How Being A Book Blogger Has Changed My Reading?

Hey everyone!!

It is day 6 *whoop whoop*!!! Are you feeling festive yet??

I have been a book blogger for one full year now (where has the time gone?? SERIOUSLY?!?!) and I thought I would discuss how I think it has affected me as a reader!!



The year I was a book blogger was also the year I read the most books EVER in one year and I don’t know if the two are directly linked but I think it could be whether it is from being involved in the book community and seeing everyone reading that makes me inspired to read more. Or just generally being more excited about books but I have certainly made more time for reading which is great.

This was taken in October so I’ve read even more since then but see a clear different in the amount read (and worryingly the amount spent on books too)



I was very stuck in my genre at the start mostly reading YA fantasy such as Sarah J Maas, Leigh Bardugo and Sabaa Tahir, basically most of the talked about books on BookTube as that was where I got most my recommendations from but this year I ventured outside my comfort zone *dramatic gasp* and I tried contemporary, murder mystery, virtual reality, superhero, short story collections and inspirational. As well as trying different age groups (adult, new adult and middle grade) so I have explored new things.

                                  36337550Heroine Complex (Heroine Complex, #1) 



After hearing so much about audiobooks over book twitter and discovering that you can get them from you library *seriously mind blown, libraries are incredible*. I decided to venture out and try them meaning I got to see the glorious-ness that they are. I do have to concentrate on them but it is a great way to experience new stories without having to physically read it and I loved so many of them. I also got to try a few eBooks which I had only done for novellas before and it isn’t my favourite format as I find them hard to focus on but still good to try them.

                                  41473840. sy475 35959740. sy475



Being in the book community means hearing about hyped books again, again and well again. They are everywhere and mostly have rave reviews which means I couldn’t resist so I had to read them myself. Some of the hyped books I have read this year were The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Red White & Royal Blue, The Poppy War and I actually enjoyed them all. I do like to read hyped books as there are always plenty of people to scream about them too after reading them.

                              Red, White & Royal Blue



This year I have read more new releases than ever because I was finally off my book buying ban but book blogging definitely affected this as when people were talking about new releases I just couldn’t resist and had to buy them (yes my purse is crying) but taking away the money problems, I have loved it. It is exciting to get involved with a new book release and help the author. It is also exciting to talk about it whilst everyone is buzzing, it is a whole experience and I am so glad I got to be a part of it.

                                   42201395The Infinite Noise



The book community is a fabulous place full of amazing people who promote so many wonderfully diverse books and I think it changed my mind to make a conscious effort to read more diverse books and I have heard about so many different books that I’ve read and loved through them. Also I have even more diverse books that I want to check out because of the community talking about them so I’m so thankful for that.

          36492488 41219451. sy475 40170373. sy475  



As a book blogger I decided I wanted to write reviews for some of the books I had read which in turn has made me view books slightly differently when reading. I am more likely to take a step back and see how this makes me feel and write my favourite quotes. I will think about the plot and how it was executed and the character development throughout the story. I am doing something beyond reading and it had made me more thoughtful and analytical when reading.



I certainly feel more passionate about books since being a book blogger. I guess before I was a blogger I read something then those feelings (and let’s be honest, emotional damage) has nowhere to go but now I get to talk about books with so many amazing people and it just strengths my love of books to a greater extent when you get to share it with others.



Ok so this one pretty much explains itself but you are all destroying my TBR, it is increasing at a rate that I can’t keep up with so I now have lots and lots of books to read and they all sound so amazing. But yeah my TBR is more like TB-ARRGGHH!! Seriously.

             41951626. sy475 37830514. sy475 34523174 


Do you think being a book blogger has affected your reading? How do you think it had affected your reading?
Do you like to try different genres? Do you find being in the book community means your TBR is enormous?

17 thoughts on “How Being A Book Blogger Has Changed My Reading?

  1. This is such a cute post! I can definitely relate to the TB-ARRGH, it just never stops getting bigger! It’s like I turn my back for a few seconds and suddenly it’s grown 5 new books! On the flip side of one of your points, I feel like I read less hyped books now and make more of an effort to seek out ones that aren’t being talked about by everyone. I like the idea of bringing an underhyped title to the attention of more people! 😄

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    1. Ahh.. Thank you so much!!! I know the TR-ARGH is a constant mood and I’m always behind but it’s fine!! 😂 Haha yes it does grown 5 books every few seconds 😂😂

      Yes I actually agree with that so much because my TBR has way more less hyped books now too when I hear other bloggers talking about them and I hope to read them next year. Before I was a blogger I was very stereotypical with my reading choices (Sarah J Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Sabaa Tahir) but now I know a lot of different books and I’m so grateful!! I agree, I like bringing underhyped books to people’s attention and I hope to do that next year more as well!! 🙂

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      1. Oh I’m kind of the opposite of that, I’d never heard of Sarah J Maas or Leigh Bardugo until I discovered bookstagram! Suddenly everyone was raving about all these huge YA authors and I was just like “What did I miss??”! I think it’s good to just have a balance, I’m glad you’ve found more different books! Good luck with doing that more next year! 😊

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        1. Oh really!! I think because I watched BookTube I knew a lot of the big names!! Haha I know I still feel like I’m missing loads of the big names out!! I agree it is nice to have a balance of hyped and underhyped books!! Thank you so much!! Happy reading to you!!! 🙂

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  2. Another fantastic post and I agree with everything that you’ve said,although I do wish that I was reading more. Fingers crossed I get going again this weekend as I miss reading atm. I definitely want to pick up some of the hyped books that I’ve seen. I’ve already got one on order and will hopefully request another once I’ve caught up with my blog 😅 Im also determined to catch up a little on new releases. Your increase in books read is amazing, it’s almost doubled!! And blogging definitely makes my TBR grow too. Researching my monthly books posts doesn’t help either. I’ve found over 40 books due out in March 🙈

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    1. Thank you so much Charlotte, for reading and commenting!! ❤ and I’m glad you could agree with it!!
      Aw.. sometimes it can be hard to find time to read. I don’t know how some can read 200 books a year!! Aw.. I hope the weekend was successful!! 😊
      Yes it is fun to read hyped books especially as you can talk to so many people about it and it is fun to be in the buzz of it all!! The same with new releases!!
      I know I can’t believe how much more reading I have done!!
      Yes my TBR is out of control 😂 blogging has definitely helped that and I bet new release posts does help 😂 wow that is a lot for March!! 😱

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      1. It’s ok (: sorry if it was a bit of a comment overload, I know I read a lot at once.
        Yeah I don’t know how people do that either. And I didn’t get reading. Fingers crossed for tomorrow or the day after though.
        Yes that’s so true!! Plus when you keep seeing a book everywhere you end up feeling a bit like you’re missing out by not reading it.
        It’s amazing (:
        Yeah mine is too. Hopefully I’ll make some kind of dent in it next year 😅 and yes March is kind of scary release wise. Especially on the 3rd.

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        1. Oh no it is so sweet and I really do appreciate it SO much! I’m just sorry if I’m late replying to anything. I’m having a little catch up and then I should be back to my normal routine!! 🙂 ❤
          I know it's insane!! I haven't done much reading this year so far!!
          Yeah the need to read that book does increase a lot when everyone is talking about it!!
          Thank you ❤
          Hopefully 😂 I know I noticed March the 3rd was popular too 😂

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          1. I’m sorry that all of my replies are so late. I’m trying to catch up quickly today then I think I’m going to have another break for a fortnight or so as I want to get reading and I don’t really feel like I’ve had a break as I’ve been trying to reorganize my TBR… I don’t think I’ll do that again as it took forever.
            Aww I’m sure you’re doing better than me ❤❤
            I agree, you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t see what all of the fuss is about.
            It’s scarily popular tbh :L I think I have over 20 books on the list that I use to keep track of book releases just for that day alone :L And a lot of them are ones that I’m desperate to read too.

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            1. It’s completely fine. There is never any rush 🙂 I bet it does take ages to reorganise your TBR, well done on sorting it. I hope you have a more restful break this time!! ❤
              Haha it is nice to read at your leisure anyway. I would rather have quality over quantity!!
              Yes haha, I always fall into the hype!!
              Wow 20 books is insane!! I didn't think it would be that high!! It should be a good, expensive day then!! haha!!

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  3. i agree with basically all of these! i’ve read so much since i got back into blogging around a year ago, and i’ve added SO many books to my TBR. like, it’s a problem at this point, because there’s simply not enough time to check this many books! i also think 2019 may be the year i’ve read the most new releases. i’d never really care for keeping up with new releases, but since i started using scribd, a lot of new audiobooks become available quickly and i can’t help but pick them up. i told myself i should prioritize backlist titles, but i read *a lot* of 2019 releases this year, hahah. i’m afraid the same will happen in 2020 and i feel bad for the 2017 books that are still waiting for me to read them, hahah.

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    1. Aw.. I’m so glad you agree with these!!
      I can’t believe how much being a book blogger affected my reading– I never even thought I would read 50 books a year but I’ve actually done it this year. And I’ve loved reading more!!
      Haha I know I have so many books on my TBR, if I think about it for too long, it can really stress me out!! 😂 I know I need a time turner to read all the books 😂
      I know I don’t usually keep up to date with new releases at all. Like you I think it is mostly because of using audiobooks from my library that have helped me read new books!! Because you hear people talking about them, I can’t help but pick them up!!
      Haha I know I need to prioritise some backlisted books too!! 😂 I know the same will happen to me too!! But we will pick the 2017 books up at one point, I’m sure. Maybe 10 years later 😂😂

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