Favourite Christmas Songs

Hey everyone!!

Welcome to blogmas day 4 and I hope you are feeling musical as I have a list of my top 10 favourite songs to listen to around Christmas— I do like to wait until December to start listening to them. What about you, when do you start listening?

When I am listening to these songs I want you to picture me singing badly, occasionally dancing, and sometimes wearing a Santa hat and tinsel as a feather boa. (I’m sorry for this image)


One More Sleep by Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis was one of my favourite X-Factor winners ever (I love the video where she wins) and this is a great Christmas song. It is so cheery and catchy. Plus it has a kind of jingle tune which makes it feel so Christmassy (I feel like I might overuse this word in this post). This is probably my favourite and most underrated Christmas song.


All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

Yes this is a classic that could possibly be overplayed but I am happy about it because it is great. When you hear the beginning with the bells then the slower singing it feels like the start of Christmas and then it gets really upbeat and you feel so merry. Plus Mariah Carey does have a really good, strong singing voice.


Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End) by The Darkness

Another one that I think it underrated but it might not be for everyone as it is by a rock band and definitely has a rock vibe as the electric guitar is the first instrument you hear. But I think it has a good tune and a happy energy about it that feels Christmassy. The video is a bit odd but still I like the song and always sing the line ‘Christmas time, don’t let the bells end’ again and again.


Step into Christmas by Elton John

Again a song which has great upbeat energy and feels so happy which is something I love around this time of year. Plus Elton John has really good singing voice making it so nice and easy to listen to and I think this is one that you can definitely dance around the tree to.


Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens

This is the perfect Christmas song that I can replay all the time. The tune is so festive with the bells making it such a happy song to listen which definitely makes you want to sing and dance. I think this is my favourite Christmas song to sing to, I don’t whether it is the tune or the fact that I know more than one lyric for once but I’ve got to sing it.


Do They Know It’s Christmas? (1984 version) by Band Aid

This song is SO good and has a very important message so I like that it is remade for the cause but the 1984 one will always be my favourite. Probably as it is the one I grew up so I am used to these vocals but to me their voices suit the song so well, I love it. I think it has a great beat and lyrics. A must play for me at this time.


Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon & Yoko

Every year at Christmas we played the same CD when putting the Christmas tree up and this was the first track so they first line ‘So this is Christmas’ always felt like the start of Christmas to me and I love it because of that and I think it is a good song which is quite calming to listen to in general John Lennon style. But this actually has a very sad video and it had a important message but it is very upsetting and CONTENT WARNINGS for War and death in the video. 


Merry Christmas Everyone by Slade

A very recognisable Christmas song for me– the tune, the lyrics, Noddy screaming ‘It’s Christmas’. It is a classic that has a very Christmassy vibe as it is one of the songs that seems to bring people together as they dance or they know it. It is an energetic song that makes you feel happy and has lyrics involve the usual Christmas things such as Santa and Rudolph so I am a fan.


I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizard

This song just screams Christmas from the tune with all the bells and the merry vibe is gives off!! I just love it, it just makes me feel happy again. While I wouldn’t actually want it to be Christmas everyday I love the energy this gives off. Although the video isn’t one of my favourites as the kids don’t look happy to be there but still. I’ve actually seen Wizard perform this song live as they turned the lights on in my city which was kind of cool.


Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Michael Bublé

Ahh… Michael Bublé, who everyone goes on about at Christmas but I still only know this one song, but I do love this one. Like I’ve said many times in the video it makes you feel merry and has a very Christmassy vibe. I think Bublé voice suits this song so much as it is clear and smooth. Plus whenever the backing vocals are singing ‘Christmas’ I am 100% joining in.


What are your favourite Christmas songs? Do you think one song is overplayed (or all of them)? What song do you think is underrated?

36 thoughts on “Favourite Christmas Songs

  1. I loved hearing about what Christmas songs you like! 🥰 It gave me a few recommendations, as I love listening to new Christmas songs 🎄 I’m a big fan of Michael Buble’s Christmas songs, but I also love the Song Christmas Lights by Coldplay 💕

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    1. Yay thank you!! I love Christmas music so I was really excited to do this post!! Aw.. I’m so glad you got some new recommendations as I love finding new songs!! ❤
      Yes Michael Buble is a classic at Christmas!! Ohh.. I've hardly listened to Coldplay's to be honest so I will have to change that!! Thank you for the suggestion!! ❤

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  2. Omg I love every single one of these songs!!!! I agree that the darkness don’t let the bells end is so under rated. That song has the best lyrics ever… Feigning joy and surprise at the gifts we despise…… MY FAV LINES 😂😂😂😂
    And definitely can’t have a Christmas song list without Mariah. I want to live in that music video!!! And also in Leona Lewis’ music video… THE HAPPINESS AND THE SNOW…. Love :))))
    Some you haven’t included that I love are Fairytale of New York by the Pogues, such a classic. And also Sam Smith’s version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Their voice gives me chills!!!! :))) fab post!!

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    1. Yay!!! *hi five for shared taste in music* 😂
      I think so!! I wish it was played on the radio more because it is so good!! That is a WONDERFUL lyric and it makes me smile every time 😂😂
      No you can’t!! Mariah has one of the best, most classic songs and it is wonderful!! I agree, the video is so happy and full of Christmas feels!!
      I agree Leona Lewis’s video is so sweet and aesthetic, I love it!! ❤
      Fairytale of New York is a classic, I love how it start of slow then you get the more upbeat part!!
      Sam Smith's voice is amazing!!
      Thank you so much!! 🙂

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  3. Leona Lewis is from X-factor? :O

    New facts aside, I love All I Want for Christmas! Yes it’s overplayed, but it’s a beloved classic for a reason. It just captures the festive spirit so well! I also love Silver Bells, Baby It’s Cold Outside, and Fairytale of New York 😀

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    1. Yes she was, quite an old one when I used to watch!! I remember my parents voted for her on their Samsung flip phones and everything!! 😂

      I agree it is an overplayed song but I completely love it!! Such an iconic Christmas song!! It does, you get all the Christmas feels!!
      Ohh.. I haven’t heard of Silver Bells but I just checked it out and it has that classic Christmas sound which I like!! Baby It’s Cold Outside is a fun one to sing along to 😂 and Fairytale of New York is a classic too!!


  4. Out of this list, I’ve only heard All I Want for Christmas is You, and I really like it! I’m not so well informed about Christmas songs, and this helps!😀

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    1. Oh really well I used to watch Christmas song channels on repeat near Christmas so I’ve heard a few now 😂 All I Want For Christmas is You is a great song, it will forever be one of my favourites!!
      I’m glad my list could help you!! 🙂

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  5. I’ve had war is over stuck in my head for the last couple days & I don’t know why I latched onto it in particular but it’s such a good song! I’m happy it’s my ear worm & not let it go from frozen 😂

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  6. i’m 100% a grinch, so i both hate christmas but love christmas songs. war is over is one of my favorites too! there’s actually a portuguese version of it and i’m so used to singing to it in portuguese that it can be kinda awkward to listen to it in english sometimes, hahah. all i want for christmas and step into christmas are both super iconic, but my favorite christmas song is actually last christmas by george michael.
    i recently watched the movie last christmas and i really liked it. it was super adorable and beautiful. i had written an entire story inspired off of this song too, that had nothing to do with the movie so that’s good, but i think it’s just to show how inspiring and romantic it is.
    i’ll definitely check out some in this list that i’m not familiar with. thanks for sharing, sophie!

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    1. Haha I can certainly relate to the Grinch at times!! But yay to festive music!!
      It is such a great song and I love the first line so much!! Christmas hasn’t truly begun until I’ve heard it 😂 That’s amazing that there is a Portuguese version and I bet it is weird to listen to the English now!!
      Yeah All I want for Christmas is definitely overplayed but I love it!! And Step into Christmas is iconic too!!
      Aw.. that is a nice one whilst not being one of my favourite it is an easy listen and me and my sister actually came up with a dance with it when we were younger 😂
      I’m so glad to hear you like the movie because I’d heard a lot of mixed things really!! I’m happy it was adorable as that is what I want from Christmas movies to be honest!!
      Haha that’s amazing that you wrote a story off of it!! It is definitely a romantic song with a lot of emotion!!
      Aw.. well I really hope you like the songs you check out!! ❤ Of course and thank you for reading Lais!! ❤

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  7. Fantastic post, I love all of these songs 💕 I wasn’t sure if I knew the Leona Lewis one but the second that I started listening to it I recognized it. I also love Fairytale Of New York, I have no idea why but it’s probably my favourite 😂 I quite like what I’ve heard of Robbie Williams new CD on the radio too and I’m sure that there’s a Kelly Clarkson song that I love for Christmas 🤔 I mostly love all the older songs though, like a lot of the ones that you’ve included here. You’re right about some being overrated compared to others though.

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    1. Aw.. thank you so much!! 💕 I’m glad you love these songs too!
      Yay.. the Leona Lewis song is so good!! 😍
      Fairy Tale of New York is a classic and I do like it as well 😂
      I haven’t heard Robbie Williams new Christmas songs to be honest but I should try to check them out.
      Yes I wanted to put Kelly Clarksons in this list but I wanted to stay at 10 songs. 😂Underneath the Christmas Tree is great!!
      Yay that’s wonderful. Yeah some songs are certainly overplayed 😂

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      1. It really is, I can’t believe I didn’t recognize it until it started though.
        I’ve always loved it 😂
        I’ve heard a couple on the radio (:
        Ah right. It’s good to know we both like her Christmas stuff though 😊

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