    1. Yeah it was so fun and wonderful! I love the found family too and it was healthy which I loved!! I’m excited for the next one!!
      Aw.. that’s wonderful and they are so special!! (I haven’t watched Instant Family but I was looking at the DVD in the shop the other day funnily enough)!!
      It unique but I really love it!! 🙂

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  3. ‘How to train your dragon 3’ is my favorite movie of 2019. I just can’t believe how they all grew up and I grew up with them as well.

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  4. i still can not believe i have not watched how to train your dragon 3. i absolutely love this animation series and toothless is one of my favorite characters ever, hahah. but there was so much going on when the movie came out on theaters and it takes *forever* to show up in any other platform, such as netflix, around here, so i really don’t know when i’ll be watching it, but hopefully it won’t take so long!
    i watched avengers: endgame twice this year and i can say it was an amazing experience both times! even though i’m not a huge marvel fan and didn’t feel everything super deeply, since i’m not as attached to the characters, i still really enjoyed it for how epic it was.
    frozen 2 will only be released in brazil in january, and i’m so bummed about that. but also really, really looking forward to it as i’ve not heard a single person say they didn’t like this.
    i don’t think you’ll be that surprised that my favorite thing *ever* in 2019 was rocket man. i’ve watched this movie so many times now and listened to the soundtrack repeatedly, but i’m so weak for it. i’m really glad to see it on your list as well!
    i’d never watched stranger things until this year and i can fully understand the hype now. it was indeed an amazing show and i grew very fond of the characters. i’m totally consider rewatching it, especially season 1, because it was my favorite in terms of atmosphere.
    apart from that, i think my other favorite show was the politician. even though there were a few things i didn’t love about it, i found myself constantly thinking about the show, even weeks after i’d finished it, so it definitely had an impact on me.

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    1. Aw.. I really hope it comes on your Netflix soon because I loved it so much and I will forever love Toothless!! He is the best!! It’s so good!! I would love to know your opinion on it as well!!
      I do think Endgame was so epic!! The fight scene was incredible!! Like Captain Marvel is still quite a new character to me but I loved her scenes because of how powerful they were!! It is making me want to watch it again!! I’m glad you enjoyed it despite not being a huge Marvel fan!
      Aw.. that’s a shame that you have to wait for Frozen 2 but at least it is something to look forward to in January. Yeah I really loved it, I loved that it was so different from the first one and added on to the characters journey, like it felt like this was always going to happen. It wasn’t just added on for the sake of it. I hope you love it and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!!
      No I’m not surprised at all to hear Rocketman was your favourite thing 😂 Haha I’ve only watched it twice at the minute but I loved it a lot both times!!
      Yeah I think if there wasn’t the hype for Stranger Things I would have never have watched it because it doesn’t seem like my thing but I love the focus on the characters. I do think season 1 is the strongest. My mum watched it this year and said it was too repetitive which I can kind of see but I still really enjoy it and I’m excited for season 4 whenever it comes out.
      Aw.. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Politician, I would love to watch it and I’m glad it had an impact on you!!
      Thank you for reading and commenting Lais!! ❤

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  5. I’ve only seen two of your top five movies but I did love them both. Rocketman was amazing!! And I loved Frozen 2 and it made me realize that I need to start watching more animated movies. I also loved Knives Out which really surprised me. I went expecting to leave tbh but ended up really loving that movie.

    TV wise I’ve seen none of those shows 🙈 I do want to watch most of them though, especially thr first one. My favourite shows this year we’re Killing Eve, Luther, Line Of Duty and others that I can’t think of 😅 I’m also really enjoying You on Netflix atm but one scene really grossed me out.

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    1. Yay I’m glad you loved these two movies as well!! Rocketman was made so well and Taron did a great job in it!!
      I know whenever I watch animated movies I’m always surprised by how much I love them!! Frozen 2 was great!
      Oh that’s good to hear. I did want to check it out. I love films which take you by surprise!!

      Aw.. Well I hope you enjoy them all if you get the chance to watch them!! I’ve only watched Killing Eve out of that list which I did enjoy!!
      Oh really. I’m not up to date with You at the moment but it does go to dark places!!

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      1. I agree, he was fantastic in it (: I was kind of worried when it started differently than I imagined and thought, OMG what it’s going to be like, but it was amazing 😀 I’m loving how many musical movies they’re making at the moment.
        I don’t watch that many so I definitely need to start seeing more.
        I hope you get a chance to watch it then (:

        Thank you (: and I can’t wait for the next season of that.
        Yeah it does sometimes. It’s so addictive too though.

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        1. Yes I’m glad you liked his performance. It was great and his character got deeper as you watched the movie!! Same and I heard that they are putting Hamilton on the screen next year which is exciting!!
          Ohh.. I hope you enjoy them then!!
          Thank you 🙂
          It is very addictive ahah!!

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