Paperback Vs Hardback

Hey everyone!!

Today I thought I would talk about the age old battle between paperback and hardback and about which one is the best???

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And I am ready to talk about all the reasons

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This is me preparing ⇑⇑

What inspired this post it that I had always preferred paperback and then I had a mini crisis and I couldn’t decided which one I preferred at all…. it was as stressful as it sounds.



Yay paperback: 

  • Easy to hold– paperbacks are gentle and easy to hold. They are willing to bend to what you need and would never hurt your hands.
  • Take up less space– As much as I am sure we all want a massive personal library this isn’t the case for everyone. And paperback allow more room for more books or other less important stuff like food and clothes.

Stay away from paperbacks: 

  • Easily break the spine– breaking spines is one of my book hates. I must protect the spine at all costs (this is just personal to my books, with anyone else’s book they can do what they want) and with paperbacks this is a risk.
  • Paperbacks are sometimes released months after the hardback so you have to wait for the paperback *readers are not good at waiting for their anticipated releases *cries* (also book publishers should definitely always release them at the same time– please)



We stan hardbacks: 

  • Look fancy– hardback have a massive visual appeal and I get this. They have special editions and are so pretty. I could stare at them all day. And of course I am drawn to them. Also you get two versions of with the dust jacket and without which is great!!
  • Can use them as a weapon and smash them into the face of your enemies

Hardbacks are my enemy: 

  • Dust Jackets are easily lost or damaged– dust jackets can suffer damage through usage, holding and any other activity you do with books which can be very sad. So you have to be gentle and care for them.
  • More expensive– money, where are thou? Not in my purse and hardbacks are usually £5 plus more than paperbacks which can make quite a big difference when buying hundreds of books (of course I don’t do that)


Obviously all these are vice versa points to each other but I didn’t want to repeat myself.

If you think of any more reason tell me in the comments!!


So which one wins???? *long dramatic pause and drum-roll please*


*drum-roll still going*



PLOT TWIST: I love both and I don’t need a favourite. Sometimes I like the hardback because they are pretty and fancy but I love paperbacks because they are just as pretty and sometimes I prefer paperback additions. Also paperbacks are more practical. I don’t need a favourite. I appreciate them all. I feel better for making a decision.

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So you know what question is coming….. Which do you prefer? Or do you like both like me? And why??


13 thoughts on “Paperback Vs Hardback

    1. Yes snap!! Yes I do that too with anticipated releases– it a shame paperbacks don’t get released at the same time!! And sometimes I will buy a hardback edition if I really like the design!! Thanks for your comment ❤


  1. Ahah I’m with you, I really like both formats! I have a little preference for paperbacks, because they’re easier to carry around and read, but I hate breaking the spineeeeeeeeee ahh, such a struggle haha. I love how beautiful hardbacks are, but they’re the worst to carry around and… I tend to take books everywhere with me haha 🙂
    Lovely post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! Yes paperbacks are definitely easier to transport— Hardbacks take up so much space in bags haha!! I hate breaking the spine too— it is a real struggle. Whenever I have accidentally done it with really big books I kind of want to cry haha!!
      Hardback editions can be beautiful though ❤
      Thank you and thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I definitely think paperbacks are much easier to read with and I mostly own paperbacks myself so I can totally see why. But I do like having the occasional hardback and it always feels so special!! ❤
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree! BOTH! We need BOTH! Although I do admit I prefer collecting hardcovers, because they’re beautiful and so lovely to photograph and they just sit so nicely on the shelf?! But I do prefer actually *reading* paperbacks because they’re way more comfy. Just no to breaking spines!!! I like loose spines! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!!! Both are fabulous!! Hardcovers are so beautiful and honestly deserve to be in an art gallery. And all the special editions are mostly hardcovers!!
      But paperbacks are the best to read with!! And yes loose spines are the best– whenever a book has one I have a mini dance party!! haha 🙂


  3. I am a 100% a paperback girl. I just love the feel and look of paperbacks, plus they look better in my shelves, since most of my Portuguese copies are in similar height as paperbacks then hardbacks. And they’re cheaper! I also don’t mind broken spines – it actually makes reading more comfortable to me when the spine is broken, lol.
    Still, I hate the fact that paperbacks take longer to be released than hardbacks. Some books are actually only available in hardbacks, with no prospects of other copies being ever released! It’s just ughhhhh.
    I have a few hardback copies in my collection and I treasure them a lot, because they were definitely expensive, hahah.
    Great discussion! 🌟

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes– I agree with all your points about loving paperback and they are definitely the ones I own the most of myself. And I do like the unison in height on my shelves too. Yes being cheaper is a massive incentive!! Haha, my sister is the same about broken spines! She always laughs at me trying not to break the spine because she says I barely open the book haha!!
      I know it is so annoying— petition for paperbacks to always be released when hardbacks please!! And only hardbacks is just not fair!!
      Yes whenever I have a hardback it does feel special so I think that is when made me like them so much and why I love both now!!
      Thank you and thank you for your lovely comment ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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