Harry Potter: Books to Movie

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I love movie/TV adaptations– there is the whole buzz around the story again and you get to see characters you love on screen. It’s great (they have the problem of not living up to expectation and can be done badly though). The Harry Potter series is probably one of my favourite adaptations but I did watch the movies first but even after reading the books, I still think it is a great adaptation.

I know adaptations are that– an adaptation so they change certain stuff but these are certain things I would have loved to have seen in the movies from the books. I have only read the books once though so if I have left something out please let me know in the comments.


Spoilers are everywhere in the post for the all the Harry Potter books. Enter at your own risk. This post really relies on knowledge of the books.


What I would have love to have been in the movies?

  • Ravenclaw– the animal should have stayed an eagle. Nothing wrong with a raven but I like consistency, the same with the colour is should have been blue and bronze instead blue and silver. Why did they change Ravenclaw so much and now all the merchandise is done for the movie— it’s very annoying.


  • Percy Weasley– in the book he was mentioned a lot more and I think it was great at adding the fact that a close, loving family can have troubles with relationships. His career with the ministry of magic caused a rift with his family as his family believed Voldemort was back (rightly so) and the ministry didn’t so Percy pulled away from his family. I didn’t necessarily like Percy but I thought it was a good detail in the books. But in the last book he finally came around to help in the battle of Hogwarts which I thought was a great read.


  • Hermione and the house elves– *gets S.P.E.W banner out* Being a person who saw the movies first, reading the books it was great to see this side to Hermione and to the wizarding world as it showed it had flaws and injustice beyond Death Eaters etc. It was good at showing how Hermione cared and stood up for things that went against the consensus—it wouldn’t make her popular or anything but she was willing to stand up for what she believed was right.


  • Speaking of house elves, Winky and her struggling with herself and freedom added to the house elves and SPEW movement. And more Dobby scenes in the book as he didn’t just disappear through 3-6. Finally Kreacher (my favourite house elf story), his backstory to the locket and RAB was great. And how he treated Harry after he gave him the RAB locket was really good— it enforces the idea that people respond to how you treat them and kindness gets you are long way and is rewarding. It was great addition to the story and would have loved to see it.


  • Ron and Hermione interactions with Snape in ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’ when she answered the question—this scene in the books was great. Go Ron. Book scene- Snape “You insufferable know-it-all” Ron- “You asked us a question and she knows the answer! Why ask it if you don’t want to be told?!” Instead of in the movies when Ron kind of agreed with Snape.


  • Peeves— he was great. The movies missed out by not including him at all. If you don’t know who he is, I really recommend reading the books. He added a lot of mischievous fun to the stories. He helped to get Umbridge to leave the school through elaborate pranks and fought in the battle of Hogwarts. Great character to read about and he should have been in the movies.


  • Calmly—– Someone clearly forgot what this meant because calmly didn’t happen (Dumbledore in the Goblet of fire if you didn’t know)


  • Ron friendship traits meaning underplayed- Movie Ron missed out a lot of Ron’s traits which was a shame because I loved Ron. I saw this pin on Pinterest which covered it in details so I will leave the link here if you want to see it. But summed up Ron was loyal, funny and more developed with deeper flaws etc. in the books.


  • Ginny’s character– Ginny still wasn’t one of my favourite characters in the book but she had more going for her in the books and I think it should have been included in the movies considering she was the main characters love interest and it added more to his school experience.


  • Neville Longbottom– learning the past about his parents– it was such a tragic and meaningful backstory that deserved to be in the movies. Also it said that Neville would be the chosen one if not Harry with thickens the plot and the ideas of prophecy which would have been great to see it the movies.


  • Dumbledore in deathly hallows– I loved the exploration of Dumbledore’s past (his sister, Grindelwald etc,), he was held in high regard and I think the past allowed him to be seen as not perfect and it made me like Dumbledore more and I thought it was a great read. It would have been great to add this character dimension to the Dumbledore in the movies– I know it was touched on slightly but I would have loved to have seen more.


  • Remus and Tonks– Their relationship was much more in the books and I really liked it. The troubles they went through, particularly Lupin’s doubts. Also Teddy Lupin, their son made the story full circle with an orphan boy who’s parents died due to Voldemort’s actions— it’s sad but I do like a full circle plot but it had the difference that Teddy was growing up in a safe, death-eater free world which showed that ‘all was well’.


  • Fleur and Bill- You get to see how their relationship journey more in the books and knew Bill before he got attacked. I like the dimension that Molly didn’t like Fleur for Bill as it explored the troubles of a close knit family. I also liked reading how they overcame this. Also how it made Remus and Tonks get together which was great.


  • Harry’s sass– He had some in the movies particularly in goblet of fire but I can always have more sass. Harry’s responses to some stuff that was said to him were great so it would have been fabulous to have seen them in the movie. Some of my favourite are…. “There’s no need to call me ‘sir,’ Professor” and “Listening to the news! Again?” “Well, it changes everyday, you see,”


  • Peter Pettigrew’s silver hand– it was a fail-safe for ‘he who must not be named’ if Pettigrew disobeyed/betrayed Voldemort the hand would kill him. It was an interesting object and definitely a villain’s tool. In the last book it was used to strangle himself after he showed a moment of weakness in sympathy with Harry Potter. It was good to read as he betrayed his friends causing the death of Lily and James Potter then his undoing was betraying ‘he who must not be named’ who he originally betrayed his friends to. It was a nice, full circle link  I thought.


  • The Dursley’s– I like the addition to Petunia in regard to her sister, Lily Evans. The fact that the cause for her distaste of the wizarding world was jealousy, it was shown in a deeper way in the book. How her parents praised Lily– she felt left out and that she sent a letter to Hogwarts to attend to it herself I thought was so sad. It doesn’t condone what she did to Harry all those years but I thought it was an interesting character development.  And Dudley, her son, who had always gone out of his way to make Harry’s life miserable– the last words he said to Harry were “I don’t think your a waste of space”– this was really good as shown how he had grown over time. It’s a good lesson and definitely should have been in the movies.


  • Draco– in the book he was quite creative and smart with what he did to antagonise Harry and his friends. But in the movies he comes across as quite cowardly when in the books he isn’t like that. Draco is a great complex character and deserves all the love. I like the endearing details about him you learn about in the later books too like talking to Moaning Myrtle so I think it would have been nicer to see more in the films.


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What do you think should have been in the movies from the books if anything? Which was your favourite movie?



27 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Books to Movie

  1. love this post!!! i agree 10000% with everything you said, the movies did a great job adapting the books but they just missed out a few small (big) details that would have made it that much better! i reckon philosophers stone was my favourite movie but i always get upset when i remember that they didn’t include the other ‘challenges’ before entering the final room with voldemort, the mirror of erised and the philosophers stone 😩✨

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    1. Thank you!! Yes exactly!! That’s true I loved all the challenges before the room and how each one was designed by a teacher it was so creative and fun. It would have been great to see them all in the movie!! 💛

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  2. I think both Ron and Ginny were lacking their original personalities a lot in the movies, which is sad because most movie fans just think that Ron is only comedic relief and Ginny is emotionless. Both of them were way more complex than that, but so many people can’t see that!

    I’m also very upset about Remus and Tonks’ marriage not being mentioned /at all/ throughout the movies. Tonks was literally the going to mention the marriage, but then Moody shoved her out of the way! It would not have changed anything to just let her say that one line! 😕

    Anyway, I totally agree with everything you said, but those are the ones I feel the strongest about 🙂 I love your Harry Potter posts!

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    1. Yes they were both such great, complex characters and it’s a shame people who have only watched the movies can’t see that.
      Yes that’s so true– they 100% should have let her say that line. The characters and the fans deserved that!!
      Aww… Thank you so much. I am so glad you are enjoying them!! 💛 Thanks for your lovely comment!!

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  3. I’m guilty of not reading all the books – i’ve only read The Chamber of Secrets which I remember having so much more detail than the movie and I love the book, but that movie is probably my least favourite. All time favourite book and movie has to go to The Prisoner of Azkaban!

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    1. Yeah it was a while before I ever read the books– I was quite late to the game but I am glad I did. 😊 Yeah the books have lots of little details that the movies don’t. Yes Prisoner of Azkaban is probably my favourite story as well. 😊

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  4. Yes yes yes to all of this! I wish Peeves had been included in the films so much, it would have been so much fun to see him on screen. I also wish there had been more about Neville’s parents. The St Mungos scenes in the Order of the Phoenix book were so interesting and you really got to see more of his story. If only every element of the books could go into the films, but then they’d be hours long (I’d still watch them though hahaha). Great post!!! 🙂

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    1. Peeves would have been a great character to see and I think so many would have loved him!!
      Yes it was really emotional with Neville!!
      Yes true I understand why that don’t include everything but I too would watch them if they were hours and hours!! 😂 Thank you and thanks for the lovely comment!!

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  5. I laughed when I read ‘calmly’😂 And yes, Peeves should’ve been in the movies!! And basically everything else you mentioned, haha. My favourite movie is Prisoner of Azkaban. I’ve seen especially that one countless times.

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  6. I love this post and agree with everything that you’ve said. It always makes me smile when Harry tells Snape that there’s no need to call him sir in the books. And I always found the Dudley book scene that you mentioned really heartwarming. Peeves definitely should have been included, especially for the hell that he gave Umbridge in Order Of The Phoenix like you mentioned. I’d also have liked to have seen the way that the Professors left her to struggle against all the chaos that erupted; I just loved seeing the Professors ignore all of the swamps and other pranks that they could have so easily dealt with. More of McGonagall’s interactions with Umbridge would have been great too.

    I also kind of wish that they’d included Marietta and had her betray the DA like in the books. Her friendship was quite important to Cho and the consequences of her betrayal also showed a slightly different side to Hermione with the jinx that followed. I guess similarly it kind of bugs me that they didn’t include some of what happened between Hermione and Rita – especially the fact that Rita was able to turn into a beetle since that was rather vital to her story considering it was how she always had so much information.

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    1. Ahh.. thank you so much!!! That means a lot!! I’m glad you agree!! 😊

      Yes it is a great scene and I love a sassy comeback especially as it was Harry talking back to Snape– forever iconic!! 😂
      Yes the Dudley scene was really nice to read about.
      Peeves would have been great in the movies– even though I heard he was going to be in the first movie but then got cut because he was too funny!! Which makes no sense and is such a shame!! Yes Peeves with Umbridge was amazing!! And yes the way the professors reacted was AMAZING too!! True, McGonagall is great — more scenes with her in general would have been great!! 😂

      Yes it was much more in depth than they showed in the movies so it would have been nice to see!!
      Yes I thought the Rita story was really interesting and made so much sense to how Rita got all the information. And I did like seeing Hermione handle that. So it should have been in the movies too– you are right!!

      Thank you for your lovely comment!! 💛

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      1. I definitely do (: they’re all such good points and would each have added to the movie in different ways.

        I totally agree! I can’t believe he had the nerve to say that to him but I’m so glad that he did. I loved some of his snarky remarks towards Professor Trelawney too; especially when he and Ron weren’t talking and you got to see Ron start to almost smile in response.
        Really? I never knew that. I agree that it makes no sense though – how can it be too funny? Humors good and it’s certainly a part of the books. I think he’d have been fantastic in the movies though. Actually he’d have been great in the second one really since he constantly kept drawing attention to Harry with his songs. I especially loved that he was spurred on by the Weasley twins when it came to Umbridge. Yes that’s true (: she’s a fascinating teacher.

        Yeah I don’t fully understand why they didn’t at least mention the fact that she was an Animagus as that seems like a pretty major part of her story and wouldn’t have been overly hard to work in to the movie. Oh I also felt so bad for Hermione when everyone got sent eggs for Easter and hers was tiny after all of the rumors that Rita was publishing about her. For Mrs Weasley to believe the worst about her broke my heart. So yeah I definitely would have liked to have seen her revenge against Rita afterwards.

        Its fine, thank you for the wonderful posts about Harry Potter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

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        1. Yes I think they would have added to the movie but I guess they can’t include everything (even though I want them too haha)!!

          Yes it was so good to read– Harry’s snark always made me smile!! Ahh yes now you mentioned it I remember that. I think it is nice that Ron smiled– to show their friendship was still there— I really liked Harry and Ron friendship so those little details are really great!!
          I know I just heard it the other week and thought it was bizarre– like too funny?? What?!?! Yes Peeves would have been great in the movies and younger kids would have loved him I think. Yes I agree about the second one. I liked that he was spurred on by the Weasley twins– like all the ‘prankster’ coming together for a cause!!
          Yes true they definitely could have mentioned it– it wouldn’t have taken too much time in the film I don’t think– a conversation at least!! Yes that was really sad with Hermione at Easter– I needed to give her a big hug!! I agree!!

          Ahh.. that makes me so happy to hear that you enjoyed them!! Thank you so, so much!!! ❤ ❤

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I agree, they definitely all would have added something but I guess they did have to miss some things out. To be fair I think there probably are a few little things that were added into the movies that I loved too.

            Absolutely (: you could tell that they both wanted to make up but were too stubborn. And Harry somehow managed to hold onto his snark in some of the worst possible situations. I agree, it was so realistically written with their ups and downs.
            Yeah I definitely don’t understand that and you’re right, they would have loved him. I think a lot of people would have. I know it was amazing how everybody – even the professors – came together to make Umbridge’s time at Hogwarts a living hell :L and it was such a golden moment that Peeves had finally listened to someone.
            I think it is something that easily could have fit in without complicating the plot or adding too much time to the film; they’d already explained Animagi in the third one after all. So did I. I love that J. K. Rowling put in little details and scenes like that along with all of the plot points, friendships, humor, sorrow, magic and adventure.

            They’re all delightful so you really don’t need to thank me (: It has made me realize that I need to re-watch the films sometime too as it’s been quite some time since I saw any of the original ones (I’ve seen the Fantastic Beasts ones fairly recently).

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            1. Yes that’s true that the movies probably added some great things too. They were pretty good adaptations!! 😊

              Yes that’s so true– it suited their age as well I thought!! Yes he was– he went through so much!! Agreed!! 😊

              Yes it is really a shame!! Yes that’s so true that Umbridge really brought people together– it was a really good part of the story. Yes thats true about Peeves listening.
              Yes exactly!! 😊
              Yes it was a really good story that J K Rowling created!! It had so much!!

              Aww… Thank you so much!! 😭❤ yes I want to rewatch them too now 😂 I watched Fantastic Beasts recently too 😂 *snap*

              Liked by 1 person

              1. They really were and all of the actors that they picked seemed to be spot on for their characters.

                Yes that’s true. I just felt bad for Hermione getting stuck in the middle. Then for Harry being the one stuck in that position when it was Ron and Hermione to fall out.

                I agree (: I just really loved all the mayhem that he, the Weasley twins and so many others caused in the fifth book.
                I know, it’s amazing. I have no idea how she did it!

                I’ll make sure I do sometime soon, I do have them all on DVD after all :L Ooh cool xD I actually really enjoyed those films and I so love Newt and the Niffler (I really loved seeing the havoc that it created in the first movie).

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Yes I think the actors were all brilliant and all seem really nice which is great!! 😊
                  Yes being stuck in the middle is horrible!!
                  Yes it was great– makes me want to reread the fifth book 😂 YES!!!
                  Ahh.. I hope you enjoy watching them!! Yes I enjoy them too Newt and Niffler are AMAZING!!! And the Niffler looked amazing! 😍 I love them both!!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. I agree with everything that you’ve said. Although discussing Harry Potter makes me want to re-read every book :L I might later this year but I’m definitely going to hold off for now as I really want to get some books by V. E. Schwab and Marie Lu read first. Plus I seriously need to finish The Dark Artifices and Throne Of Glass first.
                    Thank you, I’m sure I will. I just love Newt’s personality and attachment to all these fascinating magical beasts. I know, it was so cute! So do I 😀 ❤️

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Yes same discussing it has definitely made me want to reread them too!! Yes it is nice to try some new books out first– V E Schwab’s book on high on my priority list and I do need to finish some Marie Lu series– they’re waiting for me!!
                      Yes me too!! Yes Newt is wonderful– so sweet and I love how he loves his creatures too– Eddie Redmayne is great at playing him!!! ❤

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I hope you get around to all of it soon then (: and that you enjoy it when you do.
                      I agree, he’s an amazing character and Eddie Redmayne is absolutely fantastic as him!!! I don’t think I could ever get bored of films about New.

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