Introducing Myself As A Writer: The Writer’s Tag

Hey everyone!!

I have had the ‘writing’ category on my blog since January and I am yet to do a post about writing which honestly describes how much writing I have been doing. But I want to talk about writing and get involved in the writing community and what is a better way to start than answering a few questions about myself as a writer.

This is like an introduction to the writer side of me, ‘Hi, I’m a writer *waves*’

I’m sorry that this is different to what I normally post but I hope you still enjoy it.

This is called ‘The Writer’s Tag: 20 questions‘ but I couldn’t find who originally created it– the link I clicked to the creator didn’t go anywhere so if you know, please let me know and I can credit them.  I found the questions on Inkblots and Icebergs if you want to check out this fun post, you absolutely should.


And on to the questions…..


Fictional stories in the form of books. Sometimes screenplays. (And obviously for my blog too)


Fantasy– I love creating a new world and using magic. I also like to talk about real issues that mirror our society. I would love to start a contemporary project as well covering some really personal topics.


Umm… when I was really little (and I mean 3) I used to write in my notebook just lines of o’s which is insane really. But I remember a creative writing projects at school in year 5 (aged 9) and year 10 (aged 15). But I started my own writing…. well I got an idea at 15 and I was like ‘yes I will start that’ then didn’t start until I was 18. So only 2 years from when I ‘really, really’ started writing.


Not yet. (Yay optimism)


I am going to go for the one from year 5 (mentioned above) as I remember it well– it was like Bandersnatch where you reach the end of the page and have to decide on a page to take and it will lead you down a story– if you die, you can start again and try another page. It was where you were stuck on an island and had to find treasure (it’s a pirate’s life) but obviously there are obstacles along the way and you die a lot. I remember in one of my deaths you ended up getting eaten by an ogre and I did a pop-up flap so you can see the character in the ogre stomach!! #goals


Well originally because my sister forced me too. But then I started doing it on my own and I really enjoyed it. I think I write to share something important and meaningful. I like writing as a way to get lost in something and a way to explore new, fun ideas. I can always enjoy writing even on the saddest of days.

Related image


Honestly… I don’t. I really need to improve on time management. Any tips???


Again I have no idea. Maybe best place would be on a desk/table but a lot of the time I am on the floor (like now– I make stupid decisions). And the best time would be whenever… every moment possible– but I think I am more of a night writer.


WATER. I love coffee so that on occasion that but mostly WATER— it is the best drink after all.

The best food would probably be chocolate, biscuits or fruit (like berries or nectarine)! You have got to get lots of energy for writing so eating a lot is my general rule!!

Related image


The most random of things— I create playlists for each project to try and capture the mood of my writing. But I actually really like (this is going to sound so random) electric violin— it is instrumental most of the time so I won’t get distracted by singing (this happens way too much) and I think it is really beautiful!!


They don’t know except my sister and I am working with her on a project. She says she likes my ideas and you can tell I’m a reader.


I think the fact that you can lose yourself and find yourself all in one act.

And writing banter— sometimes it’s cheesy and hate it but other times I find myself hilarious but I always, always enjoy writing it!!


The act of writing— I daydream about what I want to write A LOT with very little writing so I need to get better at sitting down and putting words on paper/screen/whatever.

Self-doubt— like most writers self-doubt is horrible and crippling. I can start the day really excited and then 10 minutes later it feels like the most obvious, flat story ever. It is hard to keep going when you feel like nothing good is coming out of it and you feel quite deflated.

Getting the balance between describing and dialogue. Sometimes I will just write the dialogue for scenes and then I struggle with how much description to do– should I write about his black hair 400 times or the environment, how much detail is too much??

*proceeds to name every part of writing*

Image result for writing gif
Actual footage of me trying to write!


My laptop on Microsoft Word. Or with pen and paper then I will transfer it onto my laptop at a later date.


Magic. Chocolate. Crying. Feeling sorry for myself. Stroking my dog.

If those don’t work I will force myself to write just one sentence. Then another. Then another. So I will have a paragraph and usually I will have gotten into a good pace. I might not use it but even if I don’t it will have triggered an idea that I am excited to write and then I write 100,000 words (okay maybe not that much but you get my point).


At the minute I don’t. I decided it was okay to imagine achieving my goals instead of actually achieving my goals.

But when I want to motivate myself I make a Pinterest board on writing or my characters or the world and usually I get excited and want to write. I would also suggest talking about it whether on twitter or to people you know as that gets you excited. Also making goals— say you want to write 1,000 words this week and hold yourself accountable.

Image result for pinterest gif


Markus Zusak, Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Leigh Bardugo, V E Schwab (on twitter– I have not read enough of her books yet)


Well the books of the authors above.



It is simple and not specific but sometimes you need to hear that ‘you’ all on your own are capable of what you want— just you. You are the one who can change it all. Stop waiting for someone else to do it for you or tell you to start. Tell yourself to start. RIGHT NOW (after this post of course)!!


It was to finish my first draft but I decided to procrastinate put a lot of effort into the prep. My original idea has massively changed since the beginning of the year so I had to do a lot of groundwork but it is better for it. So my goal for this year is….. to write 40,000 words. I’m on 4,000 (ish) so a little while away yet but I think I can achieve it.



I am not going to tag anyone but if you fancy doing this, please do. And tell me so I can read your answers!!


Questions here if you want to do them

What type of writing do you do?
What genres and/or topics do you write about?
How long have you been writing?
Are you published?
What was the first story you ever wrote?
Why do you write?
How do you find time to write?
When and where are the best times to write?
Favourite food/drinks while writing?
Your writing playlist?
What do family/friends/loved ones think of you writing?
Parts of writing you enjoy the most?
Parts of writing you find challenging?
What do you write with and on?
How do you overcome writer’s block?
How do you motivate yourself to write?
Authors who inspire you as a writer?
Books that inspire you as a writer?
Best advice you’ve gotten as a writer?
Writing goals this year?


Are you a writer? Why do you write? What do you find the hardest thing is?


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67 thoughts on “Introducing Myself As A Writer: The Writer’s Tag

  1. OMG LITTLE SOPHIE IS SOOO CUUUTE!!!! You started your writing journey pretty early, actually!! And you’re such a dedicated author lol I just give up for several months then come back and marvel at how bad it is 😂 Anyways, I loved this post! Don’t worry about only posting in your niche, you should totally do whatever you want. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha well little Sophie is certainly cuter than current Sophie– she could wear pigtails– I can’t pull them off any more!! 😂
      Oh really– I always felt like I was late to writing!!
      Aww.. thank you so much for saying that 😭💙 I have gone through phases where I don’t write as well and rereading my past writing can be horrible– I need to bury it in a dark cave 😂😂
      Thank you so much– and that makes me happy to hear!! You definitely should write what you want I will remember that!! 💙💙

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw I’m sure you just need to try and you’ll totally look adorable 😉
        Um nooo, you started at 5 years old basically! 😂 I only started at like 10. Ooh yeah, I know what you mean… sometimes my writing is reallllyyy bad 😂
        Do remember that- we’ll love it no matter what!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha maybe!! Thank you 😉
          Yes that’s true I guess– I think because I stopped for a while it makes it seem like I haven’t been writing for long!! 😂 10 is still pretty young!! Yes rereading your own writing can be hard 😂
          Thank you so much!! 💙💙

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  2. I am a writer as well! I have to say that I write because my head is too full of ideas and if I didn’t, my head would explode. It’s also fun to see where your stories will take you. The hardest thing is starting something new, but once I break that ice it tends to go well.

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    1. Yay!! *writer high-five* Yes the ideas need to get out and onto something!! It is a great feeling to just write all your thoughts out on the page!! It is great to see where they will end up as stories change so much from the initial idea!!
      Starting is so hard!! It is just that initial bit where you have to sit down and start like you said!!
      Best of luck with your writing!! 🙂

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  3. I do a lot of short stories but I haven’t let anyone see these yet!
    -Emma 🙂
    Also, if you ever need a beta-reader for WHEN you are going to get published, then sign me up! (No if, because it will happen!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is nice that you write short stories– I sometimes do little pieces as well to practise and explore a new idea!! I don’t let anyone see my writing either– it is scary!! Haha but maybe one day!!
      Aw… you are so sweet, thank you so much for the offer and the positive energy!! It means so much!!! I will remember that thank you!! ❤

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  4. Loved this post!!
    I always love reading about people’s writing. I used to write when I was younger but now I never have ideas which sucks. Or if I do, I don’t really know how to execute them. I usually end up with a rough idea of the setting & then how it starts but no idea what will actually happen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Emme!! I like reading about people’s writing as well!!
      I know what you mean– sometimes I just get a character I really like or one idea but no idea what to do with it then I started watching YouTube videos on writing and it really inspired me to write. My ideas have massively changed since starting so sometimes it is good to start with something and see where it goes even if you don’t love everything yet as you will get the chance to develop the idea into something amazing!! 🙂

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    1. Water is amazing!! Best drink ever– I always drink it!! 😂 Yes I guess I was quite young but I did stop for a massive time in-between so it still feels like I’m a new writer at the minute!! I’m so glad you picked writing up again this year and I hope you are enjoying it– I think the key is to make goals that you will stick to but don’t put too much pressure on yourself either!! 🙂
      Ahh.. there was one point where I thought about not writing fantasy because it is hard work to create a world but then I researched more into it and starting enjoying it!! I take it slowly as well so not to overwhelm myself!! 😂


  5. YES! I have finally found someone who drinks water like me! Water is the best drink, like it’s cheap, it’s always there & it’s actually physically good for you BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO APPRECIATE THIS!
    Also, electric violin is…interesting but I agree with the singing thing, when I blog I always listen to songs I don’t know – it’s also my time to listen to new artists I’ve found! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes water is AMAZING!! Sometimes when I order it at a restaurant the waiter looks at me weird but I’m like ‘It is the best so..’!! So true water had so many good qualities #waterforthewin 😂😂 People really should appreciate it more!!
      Yes it is something I never thought I would listen to but singing along to songs is so distracting I needed something instrumental 😂 It is a good idea to listen to songs you don’t know and it would be good to find new artists too!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. yayyy, sophie, i’m so excited to read more about your writer-self! i feel like it will really inspire me to get back to my WIP – one i have not touched in months, so i’m definitely taking any motivation i can get. but i also love listening to people talk about their writing and this tag was really interesting.
    i totally relate with taking a long time to take an idea and transform it into a story. for my wip, i think i started brainstorming it back in 2016 and only now i’ve started to shape it into an actual story. i don’t know why it has taken me so long, truly, apart from my insecurities and lack of belief in myself as a writer.
    i also totally relate with water being the best fuel ever, hahah. i wish i was one of those people who drinks coffee or tea, but i am only a chocolate-milk girl. however, water is what really gets my focus back. probably why i used to drink a whole bottle during every class and had to pee a lot during breaks back in high school, hahah. it’s just how i function the best!
    AND PLAYLISTS FOR EACH PROJECT!!!!!! i love that! i love playlists so much and will love to see you talk more about how do you choose songs for each one of your writing playlists!
    (making pinterest boards as a form of motivation which is in fact procrastination – SAME).
    i am sending you all the positive energy to tackle your current project and reach those 40,00 words – i know you can do it! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh.. thank you so much Lais!! That would be so nice if I could inspire you to write more– it is definitely through seeing people talk about writing whether on blogs or YouTube that has motivated me to write more!! I left my WIP on the side for quite a while before!! I love hearing people talk about writing too– if you want you could always try this tag out– I liked answering the questions!!
      I’m glad you can relate to taking a long break between initial idea and story because it took me ages too. I kept putting it off and definitely felt insecure as a writer– I think that is why I like hearing people talk about writing as we all have self doubt– I know Victoria Schwab talks a lot about insecurities on twitter and I find it really comforting and inspiring. Anyway I am sure you are an amazing writer!! ❤
      Water is amazing– I can always drink it and if I drink too much coffee I always worry about my teeth for some reason (I know chocolate isn't good for your teeth either but with coffee I always think about it) 😂 Chocolate milk is great though so I understand that 😂 I do truly think water makes you more productive!!
      I love creating playlists and actually that is a great idea to write a post on selecting songs for playlists– I might do that thank you!!
      Yes I can't tell you how much time I've spent on pinterest calling it productive even though I don't know what I have done with the last 4 hours!! 😂
      Ahh.. thank you so much Lais!! I need all the positive energy 😂 Thank you, thank you ❤ ❤

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  7. Oooh this is such a fun tag! I love getting to learn about other writers and their methods 😀 I totally relate to not having a set writing time and just fitting it in wherever 😅 I used to consider myself only a night writer too, but then I learned that we’re most able to conceptualize abstract ideas (which is essentially what writing is) during the first three hours of wakefulness? So I’ve been trying to write in the morning more. Idk, writing is hard no matter when you do it.
    Good luck with your writing goals!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay I thought it was a really fun tag to do!! You should do it if you want– I would love to see your answers! Same I love hearing people talk about writing– I find it so interesting and motivating!! Yes I really wish I was better at handling times to write but anywhere and everywhere at the minute 😂
      Ohh.. that’s interesting to find out maybe I should try writing in the morning even though most the time I struggle to pour cereal in the morning but I definitely will try that out!! Haha– writing is hard but we can do it– I have faith!! 😂
      Thank you so much– good luck with your writing goals too!! ❤


  8. omg yes!! it’s been a dream of mine since I was a child to be a writer. I remember my ideas for the first stories I wrote and how they were basically just rip-offs of other stories I loved or how they basically had no plot and research behind them haha. now I still carry that dream in my heart, but I honestly don’t have the time to carry it out anymore. I still do want to do it as an adult though! great tag! I related so much to your answers, and I wish you all the luck with your wip/s and I cannot wait to learn more about them if you decide to share them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw.. that’s so nice that it has been a dream of yours since you were a child– I really hope you get to achieve it!! You deserve it!! That’s so nice that you remember your stories from when you were younger! Haha– yes stories I had wrote before have been terrible– but I think it is always nice to see how your writing changes over time– you get a nice sense of improvement!!
      Finding time to write can be so hard with you know life! But it is definitely something I want to make an effort to make time for. Finding time to write with school never worked for me!!
      Thank you so much Caitlin!! I’m glad you could relate!! Thank you so, so much!! I would like to share more about them at one point! 🙂 Best of luck with your writing when you decide to write– I know you will be incredible when you do!! ❤

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  9. Ahh I loved reading this post so much, Sophie ❤ I think it's amazing that you've been writing for so long and that somehow, writing has always been with you. I hope that it will stick with you and I'm really really rooting for you and your publishing dreams ❤
    AND AHH I'm feeling you on the balance between description and dialogues, I'm always having a hard time with that as well and… well, for the time management thing, too. It's important to prioritize writing but sometimes I'm…. well I just suck at it haha.
    Happy writing!!! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh.. thank you so much!! That makes me so happy to hear!! ❤
      Yes I've never really thought of it like that but it is really nice– writing is something I really enjoy to do. I did have a large break at one point but I definitely hope to always be writing!! Thank you so much Marie for you support– that means so much to hear and so sweet of you!! ❤
      I'm glad I'm not alone with the description and dialogue balance– I always worry I am too dialogue heavy!! Time management is a struggle.. it can be super hard to prioritise writing and I do want to get better at it!! Hopefully we both can!!
      Thank you so much– Best of luck with your writing too!! ❤

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  10. When I was a child I used to write stories based on the journal cover. And then I also wrote a story about someone I hated just so I could be mean without the consequences…

    Young child writings are #thebest

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    1. That’s so cool and creative!! I love hearing about people’s childhood writing– it is usually imaginative and fun!! And writing is a good way to get all your emotions out so that sounds quite therapeutic actually 😂
      Yes childhood writing is wonderful!! 💛


  11. This is a lovely tag! I still remember all the “books” I used to write as a child. I actually found one on an old USB a couple weeks ago and it was so cringy and weird and bad but once I started reading I remembered it SO vividly. I’d love to write a book one day (3-year-old me would be so proud) but I have way too many projects going right now to consider adding another one. Good look with your writing! You can do this! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you– I thought it was a really fun tag to do! That’s so good that you remember the stories you used to write as a child. And still have them!! Yes once you start reading you start to remember it all. When I’m rereading my younger work it is really bad– I was so afraid of using the word ‘said’ so I included so many alternatives!
      Yes writing does take up a lot of time and I am struggling to balance it with everything. I am sure you will be able to write a book one day and it will be amazing!! Thank you so much for your support– it means a lot! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh gosh, I remember being told in primary school that it was bad writing to keep saying “said” so we had all these laminated sheets on the tables with alternate words! It’s really not as bad as they made out, I see it in books all of the time 😂
        My younger word choice wasn’t too bad, I just can’t get over how strange and ridiculous my plots were!

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  12. Hello fellow writer 🙂 I really love this Tag 😍 I also struggle a bit with time management and have only now begun to look into some tips, as I’m currently on my summer break 😄 I’m also a much bigger fan of writing dialogue than description, but I have accepted that my writing is more dialogue heavy. Still I need to weave in at least some description!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello!! Yay you write too!! 😍 I thought it was a really fun tag– I am so glad I found it!! 😊
      Yes time management is so hard– you are trying to juggle so many things so writing just gets left behind unfortunately. I hope you find some great tips and have a wonderful, productive summer break!! 💗
      Yes I love writing dialogue– you can really get into the characters and relationship dynamics !! I love dialogue heavy writing so that’s good! But I think some description is useful 😂

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  13. I’m an Author/Writer/Storyteller, and I write because it is just so much more fun letting the people read my stories than just grabbing their tin-foil hats and brainwaving them from me.

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    1. Haha well I am trying to be a writer but definitely need to get better at spending time doing it 😂 I’m glad you found it interesting to read! Yes I quite like working on it with my sister– it is nice to be able to do it with someone because when I’m stuck I can easily ask for help!! 😂💛


  14. I’m so sorry I didn’t see this post until now, but I still enjoyed it so much, Sophie! I love learning about your writing journey!

    I think it’s interesting that not everyone knows about your writing, because it’s quite the opposite for me! I’ve been writing since I was eleven and my family reads everything I write, haha! I also daydream a lot, but I often don’t find time to actually write!

    Self-doubt is so relatable for a lot of writers. It’s so hard to tell yourself that you should keep going, when you know that a lot of people never make it in the publishing business. But it’s important to at least keep going and say you tried! That’s the only thing holding me together! 😂

    I wish you so much luck on completing your goal for this year! You can do it, but don’t stress too much about it! 💕 Can’t wait to hear more about your progress!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh it’s fine.. sorry I am a bit late with my replies but thank you so much for reading! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, I really liked writing it as it got me thinking about my writing journey!

      I think because I went through a phrase where I hate writing (I didn’t like English at school so I wasn’t in the mood for writing) and then I slowly went back on to it and I haven’t really said anything. I guess I don’t want them to read it just yet (because of self doubt) but I don’t really know why I haven’t told anyone, I really should haha. I love that your family reads everything– it is so nice!! Yep I daydream about every scene without writing any haha– it is a skill!!

      Yes I think we all experience self-doubt and it can be very hard to deal with and it can be so easy to give into it. I agree it is important to keep trying and learning and to give it your best shot especially if you enjoy it. You need to tell self-doubt to quiet down!! Yes– your ideas are incredible and you should absolutely keep going!! 💛

      Thank you so much *fingers crossed* and I will try to keep stress to a minimum haha! Thank you, I am excited to write more about my writing. Best of luck with all your writing as well!!


  15. Firstly I just have to say that I LOVED hearing about your past story with it’s little pop up that showed the character in the ogre’s stomach. How on earth did you think of that? I used to randomly write in maths class when I was younger but I can’t even remember what it was about, just that I was trying to tune the teacher out :L It’s lovely that you’re working on a project with your sister (: and I’d love to learn more about you as a writer one day. I bet it’s amazing xD I used to love writing but I just seem to struggle with ideas lately… and turning them into something structured. Atm my writing is basically a few dotted ideas from several projects :L If I ever get started again I’d love to try NaNoWriMo one year though. Good luck with your writing; I’m sure you’ll meet your goal ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! Haha I still have that story– I used to love pop ups in stories when I was younger 😂 I’m not sure how I thought of that to be honest!! 😂
      Writing in maths class sounds better than the class so I can understand that 😂
      Yes I like working on a project with my sister– it is nice to do it with someone!! I hope to share more about my writing project as well — maybe when I have a better idea of where I want the plot to go 😂 Thank you for your support!! 💛
      It is hard to get ideas structured and to start– watching videos on YouTube from writers really helped me though and encourage me on my own projects!! Yes I have a few lines for other projects are not much more 😂
      I love to try NaNoWriMo one day as well. Thank you so much, your support means so much!!
      I wish you best of luck with your writing as well when you start!! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww that’s fantastic. You should send me a picture of it on Instagram, I’d love to see it 😀 So did I; I know we had a wonderful christmas one somewhere. I was also addicted to Where’s Wally and puzzle books for ages.
        Exactly… especially when the teacher has already been droning on for over half an hour. If we’d actually been working not listening I might not have actually been doing the actual task :L
        Yes it sounds wonderful (: it must keep you motivated too, having someone else there to spur you on.
        Oooh yay, I look forward to seeing your posts about it in the future then 😀 It’s fine, I love learning more about things like this (:
        Oh wow, really? I never would have thoguht of doing that. I did Google ‘how to plan a book’ once but that was just for articles :L At least you have a mix though. It’s always nice to have something else to turn to if you get stuck; it could help reignite your other set of ideas too.
        I hope we both get to then 😀 Aww, that’s sweet (:
        Thanks so much. I hope that I get going again one day 💕

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh yes I will dig it out and send a picture of it– you can see my terrible drawing 😂
          Yes that are so cool!! I loved where’s wally too!!
          The teachers can talk for ages and it can be so repetitive!! It can actually be better when you have work to do.
          Yes it does– you don’t want to let them down so you do work on it!!
          Yay thank you so much!! I’m excited to write them!!
          I really like it as you get their personality which makes it interesting and really motivates me. That’s a good point, it is nice to know you have a lot of ideas you can turn to!! 😊
          Yes hopefully!! I am sure you will when you’re ready 💛

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yay 😀 I can’t wait!! I’m sure it’s not terrible.
            I’m glad it’s not just me. I used to love those books so much.
            Yes that was exactly it. This oen literally used to go on for all but the last ten minutes of the lesson, then keep everyone late for not finishing their work -_- perhaps we would have if he hadn’t ranted at those who hadn’t done their homework for three quarters of an hour. I’m so glad I’m done with all that now.
            That’s a good way to go about it then (:
            That’s fantastic then (: I’ll have to try and look on there sometime too. Yes it hopefully keeps you motivated.
            Thank you (: I hope your writing continues on brilliantly 💛💛

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Haha I was quite young so it’s not the best I will warn you. I will send it today!! 😂
              Yes same– they were so much fun!!
              Oh yes I had those teachers they were so annoying and it felt like such a waste of time that it was just exhausting. I’m glad that it all over now too!!
              Aw.. I hope you enjoy the videos too !! 😊
              Thank you much for all your support 💕💕

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Aww it was sweet 😀 thanks for sending it (: and it was great, I love the idea so much.
                Exactly. I used to zone out so much during those classes. They were a total pain.
                Thank you (:
                It’s fine 😀

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  16. Leigh Bardugo AND V.E Schwab? I have a feeling we’re going to be good friends. Honestly I love writing so much, my favorite part is when it just flows our of you after you’ve started, and you don’t know where it might be going but you’re into it and excited to find out, so you want to keep writing. Thanks for sharing this tag, it was definitely insightful and interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yass!! *high-five for similar book tastes* They are great authors!!
      I’m glad you love writing too — I love that too. It is great to get lost in writing and see where you will go. It is so rewarding and always leaves you feeling good.
      Of course, thank you so much for commenting and best of luck with your writing!! 😊

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