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*In presenter’s dramatic voice* Good afternoon everyone and welcome to my movie series.

*Back to normal voice now* “Movie series? What’s that?” you all wonder in suspense. It is a list of top 10 (ish) movies in a specific genre or random grouping which kind of makes sense. It may consist of me saying “damn, this is good” in 50 different ways but it should be good…. I hope.

I have watched many movies and I have always loved watching TV. It is something my family have always loved doing and they have passed that love on to me. So, thanks to 20 years of research I have some lists for you.


Today it is all about cartoon/animated, typically associated with children but adults love them too (sometimes even more than the children) and I most certainly do.



Emperor’s New Groove

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A fabulous Disney film about a selfish emperor who gets turned into a llama and the adventures follow from there. It is SO funny and all the characters are amazing. Also there is a wonderful character arc with Kuzco (what’s his name??) and it is great to see the growth he goes through and it put friendship at the front of the film (YESSS). Seriously what makes this movie is the characters and the humour, it is the best and quite unique.wp-1599692036426.png


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This film might be one of the best romantic relationships in my opinion. They are matched together extremely well; although there are different they still build a strong connection and accept each other for who they are. I also think it captured the toxic relationship between Rapunzel and Mother Gothel extremely well as it showed that Mother Gothel only ever cared about Rapunzel’s hair and was very controlling of Rapunzel’s actions, and the fact that Rapunzel was mistreated but still loved her. It is a great film with characters that I love (Flynn Rider is AH-MAZING) and a good sense of humour throughout whilst also having a meaningful story.wp-1599692036440.png

How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy

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I LOVE TOOTHLESS SO MUCH, he makes my heart crumble in the best possible way. He is so cute. Seriously I love this dragon, (I get so disappointed when I remember I can’t have a real Toothless in my life). But I really enjoy the movie/s as well. Hiccup and Toothless are the best and seeing them bond is the absolutely magical. It has a very well developed plot which puts the characters in interesting and emotional spots and has the message of bringing people together and that hate isn’t necessary when you can love instead. A brilliant trilogy and it is fun to watch but also hits that deeper level!! The movies also have some extremely beautiful scenes, the animation is amazing!!wp-1599692036426.png


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I want to say this is my favourite ever Disney movie but that is a very bold statement. I really like the Chinese background in the movie and I think Mulan is absolutely great. She has an innocence about her and a quirky awkwardness but is also very strong willed and brave. She is also very realistic in that she feels she can’t fit in anywhere but throughout the film she learns to embrace who she is which is an inspiration to young kids (and adults).  Her character is admirable. Plus ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ is one of the best Disney songs ever.wp-1599692036440.png


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Following the famous son of Zeus as he finds a way to fit into the human world and tries to become a hero. And even more dangerous he begins to navigate a relationship. Hercules is a great hero who shows his vulnerable side and really is a good person. Meg is also a great character, she has that sassy edge and I love her. She is reluctant to love and plays an interesting part in the story which brings me to, Hades. He is such a fun villain and, arguably, one of the best Disney villains. I said what I said.wp-1599692036426.png

Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

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This for me is the best movie is the ‘Ice Age’ franchise. It is great watching all the characters interact with each other. I think they have a great dynamic and each character added something to the plot by going through their own problems and life. The humour was really fun yet it still reached emotional levels whilst maintaining that light heartened tone. And Buck was a great addition to the team. It was fun, action-packed and about family. Everything I want from a cartoon.wp-1599692036440.png


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Scottish accent. YES. Rocky relationship with mother which they resolve by listening to each other. YES. A princess who doesn’t want any man. YES. A princess with curly and crazy hair. YES. It captures Scotland, a defiant princess, handling royal relationships, magic and humour all really well. It is a GREAT movie. Also seeing the mum and brothers ‘transformation’ is extremely fun and you should all watch so you can see that scene.wp-1599692036426.png

The Croods

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A family based adventure. It was nice to see the family take the centre of the story and it captures the love and agitation of one really well. Being based in the rock ages it showed how clueless humans can be and their ability to learn in equal measure. It was an inventive film showcasing a unique view on the world and whilst it is a film set in the past it is still relative to today. With many different animals and a colourful world it is visually beautiful and the light humour and plot makes it so everyone would love it.wp-1599692036440.png


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A cartoon focusing on a street orphan who falls upon a magical genie who can grant him three wishes, Aladdin’s heart is focused on Princess Jasmine who is facing her own struggle against royal obligation. I love both Aladdin and Jasmine. It’s nice to see their relationship throughout the movie. The genie has lots of energy making is SOOO fun to watch. And what is a Disney film without an adorable animal sidekick; Abu is absolutely great, he is both loyal and mischievous. It is a great film which has both fantastic characters and a great plot. wp-1599692036426.png


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I love Moana, she is AH-MAZING and I love the journey she goes on. She is a young girl who had something she wants and something she is expected to do. She faces this internal struggle throughout the whole movie and it’s why I love the ‘I am Moana’ song as she owns who she is. She grows stronger throughout the movie as she faces different things and doesn’t back away from a challenge even though she is inexperienced. As with most Disney films, they capture a light humour and has some absolutely great songs. It has beautiful theme and the movie itself is very aesthetic.wp-1599692036440.png

Monsters Inc.

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I love Pixar’s attention to the little things and how they build all their worlds. I absolutely love it, it makes the world seem more magical and real. I love Monsters Inc. I think Boo is very cute and I like how she bonds with Sully and eventually Mike Wazowski. I love the characters and the world. And it has many great quotes and unique voices. It hits an emotional cord and the story unfolds in a beautiful way whilst still being really fun.wp-1599692036426.png

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

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I really unique animation that captures the comic-book style really well. It was emotional, funny, action-packed and visually STUNNING. I am so glad I got to see this in the cinema. When I heard they were doing another Spider-Man I did kind of think, really? Another? But this was so good– it was fresh, original, captivating and a brilliant superhero movie that added something new to ‘Spider-Man’.


Obviously I haven’t watched every film so they may be better ones for me to find yet and get a new favourite. So I will continue my research. Any ideas what I should watch next?

What are your favourite cartoons to watch? Do you agree with any of mine?

20 thoughts on “Movie series: Cartoons

    1. Yay!! I’m glad you like all of these cartoons!! Yes that’s what I like about cartoons they are different and fun!! I really liked ‘into the spiderverse’– I am so excited to see it again!! I think it is out on DVD soon!! 😂
      Thank you 💛

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  1. I love so many of these!! The Emperor’s New Groove is still one of my all-time favourite animated movies, and I quote it ALL THE TIME without realising it. And Tangled and Mulan are tied for my favourite Disney movie, they’re both just so perfect. And Into the Spiderverse may be one of the most beautifully animated movies I’ve ever seen.

    Have you watched any Studio Ghibli movies? They’re also amazing animation

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    1. Yay!! I’m so glad you love these films too!! Yes the Emperors New Groove is so high on my list– but I feel like not enough people talk about it!! And I love that you quote it without realising!! 😂
      Yes I love tangled and mulan– I could watch them all the time!!
      Yes ‘Into The Spiderverse’ was so cinematic– I am excited to see it again!!

      No but I have heard of them and I know how much people love them so I do want to watch them. Do you have any suggestions to which one I should watch first??? 😊

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  2. I love Mulan! And Hercules & Monsters inc! 😂 I don’t really watch a lot of TV or movies (people always tell me off for it! 😂) but I do love a good Disney movie! (Who doesn’t?)

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    1. Yes Mulan is such a good film– and the live action is meant to be coming out within the next few years which I am actually excited about!!
      And Hercules is great– I love the music too!! And Monsters Inc is such a fun film!!
      Ahh.. I watch a lot of tv and movies 😂 and Disney for have some really good movies– they are fun, emotional and just amazing!! I agree who doesn’t love them?!?! 😂

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  3. I’ve been a Disney-head for as long as I can remember, and I love all of their original movies! My favourite was always tieing for Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid. As I’ve gotten older, I’d say my favourite Disney movie is now Brave or Moana! Have you ever seen any of the original ‘mainstream’ disney tales? (eg. Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White….)

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    1. Yes I have always love Disney too!! Yes Beauty and the Beast was one of my favourites when I was younger– I used to dress up as Belle!! And the little mermaid is a good one– the music is great in it!! Ahh… there are so many great cartoons!! 😂
      Yes Brave and Moana are wonderful movies– they are beautiful!!
      And yes I have seen most the ‘original’ movies– I haven’t seen Dumbo or Alice in wonderland though 😊


  4. I am legit so excited for this series! Even though I’m not a huge movie watcher, I am always happy to discuss about movies with others. Especially animations, which I adoooore!
    Emperor’s New Groove is one of those underrated movies that I feel like more people should know about. Kuzco is the best protagonist ever! It’s been such a long time since I last watched this movie and it’s definitely duo to a rewatch. For me, it’s one of those Disney movies that deserves a live action.
    I love you mentioned the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy, because it’s one of my favorites as well. I remember watching it for the first time and falling in love with Hiccup and Astrid. But Toothless really is the best character EVER. I haven’t watched the third one yet, but I’ve heard a lot of amazing things, so hopefully I’ll have the chance to watch it soon.
    Another one of my favorite underrated animations is Shrek. It’s probably one of the only series in which I like the second one better than the first one, lol. It’s absolutely hilarious and so smart as well.
    Thank you so much for sharing, Sophie! Can’t wait to read more in this series!

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    1. Ahh.. that makes me so happy to hear Lais!! I love talking about movies too!! Yes I love animations– it was hard to keep my list to a reasonable size haha!! 🙂
      YESS!! Emperor’s New Groove is one of my favourite– I wish everybody got to watch it!! Kuzco is great– I love watching his character grow and I think he is a complex character but is still really light-hearted to watch!! Yes I kind of want to rewatch it too now!! I would love a live-action of this movie and actually a book retelling of it would be kind on interesting!!

      Yes I love How To Train Your Dragon– I love Hiccup and Astrid too and how their relationship develops!! I agree– I love Toothless so much!! Ah.. I hope you get to watch the third one soon— I really enjoyed it!! And it has more Toothless so what could be bad?!!? haha!!

      Yes I really like Shrek too– also it has a great soundtrack!! I’m not sure which one in my favourite but definitely the first or second. They are great movies and I could watch them again and again!!

      Thank you so much– I’m so glad you are excited!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! ❤

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