Harry Potter: Spin-offs

Hi everyone!

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1000000+ words. 3500+ pages. 199 chapters. 7 books. 1 story.

And you want more?

Yes. I am very demanding.


So as a fun idea for a blog post I thought I would think of some ideas if they were to be more stories in the Harry Potter universe:

Contains spoilers and good to have knowledge of wizarding world before reading.


The Weasley family– I would love to see how the Weasley’s all grew up in the burrow. I love the burrow, it had such a ‘homely’ feel to me and I haven’t even been there (shocker I know). They are a cute family and I would love more from them. I would also like to explore the troubles more (e.g. money, fear of being left out/forget, low status) and as a wizarding family you would get to know more about the wizarding world which is a bonus.

Tom Riddle– I want to see Tom Riddle throughout Hogwarts and his journey. I think it would be interesting to explore how he decided to go about his plan for the wizarding world. Any remorse he might have felt (if any?), his interactions with others– he is smart and confident so just to see how he navigated the world when he was younger. I picture this being a Young Adult book.

Image result for tom riddle gif

The Marauder’s– A very popular one I believe. I would love to see their relationships with each other and everybody else in depth. They are lovable character already but they have deep flaws in all of them which I think always makes an interesting read. I think I would want it in Sirius’s or Remus’s point of view or a multiple POV story.

Luna Lovegood– One of my favourite characters so of course a Luna focused book I would devour. You could get to see her perspective on the world and how she feels. I also would be interested in how Draco (post the battle of Hogwarts) and Luna would interact with each other and I kind of love them together as friends or more (Anyone else?).

Image of Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter books,

Argus Filch– to see the struggles of a squib in a wizarding world and to see how he met Mrs. Norris. That is a ‘meet cute’ I would be interested in.

Dobby-*do not cry* His story could be about his journey at the Malfoy’s house- I would  be interested to see Draco from his perspective and then his journey in life. The sense of freedom he loved and how he was treated. I would love to see an interaction with everyone.

Minerva McGonagall– I mean she is a bad ass teacher and I would love to see her in her youth. You could definitely create a good story around her.

Peeves the Poltergeist– Just to see more of his antics and there could be an interesting arc to do with his origin. As he has been in Hogwarts for so long I imagine he has plenty of stories and all the attempts to remove him. His relationships with teachers and the bloody baron. He would have plenty to talk about.

House founders- I want to know more about their journey and founding Hogwarts. I want their interactions and relationships. I want to see how they decided their animals and colour and trait and common room. Also why did they decide the Hogwarts slogan to be “Never tickle a sleeping dragon”, is there a backstory to that. TELL ME MORE.

Image of Hogwarts map.

Gilderoy Lockhart- He clearly didn’t have the adventures but I think seeing him sneak up on all the amazing wizards and witches and perform the ‘obliviate’ spell would be interesting. He must have nearly gotten in trouble at one point or many times. I would love it if he had an assistant would who just put up with all his rubbish or if they got to see a different side to him. Would it be a romance or just a love/hate or both??

Moaning Myrtle- She experiences a lot at Hogwarts which involves bullying and I feel like you could develop her character quite well. And was she friends with Hagrid?Interesting to see the perspective of Tom Riddle from an innocent bystanders view as well. And obviously have the bonus of being in Hogwarts as a student again but set in the early 40’s.

Madam Pomfrey- the nurse at Hogwarts. She is in charge of caring for all the children and she is very protective of them– she is head-strong and I really like her character. She would have certainly seen a lot and probably displeased with some of the accidents but she is always there.

4 students from each house– I love reading about the different houses characteristics and the friendships so a story based on these relationships—yes please. Hufflepuff and Slytherin friendships, Slytherin and Ravenclaw friendships, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw friendships— I love them. They all response to situations differently and I think it builds up chemistry in relationships– it would be multiple POV as well which I love.  And you would get to experience all the common rooms, any house quarrels and fun competitions. I mean it would be banter plus magic and I am there for it.

Image of Hufflepuff merch


Who would you like to see a spin-off/additional story in the harry potter universe? What would you want a spin-off to be about? Which was your favourite out of my suggestions? 


Speak soon,

Love, Me.


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20 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Spin-offs

  1. I very much love this post! 💕 I’ve always thought it would be interesting to hear about Harry’s Hogwarts years from the perspective of other students, but I would most definitely *sell my soul* for a Marauders book 🤣❤️ I have been wanting that for years!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww… Thank you so much 💕 That would be super interesting– get to see everyone else’s thoughts about Harry and more Hogwarts which is a bonus!!
      I know I feel like a Marauders books would be so loved by all the fans and I agree I would sell my soul too 😉😂
      Thank you for your lovely comment 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think an interesting story I would like to see would be a friendship between all 4 houses. To see all of those personalities mesh together would be really refreshing for me, as well as provide an interesting narrative because up to this point, we’ve always seen the houses as rivals rather than as friends! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it would be so good. I think all the personalities would be great together. And you are right we really only see them as rivals. I am ready for the friendships!! Thank you so much and thanks for the comment!! 😊


  3. Yes okay so you’re making me want to write all of these stories right this second, they all sound way too fabulous and we need them too badly 😭 I would LOVE to read a story about the Weasley family overall, I’m certain that would be so fun, entertaining but also a little dramatic at times, too. I would adore it. And YES AHHH Tom Riddle’s journey, that would make such an interesting book, I would be so here for that.
    Fantastic post and ideas!! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I know it does make me want to write them!!
      Yes I just love the weasley family dynamic– they feel like a real family with plenty of drama.
      Yes Tom Riddle would definitely be an interesting read.
      Thank you and thank you so much for your lovely comment!! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

  4. YES TO ALL OF THESE!! Especially Marauders – I will never get enough content about them. I also thought your point about Lockhart was pretty funny – maybe an anti-hero, Michael Scott-esque series about him bumbling through life and getting all the credit.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love these ideas so much!! Luna Lovegood is one of my favourite characters and I would love to read a spin-off about her 🙂 I haven’t realized that she and Draco are potentially a thing? That would be quite interesting to read about!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww… Thank you so much!! Yes I really love Luna too. She would be so great to read about. Yes it something I saw in the fandom so I don’t think it is official. But I kind of think they would have a great relationship (of any sort) so would love to read about them. 😄


        1. Yes I think that what I like. I feel like Luna would bring a new side to Draco and they would accept each other. I saw some fan art for them which is what made me think of it but I really like the idea. 😊

          Liked by 1 person

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